Hacksaw Ridge - Iron Hero/Hacksaw Ridge Aftermath (2017 Oscar nominee for Best Director)

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Hacksaw Ridge - Iron Hero/Hacksaw Ridge Aftermath
(2017 Oscar nominee for Best Director)

(Iron Hero) This is a war movie.
I never liked watching war movies.

But the more movies I watch, the more I like them.
In addition, the other half often talks about Western history and Eastern history in my ears, which makes me extra invested in watching war movies.

However, war movies are not always my first choice, so choose carefully.
Knowing that this film was selected for the Oscar's top five best directors, I was interested in seeing it.
Am I poisoned by Oscar? Probably not, but being selected for Oscar at least won't be a bad movie!
And the family said that they can probably rest assured that director Mel Gibson's film calculates the commercial elements very accurately.

Before talking about the aftermath, let me briefly talk about the synopsis: -

This film is adapted from a true story, with World War II as the background. A patriotic young man is determined to join the army.
But because his father was violent towards the family, he grew up in this environment.

Because of his religious beliefs, he became a soldier but he didn't touch guns or kill people, so he chose to be a military doctor.
But in a battlefield full of death, no firearms are innocent in the eyes of others, self-protection is also a problem, and you say saving others? Because of this persistence, he brought himself a lot of trouble.

The story just goes on like this...


After watching the movie, I feel good.

The plot begins to explain the young people's childhood experiences and mental journey very clearly, but it is not boring.

Until the middle, the appearance of the war period is reminiscent of the bloody scenes of the historical era.

There are many war movies, and the computer technology is very developed, but it is also very flooded and uneven.
This movie is already very good.

Although the story celebrates religion, it's not overly preachy to the point of dullness in the film, just to the point.

Can he save his colleagues?
What's so appealing about the story to make it into a movie?
Friends who haven't seen it can look for it...

The National People's Congress will not ask why human beings create these wars.
Besides benefits, what else?

Title: Hacksaw Ridge - Iron Hero / Hacksaw Ridge
US Release Date: October 24, 2016
Hong Kong Release Date: December 1, 2016
Director: Mel Gibson
Writers: Robert Schenkkan , Andrew Knight
Stars: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington , Luke Bracey

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