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Millie Beier



  • The Innocent The Innocent

    Millie 2022-12-23 06:22:08

    Exploratory Innocent Proof - "The Most Innocent"

    Today, let's talk about the Spanish drama "The Most Innocent".

    Title El inocente / The Innocent (2021), alias The Innocent / The Second...

  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

    Millie 2022-12-18 00:36:15

    Let's fly!

    very good!
    A bad movie can make you feel long even if it is only 20 minutes; a good movie can make you spend 3 hours without knowing it. The film is a good movie.
    The beginning of the chapter creates suspense, followed by flashbacks and interspersed narratives. The rhythm is appropriate and slow, and it has the temperament of an epic blockbuster. Indian movies with singing and dancing have always been able to put a tragic story in a cheerful and joyful coat, and can always give this...

  • Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

    Millie 2022-12-11 12:27:52

    Wonderful night at the museum

    I watched all the premieres, and overall it's good. Although the plot is a bit simple and the ending feels a little rushed, I have to say that the movie is quite conscientious, the special effects are good, and it can be made into 3D. After all, domestic movie subtitles are 3D these days. All is fine. For Robin's final work, there are some new Chinese elements in it, and the Tibetan doll is also very cute. There is also a friendly cameo from the big cousin. Although he played a neurotic, he is...

  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    Millie 2022-11-29 22:22:24

    Some world views in "John Wick"

    The protagonist: John Wick, born in Belarus, trained in the Ruska Roma, and later served in a Russian gang. The first part began to encounter true love and retreat. The status of the killer world in the movie is equivalent to Li Xunhuan in "The Amorous Swordsman Ruthless Sword", "Little Li Fei Dao, a good example." God blocks and kills God, Buddha blocks and kills Buddha. After returning to hermitage, his legend still circulates.

    Management (High Table): It is formed by the...

  • Megamind Megamind

    Millie 2022-11-27 07:22:22

    who is wise

    The big-headed ghost obviously became the male lead, and his appearance rate was so high that I almost became his fan. Looking back, this big head is not ordinary, it is relying on auxiliary tools, and it can be said that various inventions can fight against Superman. This man's new wisdom should be above superhuman. In addition to a perfect body, Superman also has a perfect morality. If justice is really tired, there is no room for flaws. If he kills a heinous person, he will be criticized...

  • Love Happens Love Happens

    Millie 2022-11-20 11:25:50

    Severely underrated movie

    The protagonist's acting skills are amazing, and he completely supported the whole movie by himself. Of course, the supporting roles are also very good. This type of warmth movie buys the point of warmth, but it often fails in sensationalism for the sake of sensationalism, which ultimately makes people feel false. But if there is a movie, it does explain the truth, but everything is done naturally and very real, then such a movie will sooner or later become a classic in the hearts of movie...

  • Election Election

    Millie 2022-11-11 08:33:49

    Johnnie To is the king of gangster films

    Niubi, in 2005 predicted too much today.

    Too many of the so-called classics made by other people are so stupid that they are made inexplicably.

    In contrast, every character in To Qifeng's works is not inexplicably crazy, so their fate makes you even more frightened: there is no escape, and it will not be better for you.

    Du said that China's underworld has a history of 300 years, and its...

  • Skins Skins

    Millie 2022-10-31 04:25:56

    hey~! This is a wild world

    When I saw the last episode of the first season, sid sang wild world, that slightly hoarse voice and psychedelic melody made my eyes a little wet.
       We all have such unruly youth in our hearts, but the culture is different and the way of expression is different. Countless parties, parties, drugs, and mindless sex, to make up for the pain in my heart. Perhaps only under the action of adrenaline, can I temporarily forget the damage I have suffered. We are confused, and it is hard to see how...

  • Framing Britney Spears Framing Britney Spears

    Millie 2022-10-30 21:26:35

    Improper translation of current title

    The current title is translated as "Framed Britney".

    Frame does mean to frame it. According to Webster’s Dictionary, frame can be translated as to contrive the evidence against (an innocent person) so that a verdict of guilty is assured. It can be seen that the prerequisite for the frame to be used for framing is that a crime has been committed and someone forges evidence to frame the guilty person. This is a far cry from the experience of Britney Spears in...

  • The Dreamlife of Angels The Dreamlife of Angels

    Millie 2022-10-25 02:54:16

    Angels need wings to fly

    Two angels live in a room, two young girls have youth and fantasy, but they don't know how to prepare a pair of wings for themselves.

    Mary is innocent and kind, but she is self-centered. I don't know if she is naive. She lives in the house of relatives who have never been masked, but she doesn't know how to care for the relatives who are hospitalized. Such irresponsibility to others is destined to be irresponsible. abyss. As for her feelings for Playboy, I don't know whether it is...

