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Preston 2022-04-20 09:02:30

"Light of Darkness" is a cross-border love that illuminates two young lives. Nemo (Nicholas Jacob), a young Palestinian college student, sneaks into Israel and meets Roy (MichaelAloni), a handsome lawyer in a gay bar in Tel Aviv. When Nemo obtained a student visa to legally travel to and from Israel, he and Roy quickly fell into a passionate love affair. But as the relationship heats up, so does resistance. For Nemo, Palestine is not ashamed of his sexuality, and Israel does not recognize his identity; he was blacklisted by Israeli Secret Service because of a radical and violent older brother, and his visa was revoked as a result. Roy tried his best to run for Nemo, but was threatened by the official; and Nemo's secret seemed to be discovered by his family, and his life was in unprecedented danger. Can this love in the dark night finally break through the obstacles and embrace the light?

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  • Keith 2022-04-22 07:01:52

    The movie tries to tell a story from a very calm point of view. I feel that I have never been involved in the film. The background of the story cannot be deeply understood even when I live in the celestial dynasty. Sometimes I give up everything I have, just for a little bit of freedom. Air. The student brother is tender

  • Arch 2022-04-22 07:01:52

    To love a person, how much to leave the person who loves you. Contribute your first long review.

Out in the Dark quotes

  • Nimer Mashrawi: Everybody's calling for an academic boycott of Israel, yet he decides to go study there.

  • Nimer Mashrawi: To Mustafa.