Melancholy and warm

Preston 2022-03-27 09:01:17

I heard this movie a long time ago. I didn’t expect it to lie quietly at station B and wait for me to watch it. There are very few barrages. Probably everyone watched it quietly. experience.

Zucchini lives in a single-parent family. His mother was an alcoholic. He played alone since he was a child, but lost his mother unexpectedly. He went to an orphanage and lived with a group of children from the same abnormal family. Children understand everything, understand the bad life of their parents, and understand My own misfortune, I understand the darkness of life files, I understand sex, I understand death, I understand love, I know how to abandon, I understand depression, and I know how to protect myself, but at the same time, it is simple, because a little thing can be very happy and noisy, children. The self-healing ability is very strong, and adults will use a long life to repay a momentary setback in childhood.

Children in French movies are always so sensitive, intelligent, deeply melancholy and thorough. I think this is the way to understand children. They don’t shy away and don’t need to be sanctified. Needless to say, they are not children if they are not carefree. .

It's good to have someone to love, no one can only love themselves with all their strength. Everyone's childhood was not happy, and the scars, deep or shallow, are healed now? Zucchini said that he might have killed his mother, but he didn't mean it, so he forgave himself at that time. When he misses his mother and dreams that he will be drinking with his mother when he grows up, he realizes that life may be better for him now. Well, at that time I really grew up and let my mother go, so what about us? When do you forgive the cowardly self who wanted to be loved but didn't get it when you were young, when did you understand that everything was the best arrangement, and there was no fantasy of a better life, when did you get rid of the vicious circle of childhood compensation and go Embrace the imperfect self, no longer be afraid of getting hurt, no longer need to escape, and move forward with your true self.

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  • Eric 2022-03-25 09:01:18

    "Even if he cries?" "Even if he wets the bed?" "Even if he has bad grades?" "Even if he draws pictures on the wall?" "Even if he has a giraffe neck?" "Even if he's a waste?"

  • Lloyd 2022-03-23 09:03:00

    It's a bit short, but in the end I was moved.

My Life as a Zucchini quotes

  • Raymond: Your mum is no longer there, Icare.

    Courgette: My name is Courgette!

    Raymond: Courgette... Did your mum call you that? Hm. My name is Raymond.

    Courgette: Did your mum call you that?

  • Raymond: OK... Where's your father?

    Courgette: Here... And there's my dad's chick. Mum always said he liked chicks very much

    Raymond: Alright...