Destined to be a bitter love

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The film starts from the melancholy back of the heroine repeatedly running wild on the beach, looking back on the melancholy and pain in her life.
Nelly is a young girl under 20 years old. Because she likes Dickens's literary works and performs Dickens' plays, she meets the great writer and gets to know each other. A hazy love arises from admiration for Meng. At this time, the great writer is middle-aged and has children. In groups, the husband and wife are not in harmony, and they think that the wife has no spirituality. After meeting Nelly, they somehow knew each other's secret and fell in love. They couldn't understand the purpose of the girl's mother to encourage her daughter to develop this love. The girl is hesitant in this love affair. The reason for the hesitation is that she falls in love with a married man, and she will bear the risk of moral condemnation of marriage and the risk of not being recognized by the society. In the film, Dickens does not seem very noble. After the scandal broke out, a divorce statement left Nelly clean with herself. From then on, the girl could only become an invisible woman around Dickens.
In order to highlight this theme, Nelly was thrown out of the car after the two went out of the train and crashed. When Dickens, who was slightly injured, went to rescue Nelly, the rescue conductor asked three times in a row, "Sir, are you alone?" , It seems a bit far-fetched. In order not to show him and his female companion in the news of the day, Dickens admitted to being a person against his will. Hearing this, Nelly's inner pain is worse than the physical injury, which highlights Dickens's selfishness.
On the contrary, Dickens's original wife was quite forbearing, and the surprise visit at the girl's birthday party undoubtedly brought pressure to the girl.
This is destined to be a bitter love. Dickens is writing his late work "Great Expectations". He was inspired to write in this unconfessable love, so there are sayings that artists and writers are vampires. They are good at writing in a paragraph. The wisdom of life is captured in the ups and downs of life experience.
Dickens went to the end of his life accompanied by his secret lover, and Nelly also started a new life, which was her life choice. The nineteenth-century junior couldn't be in the story, just because he was a talented Dickens.

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The Invisible Woman quotes

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    Actress: This is a tale of woe. This is a tale of sorrow. A love denied, a love restored, to live beyond tomorrow. Lest we think silence is the place to hide a heavy heart, remember, to love and be loved is life itself without which we are nought.

  • Charles Dickens: When the day is creeping up on us and we must put in order the chaos of the night.