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Marcelle 2022-04-22 07:01:03

Spielberg's latest film so far is based on the combination of reality and science fiction. It combines the development history of American animation, games, movies and other fields, and tells an unrestrained story. It is not so much a film as it is Consider it an exquisite and rich collective benefit for fans of the aforementioned fields by Spielberg and the original author.

In fact, judging from the story itself this film tells, it doesn't have much to be sought after, such as unsurprising characters, old-fashioned plots, tacky plots, unexpected endings, embarrassing The sensationalism, the positive energy of heroism, etc., all these are familiar flavors, as if Spielberg is teaching you how to complete the general norms of high-quality college entrance examination essays.

But these are obviously not the focus of this film. The real value of this film is undoubtedly more for fans. The ubiquitous easter eggs and subtle and ingenious thoughts in the film make the film itself one of the biggest The "Easter Egg", and the shocking action scenes presented with top-level visual effects make people addicted to the eye in addition to the surprise.

All in all, the visibility is pretty good.

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  • Hosea 2022-04-24 07:01:02

    Accurately grasp the pulse of the times! There is no nonsense, a very warm world view, and even the bad guys are so bad that there is a hint of tenderness.

  • Tatyana 2021-10-20 19:00:20

    With all due respect, the person who makes popcorn movies is not born yet, right? The thieves of playing terrier 6, King Kong, Jurassic, Alien, Godzilla...The Shining episode is even more amazing to explode, and surprises come one after another! And can we lightly abuse our steel giant? I feel so distressed~

Ready Player One quotes

  • IOI Board Member: Who is this 'Parzival' and how the hell is he winning?

    Sorrento: Well, here's a better question. Who cares? Halliday's contest is vitally important. I mean, it's nothing less than a war for control of the future. But this Parzival? He's not even clanned up. He's alone. We have an army.

    Corporate Businessman: And yet, he's got the first key.

    Sorrento: Yeah, he has a key, but you have to get three of 'em to win the contest.

    IOI Board Member: [interuppting] Our stock dove 6% yesterday.

    Sorrento: [strictly] Loyalty division is reporting profits of 28%! F'Nale?

    F'Nale Zandor: We're opening five new loyalty centers this month.

    Sorrento: [sternly] Debt Services dwarfs Hardware. Now, you really wanna talk to me about stock prices?

    Corporate Businessman: The shareholders won't be happy.

    Sorrento: It's not our job to make them happy. It's our job to make them money, but once we launch this little baby, they're gonna *flip*.

    [taps on the screen to planet doom]

    Sorrento: [gunshots shooting on screen] We call this Pure O2. This is the first of our planned upgrades. Once we can roll back some of Halliday's ad restrictions, we estimate we can sell up to 80% of an individual's visual field before inducing seizures, so picture this...

    IOI Board Member: All of this implies we win the contest.

    Sorrento: [looks up to him] Indeed, it does.

  • Halliday: She wanted to go dancing, so we watched a movie.