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Yuri!!! On Ice Reviews

  • Kristoffer 2022-12-19 23:27:33

    Starting from Yuuri's refusal of Victor's request to take a group photo, the teenager who would cry secretly because of the unfavorable game also showed his sharp side

    Yuuri, this cute little cutie in life is surprisingly A on the ice rink.

    The focus is rather strange, the rhythm of this episode is well mastered, I like it.

    At the beginning, Yuuri refused to ask Victor to ask for a group photo, and the teenager who would cry secretly because of the unfavorable...

  • Valentina 2022-12-18 06:41:32

    starts with yuri on ice

    Before this diary was published, I deleted a version with no lower limit of integrity, which started directly with Yuri on Ice.    After watching the existing eight episodes in one breath, I feel really happy, and chasing dramas in such a state is really rare in my history of drama watching. The...

  • Haylee 2022-12-13 10:03:27

    after watching

    The second brush still likes this work very much. Although some characters on the screen are indeed broken, the action is worth blowing up! It's as smooth and smooth as Sephora, and the emotional line is not fully expressed (probably because the production team did not want to focus on the...

  • Cheyenne 2022-12-02 11:49:49

    Some musical stalks in this episode

    I have mixed feelings about this. I like it in some places, but I am a little dissatisfied with it. Many places can be written more advanced and deeper, but it stops when I click on it. The author himself said that the source of inspiration for drawing Victor is JCM. He may indeed be a musical fan....

  • Mervin 2022-11-27 07:56:11

    A short review of "Yuri on Ice" (updated from time to time)

    The animation is on Weibo. Figure skating is a comprehensive art form that combines classical ballet and sports skating. The unique interpretation of music is above the skillful skills. OP is great! The pork chop rice bowl is delicious! I really want to take a dip in the hot spring, and it is best...

  • Garth 2022-11-25 23:56:40

    Addicted to masculine sex

    Chapter 10 of Three Brushes: Since there is speculation that Yuuri already had the idea of ​​"proposing" when he saw jj's ins photo of the ring in the morning and the close-up of his hand (but his left hand), then ask Victor's birthday before buying the ring The matter with Christmas is actually...

  • Alta 2022-11-25 22:57:21

    Rewatching this episode is a different mood. (very subjective statement)

    Before we start, let's celebrate the successful holding of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ? I wish our players all the best results! All opinions below are only for this animation and have nothing to do with reality.

    With the help of this Winter Olympics and a certain group of posts, I have...

  • Annette 2022-11-24 11:44:46

    The more you look, the less motivated

    Well, I'm here to make trouble. It's still an anime that's a crap counter attack. I don't know if it's just me who doesn't like this pair of CPs. It would be nice if Victor wasn't with Yuuri. I've always wondered if Yuuri and Victor were together. The two styles, um, Yuuri combing his hair up is...

  • Haskell 2022-11-21 01:34:18

    The man as elegant as a swan

    The figure skater Yuuri, who was burdened with expectations from all over Japan, failed in the challenge and returned to his hometown. I was hesitating whether to continue or retire. One day, because of a practice imitating Victor, the prince on ice, I was recorded by my sister and posted on...

  • Maud 2022-11-19 07:42:41

    Yuri on Ice Fascinates Me the Most

    Yuri on Ice is the anime I watched as an adult, and the one that touched and liked me the most. It has countless bright spots, but also a few flaws. But overall it's a decent anime. I believe everyone can see the bright spots, so I will not analyze them one by one. Here are just a few things that...