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  • 8½

    Jacklyn 2022-12-24 01:37:55

    The Undecipherable Fellini

    Unexpectedly, there will be eight and a half of Fellini's films at the Shanghai Film Festival. I have watched his DVD, and I have also read countless film reviews and interpretations about it. I still buy a ticket and enter the venue with the excitement of a rendezvous with a lover. The appearance on the big screen, nightmare and reality, worry and joy, what Fellini is saying, what he wants to say, seems to be less important, the important thing is that this is his movie, unique, no one can...

  • Coma Coma

    Jacklyn 2022-12-07 08:49:46


    It's really bad. It's a three-star movie. I really want to get a two-star movie. The novel pictures and concepts in the early stage can't last for ten minutes at all. In general, there are some bright spots, but some are mediocre and some are failing. The director must be sure It's the failing part.

    After eagerly expressing a world that seems to be very mysterious, it did not expand and deepen more details of the world, it just became the background board, and the connection of the...

  • My Love from Another Star My Love from Another Star

    Jacklyn 2022-12-06 03:31:29

    You were born before I was born, I was born before you were born

    As Kim Soo Hyun's brain-damaged fan, I have to nag about it myself. The following are all personal babble, illogical and illogical. . . Follow up update. . .

    Let's talk about the show man first. From the dream high at the beginning, to the hot Embrace of the Moon,
    and the League of Thieves who are still handsome and cry me after a little soy sauce, to the secret and great box office this year. I'm confused, Soo Hyun's level of accepting the drama is still good. . . Basically,...

  • Ittefaq Ittefaq

    Jacklyn 2022-11-25 19:21:36

    if the story goes like this

    The writer's wife is the president of a publishing house and is in charge of publishing her husband's books. She suffers from heart disease for a long time and takes medicine, but her income is always higher than that of the writer. Rumors in the company put the writer under enormous pressure. I wrote a new book and wanted to break through myself. As a result, his wife revealed that he was using other people's privacy. Private matters like "Su Qi's Private Room" caused the other party to be...

  • The Message The Message

    Jacklyn 2022-11-11 05:31:14

    Suspenseful Murder

    The story is simple: the Chamber of Secrets shuts up five people, one of whom must die in order for the others to live. However, fighting is prohibited, and only verbal attacks on informers are allowed.

    Due to the main theme, the portrayal in some aspects is very lacking, because the length of the film is not enough.

    Director Jin and Secretary Bai have too few scenes. It would be great if they could add a little more to their minds, even if it was the homosexuality and SM...

  • Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within

    Jacklyn 2022-11-08 06:43:49

    If the first part is described as domineering, then the second part should be described as "qi".

    The "Qi" I'm talking about is what we ancients called Qiji, that is, the Qi that Mencius said of "nourishing the qi of greatness". As far as I am watching this movie, it can be said to be equivalent to a national treasure movie in the new century, just like "Inception" in the United States, "Let the Bullets Fly" in China, "Three Silly in Bollywood" in India Likewise, Brazil has an Elite Force 2.
            "Inception" touches on human nature, which is the so-called "micro" research; "Three...

  • Death in Venice Death in Venice

    Jacklyn 2022-10-31 10:44:51


    No, I don’t pick strawberries for you, I
    won’t weave sharp glass into your hair,
    I don’t polish a conch mirror for you,

    when I sit on a gondola, I see
    that the features of the cloud are
    about to be pierced by the sunlight. The

    water is fatal. gray-green
    new porcelain blue smoke burning of
    my eyes lapel flowers are pale orange

    this morning fell to the man station
    ears drilled in a diamond-shaped beetle...

  • Sound of Noise Sound of Noise

    Jacklyn 2022-10-27 01:46:38

    Audible reaction!

    Along with Coppola's "Rumblefish" and Xu Sijin's "Perfume", the three are masterpieces that break sensory perception!

    Coppola's "Betta" is a breakthrough in "visual", using " The contrast between black and white" and "color" images to metaphor "hope", "ideal", "right and wrong" and "disillusionment"...

    Xu Sijin's "perfume" is a reflection on "smell", using "smell" to metaphorize the relationship between people The emotional connection between Ge Nuyi and his pursuit of...

  • Impulse Impulse

    Jacklyn 2022-10-21 20:23:25

    Simple conversations, listening practice

    The 40-minute episode has a total of ten episodes, and it took a month to watch it on and off. You can imagine how protracted and boring the plot is. I insisted on watching it because the dialogue of this show is relatively simple. After downloading, you can practice listening with English subtitles. If you watch it before going to bed, the hypnotic effect is also good.

    Talk about the two lines of the plot

    The chase scene at the beginning of the first episode is really...

  • High Sierra High Sierra

    Jacklyn 2022-10-15 21:19:59

    free free

    This film is attributed to the early days of noir movies, and it is also attributed to the end of the 30-40S gangster movies; there is absolutely nothing like the killing of the previous gangster movies - to stand out - earth-shaking, and Roy played by Bogart has reported "the last vote" from the beginning. ” mentality, he started his own journey in the end of all kinds of depression, all kinds of unhappiness and all kinds of hidden dangers; Raoul Walsh first wanted George Raft to play in High...

