very funny. That's all.

Preston 2022-03-28 09:01:07

Have to say it was a surprise.
There are quite a few jokes that make me laugh so hard, it's a lot of fun to watch.
The wolves were simply not too happy.

But after reading it, I found that these wolves were purely for fun. It doesn't help the plot at all. The same is true of the whole film. Forcibly put together jokes, there is nothing but joy.
The pace of the film is very fast, but it is very tiring to watch. The two protagonists are very noisy, and there are many meaningless low-level noises that are embarrassing. The rhythm of the whole movie is also very chaotic, and many things are not explained clearly, which makes people confused.
For example, what is the difference between a machine-made child and an artificial child? The transition from workaholic parents to cool mom and dad is so stiff. I started to say that the bird will not come, just play with the child. Did you finally accept it? ! Work-obsessed couple happily accepts a child from the sky? The old crane started to look so dark and squatted for a long time just to roar, I just liked you at that time? What is the motive for the boss to reform the abandonment of sending children? Why do they reject sending children so much? What kind of psychological distortion did the little green bird experience? What the hell is the sudden Happy Birds Conference, the express factory is gone, and everyone doesn't respond. The protagonist has two sentences of chicken soup and everyone will return to the delivery team? Why is there a whole bunch of angry birds bosses that pop up and play so much all by themselves? In the end, how did the wolf come out, what are you doing here, stop robbing the child? There are a lot of clouds and mists. There may be some that I didn't read carefully and didn't understand the idea of ​​the main creator.
You can probably understand a lot of things when you think about it, but it just doesn't explain clearly. It keeps me in, why does he do this, haha ​​don't care, it's so funny, ah, should we laugh here, wait, what is the meaning of this plot?
All in all, it is very fun and funny, family, friends and lovers can spend a happy time together. However, given its mentally retarded translation and weak publicity, it is estimated that the box office is not very good.
But after reading it, the impression is only very funny, happy and noisy. There is no certain connotation and height.
It has the shape of "Crazy Zoo", although it is not necessarily pretty, but the makeup is well drawn.
God is empty.

But none of this matters.
Let me laugh a little longer.

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    I still want to make a picture after two scenes of abuse

Storks quotes

  • Nate Gardner: [to his parents] Where did you get me?... Why are you laughing? What's the joke?

  • Junior: Oh, great! Now I'm surrounded by wolves! What're you gonna do, knock me unconscious?

    [a wolf knocks him out]

    Junior: Perfect!

    [blacks out]