Mallory Leuschke

Mallory Leuschke



  • Breaking Surface Breaking Surface

    Mallory 2022-12-30 06:37:14

    It really takes a lifetime to heal childhood.

    In 2020, the action thriller movie "Breaking the Waves | Breaking Surface"

    It is very uncomfortable to look at. The beautiful scenery of Norway may be too cold for the brain to use.

    There are many details that echo before and after, but the logic of the plot makes people...

  • The Titan The Titan

    Mallory 2022-12-29 12:26:30

    Lenovo after watching the movie

    After watching the movie, I suddenly had a very special idea. The controversy over Darwin's theory of evolution is not surprising in science. Some scientists have concluded that the theory of evolution is not suitable for human beings, but only suitable for other species on earth. Some people imagine that human beings are alien civilizations exiled to earth. After watching Titan, I suddenly thought, would we humans be other advanced civilizations in space before, they are also facing the...

  • Blind Detective Blind Detective

    Mallory 2022-12-25 09:24:26

    Continue to be pretentious

    When did the inheritance of artificiality start? The recent bad movies are always like this. Everyone is an old face, so can’t we just talk about it? I still like the Qingchong years, but I like the character Xiaomin, anyway, all People will have some sympathy for crazy people even if they don't like them. Andy Lau's blind man is simply dissimilar. Of course, the director only emphasizes his genius. The director likes to shoot genius characters and show their simple side to make them more human...

  • Hotel Transylvania 2 Hotel Transylvania 2

    Mallory 2022-12-05 17:48:54

    little bubble noodles

    The small bubble face that appeared in the second part quickly caught my attention, especially the picture of him bouncing back quickly after his grandfather Dracula smoothed his forehead hair for a long time. ...
        but, it seems that the movie keeps emphasizing that people and vampires are the same, Dracula repeated what he said: "Humans, vampires, unicorns, all the same." But, obviously, Dracula still wanted his grandson to be a vampire with tiny, pointy teeth. Naturally, this is...

  • Modern Love Modern Love

    Mallory 2022-10-17 05:17:05

    "Modern love"

    Modern Love Season 1 (2019)
    2019 / USA /...

  • Ice Ice

    Mallory 2022-10-07 01:28:08

    Another name for love is companionship

    In 2017, more than 35 movies were watched in the cinema. In 2018, as of April 1, more than 10 movies were also watched in the cinema. There is no doubt that this film can enter the ranks of the top three. In recent years, we have been...

  • McQueen McQueen

    Mallory 2022-10-05 05:05:36


    There is a saying in the fashion industry: Chanel gave women elegance, Yves Saint Laurent gave women strength, and Alexander McQueen gave women armor.

    Let's take a look at McQueen's 1998 Joan autumn and winter series, and let's explore what kind of women's armor in McQueen's heart. During the Anglo-French War, Joan of Arc was enlightened by an angel and gained military power to lead France to recover lost territory. Later, she was captured by the British and burned to death as a...

  • Hotel Transylvania 2 Hotel Transylvania 2

    Mallory 2022-09-20 05:41:38

    About equality

    Hotel Elf 2 continues the story of the previous one. Mephis gave birth to Dennis. His mother is a vampire and his father is a human, so the story still revolves around the identity of vampires and humans.

    Dracula desperately wanted Dennis to be a vampire, and made every effort to confirm it. In the process, Dennis never showed any vampire qualities. In the process of watching, I was also guessing that maybe at a certain moment in the story, he would be inspired and transformed. But...

  • Rob Roy Rob Roy

    Mallory 2022-09-19 16:33:51

    You can say you didn't understand

    This is a love movie about dignity and responsibility.
      Like everyone, I was a little disappointed to see half of it. Just like everyone else, I guessed the plot very early.

      But when I actually watched the movie, I denied my previous views.

      First of all, I think the translation of this Chinese name is lacking. Of course, this cannot be blamed on the translators, this should be blamed on us Chinese audiences who are looking for excitement, they are just to...

  • Antichrist Antichrist

    Mallory 2022-09-16 16:28:24

    It's not a movie review, it's just a short review

    It is too obscure, too many metaphors, and it is impossible to explain it, or it can be explained in various ways. However, combined with the name of the film, Antichrist, then it is the savior, the reason or the so-called truth. The heroine is the antichrist, and her evil comes from nature, which is the nature mentioned in the film. Such brutal revolts against truth or reason have been repeated throughout history, and some philosophers of the last century have tried to preach them, but...

  • New York, I Love You New York, I Love You

    Mallory 2022-09-13 18:45:58

    make love possible

    New York, a specific and general symbol, maybe every city has a similar story, at this moment, around me. Therefore, the city is not important, the soft and delicate tentacles are in my heart, and the tickling electric current massages the nerves. This is the switch that excites me.
        The moment Natalie Portman took off her wig, and her smile of doubt and relief at the wedding, put me in a feeling I had never experienced before, the supremacy of religion, which trumps love. Natalie...

  • The Signal The Signal

    Mallory 2022-09-10 17:14:05

    Crazy people say they are not crazy, drunk people say they are not drunk.