  • The Snowman The Snowman

    Jacklyn 2022-10-14 23:14:49

    To the snowmen who have appeared in my life

    Only feel the pillow seat of the time, and the haze of the past. The picture is very warm and moving, but there is always a hint of sadness.
           But in just over 20 minutes, I described an adventure in a dream. I flew over villages and towns with you, passed other children's windows to meet their envious eyes, and danced together at Santa's ball. You brought me There have been so many laughter, I'm finding I can fly so high above with you. But when the moment of parting comes, all I can...

  • Last Love Last Love

    Jacklyn 2022-10-10 04:06:05

    A very touching film~

    4 and a half stars. . . The theme is good, but it's unfinished. The actors are chosen quite well, the male number one and the male number two are just like their own. The hair, eyebrows, and lips are very similar. There is a question that I have never understood: did the old Morgan go to the United States in the end or committed suicide? ? Although he had two shots of taking a lot of sleeping pills in front of him, he didn't often say "There's a crack in everything that's how the light gets...

  • Your Name Engraved Herein Your Name Engraved Herein

    Jacklyn 2022-10-03 12:30:23

    destiny is real

    In gay-themed movies, usually the character who pursues recklessly will die tragically. Just like any love relationship, the probability of the active party being injured is extremely high. In this film, the side of "unbridled pursuit" seems to have been switching between the two, which made me "confused" and made the story attractive. The innocence and persistence of one side, the restraint of contradictions on the other side, and the extraordinary tension in the setting...

  • The Frozen Ground The Frozen Ground

    Jacklyn 2022-09-23 22:30:17

    Realistic fighter

    I don't know how I ended up watching this film. This is a film with no climax, no intersection, and pee spots everywhere. The narration is straightforward and lackluster, which makes people unable to concentrate, not to mention "breathing and sharing destiny" with the people in the play. The real photos of the last victims are touching, telling you time and time again that this is a movie. Movies based on real events, many victims even have no body found, it is well-founded, and it is more...

  • Ash Is Purest White Ash Is Purest White

    Jacklyn 2022-09-21 13:21:33

    How much love can be repeated

    twice. Qiaoqiao listened to the roadside singer roaring and singing: "How much love can be repeated, how many people can wait"

    I cried with her.

    How beautiful and precious it is to love and be loved with sincerity and devotion! Probably the greatest joy of being a human being.

    Misa said that Guo Bin has always been a scumbag and is not serious about Qiaoqiao, but I don't agree.

    I think they were sweet before, and their love was open and aboveboard.

    It's just...

  • Jacklyn 2023-05-21 16:42:21

    I think it's the first time I've seen such a literary horror film.

  • Jacklyn 2023-05-19 05:05:53

    The German version of the Beatles at the beginning of the film and the German version of Dabao at the end of the film are almost a large-scale foul scene, but apart from the elaborate design of the scene of recognizing mothers through shoes, the suffering of being sugar-coated from the perspective of pseudo-children finally seems embarrassing.

  • Jacklyn 2023-05-07 20:14:26

    In addition to the plot, the technical production has reached the same level of Hollywood works of the same type

  • Jacklyn 2023-04-30 05:10:10

    Immediately after the plot of the first episode, go to the burrow and play the dangerous game of hiding cats with monsters. At the end, it was revealed that the intention to do the third episode was to make it clear that the monster was so-and-so's personal pet?

  • Jacklyn 2023-04-27 02:35:08

    The old terrier can't be used all the time. . . .

  • Jacklyn 2023-04-15 01:56:23

    The first six episodes of how to die are too funny, and the seventh episode starts getting serious, as if a new script has been changed

  • Jacklyn 2023-04-09 19:43:51

    Gongdou adds a little suspense, looking forward to the second season

  • Jacklyn 2023-03-20 22:30:55

    I secretly thought that the first half of the second part was the most exciting of the three, and the rest were just average.

  • Jacklyn 2023-03-19 18:50:00

    After reading the comments, I am even more convinced: don't mention your favorite movie to an idiot.

  • Jacklyn 2023-03-08 00:45:40

    Unexpected crap. Looking back at the beginning, there was suspense, momentum, and pattern. Branch lines opened everywhere, and all kinds of awesomeness. Then the screenwriter has ambitions and no stamina, and the arrogance gradually turns into a force... Alas, let's use the old saying: After all, it is ABC...

  • Jacklyn 2023-03-06 02:18:30

    like the second half

  • Jacklyn 2023-03-02 21:47:23

    The story is exhausted and sloppy. It is recommended to fast forward to 40 minutes and start watching it. It will not affect the plot. The language of the south and the north cannot conceal the exaggeration of the actors’ performance, just like dialects can’t save a funny comedy.

  • Jacklyn 2023-02-15 02:39:30

    Main theme and bland and boring.

  • Jacklyn 2023-02-09 03:41:14

    Theatrical film that has been weak for a summer vacation finally ushered in a passionate film... The return of the original cast is very powerful, and the car chase scenes are especially cool~ When the ending song sounded, it really ignited

  • Jacklyn 2023-01-26 00:46:38

    At the beginning of the story, it is no different from the general American comedy, but the second half of the film is quite eye-catching.