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Luis Roob



  • Colonia Colonia

    Luis 2022-12-30 22:50:49

    in whose hands is the dignity

    The background of the story is Pinocelli. A very familiar historical figure. In fact, I didn't know much about it in middle school textbooks, but when I went to university, I learned something from listening to Latin American economic history.

    It opens with a sunny atmosphere, a flight attendant with blue eye shadow, enthusiastic rock music, and the thriving seventies. Screen switching, who would have thought that there is a facility that is very similar to a concentration camp? Women...

  • The Lovers on the Bridge The Lovers on the Bridge

    Luis 2022-12-30 16:28:29

    Pure Love

    I kind of misunderstood the film. It's not mainly about the contradiction between reality and ideal. It's about love, Pure love. The love the man has towards a woman from a different world. Maybe the love is selfish and morally wrong, but that's not what the director trying to tell or concerned. There are not right things or wrong things to do in the field of Pure love. Typical French film about love ,extremely romantic as well as extremely crazy.
    I'd like to compare the film with " love...

  • Hedgehog in the Fog Hedgehog in the Fog

    Luis 2022-12-26 03:37:40

    lucky little hedgehog

    This animation is super nice!
     The little hedgehog goes to see the stars with the little bear every day, and the story happens on the road. The little hedgehog is full of curiosity and imagination and a little timid. These characteristics make it good at magnifying fear and beautiful imagination, which will make its life richer and more interesting, and it will also have more regrets, so it will feel more than ordinary people in its life. More, and also more illusions it loves. The most...

  • Inside Job Inside Job

    Luis 2022-12-15 13:53:40


    Talking about the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and the Development of the New Era——After Viewing "Guarding Yourself"

    In September 2008, the collapse of the world's most trusted investment bank, Lehman Brothers and the largest insurance company AIG, triggered the global financial crisis, the global economic recession, the closure of countless companies and the unemployment of employees, which directly caused 50 million people to fall. below the poverty line. How did all this happen? This...

  • After After

    Luis 2022-12-02 05:20:04

    Harry Styles fanfiction

    Netizens, don't be too strict

    But the introduction is so strange that everyone has high expectations for this "dark secret"

    There are four movies on the Internet. I hope the movie version can continue to be filmed. I like the British voice of the male lead very much. Hahaha. Is it because Harry Styles is British, so he chose the British man, Lord Voldemort, hahaha

    It is said that in the original work, everyone in 1D corresponds to a different male character

    And do you...

  • Yellowstone Yellowstone

    Luis 2022-11-26 02:08:20

    This film is pure fiction

    The score is 9.1, but the number of comments is only more than 5,000, which to some extent shows that the audience of this drama is small. The film tells the story of a self-serving, headstrong farmer and his children who seek profit through murder and bribes. Men killing people at every turn and women stripping naked at every turn may have been commonplace during the American westward movement in the first or second century, but in the 21st century, if farmers continue to do this, it is...

  • Mr. Bean's Holiday Mr. Bean's Holiday

    Luis 2022-11-20 10:06:57

    French colors and holiday movie vibes seen on MR.Bean

    On such a holiday, watching such a holiday movie is really like drinking nectar, like enjoying the spring breeze, although it is raining, although the wind is blowing, there is a bright sunshine to accompany the wind and rain~

    Mr. Bean has a strong French comedy The colors, the slight humor and the moving emotions, and even some of the dynamic and emotional movements of Louis de Fénes, the endless rapeseed fields make me not recall the beauty of the past, roads, fields, twos and...

  • The Bang Bang Club The Bang Bang Club

    Luis 2022-11-18 03:30:51

    "Gun Club" after watching

    A group of forgotten people who are bound by the trend of the times and bound by secular concepts. In the early 1990s, after Mandela took power, there was civil unrest in the Inkata Party in South Africa. Several white South African photographers formed the "Gun Club" to make a living by shooting realistic scenes of violence and war. This is where the story unfolds. The difference between war photographers and other photographers is that technology has become less important. The most...

  • Gantz: O Gantz: O

    Luis 2022-11-15 20:22:49

    Murder, a review on the methods of creating a tense atmosphere

    Throughout, a tense atmosphere shot is created. He kept designing four or five times to show his nervousness, and then the expression of fear made him even more nervous. There are some, the tension before the intense is a bit, the rhythm is good. Calm and excited, set three to four levels before the final move, let him appear repeatedly in PUBG and will not lower his expectations too much, and the final ending is a bit rotten. Shooting line, struggling monster, moving line indicates danger,...

  • Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation

    Luis 2022-10-24 22:17:37

    Gotta watch the whole series...

    I watched the whole series with Xiaokai, and he liked it very much.

    Toy Story.Toy.Story.1995.Bluray.1080p.x265.AAC(5.1).3Audios

    Toy Story 2.Toy.Story.2.1999.Bluray.1080p.x265.AAC(5.1).3Audios

    Toy Story 3.Toy.Story.3.2010.Bluray.1080p.x265.AAC(5.1).3Audios

    Toy Story: Nightmare.Toy.Story.of.Terror.2013.Bluray.1080p.x265.AAC(5.1).3Audios

    Toy Story: Hawaii Vacation.Toy.Story.Toon.Hawaiian.Vacation.2011.Bluray.1080p.x265.AAC(5.1).3Audios

    Toy Story:...

