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Heavy Metal Reviews

  • Onie 2022-08-31 23:11:51

    Answer post, I really don't understand it~

    After reading it, I wrote it from memory, and the judge tapped it. Soft Landing 0:00:00--0:05:23 The rather curious opening chapter is actually the source of KENNY's drug addiction and big wave girl plot in South Park. For the production level of 1981, this fluency, this number of frames , quite...

  • Marcus 2022-08-31 19:04:09

    from the depths of the universe...

    The rich colors and the harmony of narrative style are the most outstanding aspects of this film. Although the lack of frames is still a problem (characteristic) of Meiman, the shortcomings do not hide the advantages.   The loop structure is centered on the mysterious green ball, supplemented by...

  • Raul 2022-08-31 16:28:05

    There is only one name in my heart, Taarna

    Heavy Metal is a cartoon from the early 1980s. This cartoon accompanied many American boys to grow into real men because of one woman in the film, Taarna. The film consists of six stories. Fantasy and violence are full of the whole film. It is an out-and-out adult cartoon, but after watching this...

  • Johann 2022-08-31 15:11:16

    Evil green light!

    The screenwriter is Dan O'Bannon - New York has become rundown and chaotic under the future tide of alien immigration, and the gangster wants to get a mysterious green light ball from aliens, but after getting it from a ruthless taxi driver, it pays The price; the science fan nerd picked up...

  • Chelsea 2022-08-31 12:09:55

    Feminism under male aesthetics

    1. The beginning is that astronauts fly in space in a car and return to the planet.