If You Are the One with an extremely reactionary world view

Arely 2022-04-24 07:01:24

To me, this is a movie that is completely indistinguishable from watching or not watching, and it seems a bit mean to say that, because to be honest, it still left me a little bit of something, oh yes, a little bit. Gentle nausea. I certainly believe that this film will have more box office appeal than "Golden Armor" and "Love in the Hawthorn Tree". People will expect it to be as cheerful as "See You" and "Party A and B", not to mention this time Director Feng Also prepared another killer - fresh and wonderful Hokkaido scenery. It's a pity that I really can't be happy or moved. It's too trivial, and almost everyone agrees with the trivial empathy. If you don't justify the most core part of this movie, you will be like me. feel nauseous.

So what exactly is this kernel? To put it simply, a wretched middle-aged upstart borrows an idiot beauty to develop his inherently inferior but packaged and seemingly sublime love. How did the film shape Qin Fen, a middle-aged man with some money, some humor, and a deep affection? The money is obtained by selling a fool's stuff, it's almost like being smashed by a pie; the humor has been revealed through blind dates with all kinds of beauties, there is nothing to say about this, Feng Dao's style has always been; affectionate is like this, Laughing and asking Qin Fen to drink, Qin Fen told about his past experience of killing Xiaobai for some reason. sky! If this can be expressed as the vulnerable side of an experienced old man, and this can win the favor of women (audience), then I want to say that those who get this way are all caught in the door. In fact, this story only tells about an arrogant guy who dares to act and dare not be, and an old arrogant guy who thought it would automatically turn into a vicissitude after covering it for more than ten years. Kill Xiaobai and never drink again? This way of atonement is really touching, especially the fact that he immediately relapses after seeing Xiaoxiao Beauty is very contagious. But the beauty didn't seem to listen to what he was saying, and she was still immersed in the emotion of missing a married man. Literary, at first glance, the type of "stupid" Qin Fen liked more.

More than once in the film, the male protagonist accuses the female protagonist of being stupid with love and affection, and others make it clear that such a girl would be cool if she got it. (Because she is just like a dog, she doesn't run away when she recognizes her master, she is drunk and suicidal, so loyal, besides, she is still a Labrador, not a Chinese pastoral dog)

When the story arrived in Japan, there was a breakthrough development. When eating, he smiled and said, I think about others, won't you be unhappy? Qin Fen was angry now, "I'm stinking with me, I really can't find Bei if I don't say something ugly." "Have you been my opponent?" "If you don't take me seriously, I'll take you as my opponent." I took advantage of it as soon as it came to the door." It's so obvious, I'm not pretty and realistic, but you're pretty and you're stupid, don't be ashamed, continue to be stupid to the uncle, do you hear? So Xiaoxiao collapsed. Under the explicit instructions of the accomplice, he realized that he was too selfish. He wrote a suicide note when he went back that night, and jumped into the sea before dawn.

The ending is of course the crowd's favorite. Xiaoxiao didn't die but fell so hard that Qin Fen would take care of him for a few months. He could show off his humor and fool this silly girl, and then the nameplate on her neck should change the phone number. .

After watching this movie, I remembered an old saying, good cabbage makes pigs arch.
------------The dividing line of the regulations ----------------

Of course Qin Fen shrugged, what did he do that made him embarrassed However, Xiaoxiao is different. To be able to love to the point of nowhere is not pitiful, but pure.
2. When the contract
smiled and invited Qin Fen to Hokkaido, he said, I promise to be your girlfriend but you have to agree that I have other people in my mind. Qin Fen agreed. This is the contract. But in the end Qin Fen threatened Xiaoxiao, as if he had never agreed to other people's requests, and that inexplicable friend moved out to talk about morality, which was none of his business. To vent, had to commit suicide.
3. It’s okay to engage in literature and art cheaply
, but it’s okay to be stupid. Take self-protection as the bottom line. Don’t be sold and help people with money. In the end, you are a bad woman with a bad record and an innocent foundation. I am not only taking care of it because of love You also accept that the great light of your past is just a man. Then you do become cheap, and you don't take the white or the white.
4. Old, rich and kind man
There is currently no such species in China.

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