  • Anatomy Anatomy

    Millie 2022-10-18 19:03:51

    There are no guns here, just cold scalpels... Ethics is scarier than horror~(

    There are no guns and ammunition here, no raging scenes. There

        are just needles, scalpels, and cold faces of evil...

        In my psychological ethics films are more stimulating to the depths of my heart than horror films. Of course Many horror films express horror from a distorted social issue. But ethical films are more direct.

     Does the progress of medicine need morality to be restrained? Is it possible to sacrifice the lives of a few people in order to save...

  • Session 9 Session 9

    Millie 2022-10-15 03:55:50

    The ending turned out to be a mental illness, I can't stand it! !

    I really don't understand, it's mental illness or mental illness, why did he kill his friends and nephew, and schizophrenia didn't show any intention to kill, at most it was a suspense movie, I thought Mike became mentally ill after listening to the tape But it's a little bit, can't stand it, there are woods and some can't stand it. In addition, when the man with glasses was stealing money at night, Mike was listening to the tape in the building. Maybe my consciousness is low and I can't...

  • Upload Upload

    Millie 2022-10-10 06:27:41

    Sci-Fi, Funny, Satire

    This sci-fi theme is very good. Upload, uploading consciousness may be the most achievable technical means for human beings to achieve immortality in the future. The only thing that is uncomfortable to watch in the film is to keep the thumbs apart when making calls on the mobile phone. Isn’t it tiring... At the same time, there are few funny films in sci-fi films. "Uploading the New Life" is almost full of jokes, and every five to ten minutes can make you When you smile, you look very...

  • The IT Crowd The IT Crowd

    Millie 2022-10-09 10:32:53

    The most fun scene of the Brit in the biennium

    The second season became more interesting. . .
    Spread from the IT office to the social place, this group of people naturally have more jokes.
    Vampires are also active, and they are still very fierce in the fourth episode. . .
    At the end of the third episode, the slap Roy slapped at the police really made me spray rice on the way to ramen. .
    Miss Jane is pitiful for the little joke who traveled long distances to smoke, and she feels very sad. These British guys can...

  • Angel Has Fallen Angel Has Fallen

    Millie 2022-09-30 02:27:49

    Protect the black version of President Trump

    The plot is nothing new, and it is still a qualified action blockbuster. The tough guy Butler is also getting old and fat. Interestingly, the president played by Morgan Freeman is called Trumbull (Trump Bull?), the pronunciation is similar, and it is mentioned in the film that the election has been interfered by Russia, and the president’s gentler attitude towards Russia is consistent with the reality of Sichuan. Generally the same. The fact that the vice president is behind the scenes...

  • Millie 2023-06-01 10:45:58

    Been wondering if this is ethical while watching

  • Millie 2023-05-27 19:12:09

    Paris Hilton, as a mixed race of four countries, is really not good. . . Christine Lakin got it to help some of Qiu Qianchi in The Legend of Condor Heroes, so I didn't recognize it on Valentine's Day, and it was very old and messy. . .

  • Millie 2023-04-30 10:09:50

    Why am I watching this?

  • Millie 2023-04-24 17:16:57

    A love story between revolutionary comrades

  • Millie 2023-04-24 16:53:45

    My God, isn't the Indian mixed race too beautiful! ! ! ! Liver fibrillation

  • Millie 2023-04-23 18:43:39

    There is absolutely no desire to watch it, the disgusting male protagonist is constantly in the bb

  • Millie 2023-04-08 07:16:34

    You're a chicken. You've got no guts. You're afraid to stick out your chin and say, "Okay, life's a fact."

  • Millie 2023-04-05 02:43:32

    The translation of the name is wrong. It's too easy to ruin a person's life. Forced to be together for decades, the dead enemy will also become a happy enemy. The old version...still no spoilers.

  • Millie 2023-03-27 22:23:34

    Jamie Lee Curtis at 20 looks like 40, at 40 she looks 40, I don't know if this should be considered an old goddess

  • Millie 2023-03-22 23:46:59

    The colorful and complex psychedelic and frantic road movie plus the ugly and tricky shape of JD pays tribute to the beaten 60s that came out in great numbers... Story? No need for a story at all...

  • Millie 2023-02-27 00:22:08

    Kevin Macdonald's film theme is really broad. . burst. . War youth love film small fresh orz. . . Some pictures are not bad, but the whole is numb and black

  • Millie 2023-02-24 09:54:22

    Planet of the Apes 2: Beneath the Planet of the Apes follows the law of sequels perfectly.

  • Millie 2023-02-14 20:58:55

    The story is incomplete. A few days ago, the darknet imitated this one. The text chat records appearing on the computer and mobile phone have not given bad comments to the translation,

  • Millie 2023-02-12 04:33:32

    The scenery inside is so spectacular, it's a pity that most people can't experience it in person.

  • Millie 2023-02-12 00:13:30

    The song is alright, but the warm turning point is a little unsatisfactory. It may be to create more momentum and make the twists and turns more tearful.