    People who are affected by signals and kill people say that they are not crazy, and are always on guard against people who seem crazy to them. In fact, they themselves have seen hallucinations and have been completely brainwashed by the signal. In this small town that has given up regulations and moral constraints, love, violence, killing, these instincts are completely released, in the chaos, Ben finally overcomes the weakness of human nature, finds the woman he loves, and finds a way to live...

  • Kill Your Darlings Kill Your Darlings

    Mallory 2022-09-05 08:06:26

    love is hard to explain

    This movie reminds me of the villain. It's also an incomprehensible, but terribly strong love.
    LU and Ah Feng are the kind of people who can make people fascinated and ignore some for him. David's death ended a circle for him but others' circles continued.
    DANE's Yan ah's literary and artistic style is a little pure and evil, and it is difficult for people to escape.
    DAVID's pursuit of him is like a child bride development plan, such a child who does not want to possess. It is...

  • Elizabeth I Elizabeth I

    Mallory 2022-08-23 16:51:59

    Interesting coincidence

    Finally watched "Elizabeth I". There is a very strong sense of deja vu in the plot... even I wonder if the screenwriter has also read the book "Queen Elizabeth I" by J·E Neal^ ^

    François and Elizabeth's relationship is as in the book. Generally speaking, one party is thinking about cheating as much money as possible even if they don't get married; the other party is to avoid making any promises and just drag the other party for as long as possible. When it comes to religion, it’s even...

  • Breach Breach

    Mallory 2022-08-17 18:08:03

    You just squandered one, and want to harm the next one?

    I still don’t want to make these kinds of movies, so as not to give people who have no bottom line to destroy the earth a glimmer of illusion or to reduce their moral guilt. It doesn’t matter if this earth is ruined, can we ruin the next one?

    Unethical demand must be paid, even if you have the ability to run out of the earth and to the sky.

    For a person with a homeland plot, his hometown is a kind of nostalgia, and he still thinks about...

  • Mallory 2023-09-26 06:44:43

    Two generations of Wolverine vs Muscle Magneto hahahaha. The story that happened before All for One came back. Literary drama 2 points, it's really too embarrassing, forced to laugh. The overall structure is not as good as the TV version. The fight scene is 5 points but not too much, very heroic. Because it's a theatrical version, more than half of Xiongying's students just came out to make soy sauce. It's a pity that Chang An Meiyu is in the hotel. The new character Melissa once again proves that the secondary element is more cute than makeup. By the way, the girl in the bone family who dresses the protagonist's arms is also a blond technical house (shut up!). On the contrary, Erlang's dress is really beautiful, and his activity is also very high this time. In addition, there are quite a lot of CP accidents, such as All Might and Uncle David, Bakugou and Kirishima (plus Boom is Bai Xue). The theme of the little hero on the soundtrack is very shocking and powerful in the theater, but it is a bit perfunctory to use the TV version of the song at the end. Anyway, wait for the fourth season of TV...

  • Mallory 2023-09-07 21:28:29

    If your boyfriend refuses to tell you where he is doing, don't always suspect that he is cheating, he may be an agent, on a mission.

  • Mallory 2023-09-04 21:13:33

    In fact, a lot of classic movies I think are average

  • Mallory 2023-08-31 05:55:45

    Love this old classic Hollywood romance so much! Paul is so handsome! Sure enough, the looks like Hepburn and Monroe Betty are more in line with my heart!

  • Mallory 2023-08-03 07:51:20

    return home for revenge

  • Mallory 2023-07-31 23:27:59

    Cruelty is actually buried deep in everyone's bones, when a person is thrown out, people swarm up and stone to death

  • Mallory 2023-07-24 10:32:45

    The whole film is about a feeling, in fact, it is more suitable to be written as a prose poem. It is always a bit long and rambling to make a movie. The final scene is beautiful, but I don't think my mentality can go back to that time at all.

  • Mallory 2023-07-12 07:01:03

    7. The scene transition is not good. Does this ending make people forced to watch the second season? The last episode was just so awkward to curl up. This kind of comedy accompanied by friendship, just be warm, don't be sad

  • Mallory 2023-07-08 13:10:18

    Favorite freedom dream

  • Mallory 2023-05-22 22:02:28

    50/100, this kind of movie is probably about giving a hard setting, creating a relative space, crazily stacking genre elements, and then how to make the audience feel good. However, the protagonist's behavior in this film is too single, and there is no turning point. Visually, there is no stingy blood, but it does not create pleasure at all; on the other hand, the text is extremely empty, and it seems that it is just to make up the time to lead to that wtf ending, then the whole movie seems to be completely ineffective.

  • Mallory 2023-05-03 11:38:54

    A suspense thriller with beautiful shots and a forceful scene~ Screenwriter Mi Shuai, who escaped from prison.

  • Mallory 2023-05-01 17:57:39

    After watching it for 30 minutes, I feel that the plot is too cliché, there is no need to waste time, there is really no plot and no pictures

  • Mallory 2023-04-16 13:31:38

    People are only used to win over and exploit

  • Mallory 2023-04-15 07:47:02

    Dark youth and school shootings are really good subjects. The best show I've seen this year. The setting and performance of the two protagonists are very good, the heroine's sense of protagonist, and the male protagonist's sense of "otherness"... It can also be watched as a dark romance film

  • Mallory 2023-03-31 07:51:55

    The princess is looking for her sister!