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Floating Weeds Reviews

  • Eliza 2022-12-07 06:38:33

    cinematic expression

    In this film, Ozu has his usual style, and he likes the drama within everyday life. The common plots of death, marriage, love, blood recognition, etc. in the story are typical dramatic events. The difference lies in Ozu's handling. He weakens the role of the dramatic plot in the overall structure...

  • Michelle 2022-11-16 02:20:40

    Floating Weeds, 1959

    In his tribute to Ozu, "Tokyo Painting" (also known as "Searching for Ozu"), Wim Wenders begins with this sentence: "If there is anything sacred in the era we live in , if there are any hidden treasures in the movie, then to me, the works of Yasujiro Ozu undoubtedly belong to this category." I...

  • Duane 2022-10-29 03:10:58

    Ozu is still very muscular

    1. The 1934 silent film only saw the first few characters appear, and it felt good, it was right for the story. In particular, the head of the Huadan, who did not know who played it, was very windy and Jianghu, and the Xiaojian minibus looked like Ruan Lingyu. In 1959, Fumiko Wakao was very upright...

  • Mason 2022-10-17 01:13:36

    Comfortable or poor

    The second time I watched a movie in the United States, although it was a free school movie, the movie was played by a local who studied French literature. I always pick some more humanistic movies to show. Floating grass, restless feeling. People outside may be more aware of it. I have been...

  • Ulices 2022-10-15 23:39:46

    The bright red after this refresh

    The second film by Yasujiro Ozu I watched. The color of the picture is gorgeous, with a lot of gorgeous red. With the cheerful and lively music, it shows a variety of pain and joy. The expression of the lens is authentic. It is full of Japanese markets and civilian life. The entrance halls,...

  • Cornell 2022-10-08 23:20:09

    "Floating Grass": The usual is not the usual

    It has been more than 50 years since the advent of floating grass. But looking at it today, you can still see relish, which is naturally the master's skill. The exaggerated dramatic plot can naturally bring the audience into the play, but it is also a kind of coercion, and Ozu's films are long and...

  • Roslyn 2022-10-06 06:48:39

    Talking about Ozu

    Theme In most of Ozu's films, the theme is always "separation". Whether it's marrying a daughter, getting sick, dying, every film tells a story that begins "together" and ends up "separated" in the broadest sense. The value that nothing can escape separation also makes every reunion or ordinary...

  • Laurence 2022-10-04 02:46:15

    Our soul is love, even after repeated partings

    The day before yesterday, I dreamed that I was passing by an island in a boat. The boat ran aground in the crowd of festival parade. I woke up and thought: What a beginning of floating grass! So read it again.

    Ozu is good at expressing symbolic meanings in the language of the camera lens, such as...

  • Brody 2022-09-26 23:08:55

    Floating grass - there is no eternity under the sun

    I still learned about Yasujiro Ozu from the recommendation of others. In 2010, the person who introduced him said that this is a director who can make people see despair from calm. I don't know if I got such a guide. I can only watch one at a time, so I haven't finished the works of this prolific...

  • Blaze 2022-09-15 18:58:06

    Floating like a dream

    This nearly two-hour movie, I bought it for 3 years and never watched it, I actually cried today. Undoubtedly, this is mainly due to the entanglement of family affection in the play, but it is different from the passionate emotion when watching it. In the movie, the father and son have not been...