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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Reviews

  • Janick 2022-12-25 01:11:08

    "Escape Room 2" is really cool

    Finally saw the second part after 3 years!

    Escape fans really love this series! In terms of rhythm, it is much faster than the first part, and the time limit for breaking through the level is very short, so there are not too many emotional and emotional parts, basically solving puzzles, s people,...

  • Eleanora 2022-12-20 17:15:34

    Secret 2 (Theatrical Version!!!)

    write a movie review

    ? Overall:

  • Kiarra 2022-12-13 20:42:32

    *escape! ! !

    This film started the topic with the heroine's fear of flying. At the end, the heroine ended the movie on the plane. I said that I never understood why the heroine was afraid of planes. I express my confusion ? (There are many things in life that make you feel afraid! And what you are afraid of is...

  • Jazmin 2022-12-09 20:24:30

    About the Chamber of Secrets (two versions have different directions)

    Version 1 (relatively speaking, filling the pit, leaving a foreshadowing)

    This story is a sequel to the previous one. The complete story chain comes out who is behind the scenes, and how they designed these secret rooms. All the secret rooms in this episode were designed by Claire. In the end, Ben...

  • Breanna 2022-11-30 13:46:15

    lets burn the hell

    I didn't watch the first part and I watched it directly. This story is very complete and does not affect the viewing. It is estimated that there will be a third part.

    I thought it was popcorn and it turned out unexpectedly wonderful,

    The first secret room gave me a photosensitive epileptic seizure...

  • Clyde 2022-11-30 10:44:12

    I would call it the worst

    After reading the beginning, you can see that there is a reversal later. If you wait for the reversal in the second half, you will not be able to watch it at all, so you came here? Far from the chainsaw horror.

    First of all, the IQ of the decent villain in this game is not online. This villain and...

  • Zackary 2022-11-25 20:23:58

    Not bad for a commercial

    It's okay, because there is almost no logic required, so there are no logical loopholes, the rhythm is fast and cool, but the audience has almost no room for decryption, the rhythm is too fast, the audience can only follow the protagonist's ideas throughout the whole process. . .

    It was a success as...

  • Hellen 2022-11-23 16:32:48

    4.2 Room Escape 2

    .... I feel that the first film was conferred a god, and the second film did not have that feeling. Everyone began to indifferently go through the barriers for a long time. In the end, they just wanted to kill the protagonist. Those four people died in vain. Kids believe it's over..? Okay, rich...

  • Liana 2022-11-15 09:57:24

    ordinary good movie

    On the whole, the look and feel is good, many bridges are very old, but the combination is good. Since I was a child, I liked decryption things. Although I may not have a super-intelligence quotient, my reaction is not too slow. The puzzles of the whole film have a certain degree of thoughtfulness....