  • Confidential Report Confidential Report

    Luis 2022-10-23 23:34:26

    Always angry, always irritable, for no reason

    What caught my attention the most was Van Stratten's uninterrupted anger.

    I'd rather believe that Arkaddin did lose his memory. Wells appeared in his works in the image of a tall and heroic figure, surrounded by fog and rumors, all of which sought the sympathy of the audience - we hope he has the dirtiest past, and at the same time we hope he can get the most tragic ending....

  • Death at a Funeral Death at a Funeral

    Luis 2022-10-22 19:03:34

    god coincidence humor

    Originally, it was a scene of weeping with snot flowing through our noses, but it was filmed by the British and turned into a series of coincidence farces. "Death at a Funeral" is about a father's funeral, among the people who came to mourn, there are several lines strung together into a farce. On the day of the funeral, my father's dwarf gay lover came. In order to keep the secret, the son does not hesitate to bind the dwarf lover and cover his mouth to suppress it. On the other hand, the...

  • The Party The Party

    Luis 2022-10-20 03:34:48

    The first experience of love

    Growth is a course that requires continuous learning in life. We are tossing between the past and the future, in a city in a hurry, in a sleepless night, smashing all of ourselves into a new self, which is rebirth and make up. , so I came to me step by step.

    She is young and beautiful, jerky and enthusiastic, like spring and longing collided full of love, thinking that this is love, aimlessly and secretly promised, stumbled to his side, but he was also dizzy in the flowery world and...

  • Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

    Luis 2022-10-17 18:50:42

    growth and love

    A very classic magic movie, full of fantasy, the warmth and happiness of the family infect the audience, the film describes the ups and downs of growing up.

    This is a magical world full of fantasy, which brings the magical world into real life, and gives unlimited reverie to children who love to daydream, full of childlike interest.

    A very classic magic movie, full of fantasy, the warmth and happiness of the family infect the audience,...

  • The Wall The Wall

    Luis 2022-10-17 17:59:53

    How beautiful it is to be integrated into nature

    Isn't this a fresh and natural film? Isn't it a film that separates people and human society into nature and lives as simply as animals? I think it is. So refreshing, so comfortable, so peaceful! I enjoy watching Mao so much! The beauty of nature, those animals, and an ordinary woman, (not a beautiful woman, that's meaningless), this woman here is already the most primitive animal, well, in nature and other animals They live together instinctively.
    The hidden wall just isolates her from...

  • Luis 2023-05-22 18:51:31

    Mr. Huo's acting skills are as good as ever, and his explosiveness is also good. The spiritual significance is far greater than the story itself. To love someone is to share the joy of being with her, and it also requires the courage to bear the pain of losing her.

  • Luis 2023-05-16 14:20:05

    The most boring line of a pimple theme is not male and female. Fortunately, the son of the new wave has an indescribable texture.

  • Luis 2023-05-16 09:49:17

    Based on real events, there are also novels! Australian Landscapes! There are penguins in Namiki, but a magpie called Penguin. The front part is a bit boring, but it is still very touching in the end!

  • Luis 2023-05-09 22:52:55

    From the ghost's perspective, I shot the ghost-possessed story in reverse, but unfortunately I fell asleep. . .

  • Luis 2023-05-09 11:39:02

    "The show whose name can't be said" died of laughter, this season is about a Jeeves and that Wooster who spoke out all his inner spit out loudly

  • Luis 2023-04-15 21:54:28

    The typical comedy of that era would be exaggerated for comedic effect. Lighthearted and funny, no heavy stuff, no political correctness. Suitable to watch during this heavy period.

  • Luis 2023-04-14 10:38:47

    The special effect rescue scene is so terrifying

  • Luis 2023-04-11 18:16:20

    I don't think it's a bad movie, at least it's not a bad movie, at least it's not a comedy that pretends to use the soul to swap the subject matter, thinking that it's all kinds of gods. It does get a little serious, talking about certain philosophies (and "philosophy").

  • Luis 2023-04-10 06:03:06

    Rashomon, even such a documentary that seems to be helping Britney, is consuming her.

  • Luis 2023-03-15 08:41:21

    Dead pervert. But the heroine is pretty.

  • Luis 2023-03-12 16:20:48

    Full marks for multiple lines, full marks for group dramas, full marks for rhythm, and finally there are gay characters in the third season! Big tears at the end, love all my friends! ! !

  • Luis 2023-03-06 10:47:02

    Hahahahahahaha leaned on Jesus to support the BGM from beginning to end, with its own divine brilliance.

  • Luis 2023-03-05 20:56:51

    #Love_is_the_antidote_to_death#The best drama series of the year[. The ethnic hatred between the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is unclear, and the love between the male and female masters is also true and elusive. Tsk tsk tsk the casting director is a genius, this show has brought E big (deja vu ah ooh ooh) and Shannon to a new level, and Pugh will undoubtedly become the new muse among British actresses

  • Luis 2023-02-28 20:12:18

    Figure has political expression. Magic isn't magic enough, sci-fi isn't sci-fi enough, cult isn't cult enough, and the style is confusing. #NYFF just slipped away Q&A without interest

  • Luis 2023-02-20 19:01:02

    I can't black and white and the protagonist's halo