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Roxane Wilderman



  • Creepshow Creepshow

    Roxane 2022-12-23 11:32:02

    Fun Mirror ● Horror Story Apocalypse

    I am a person who is extremely keen on horror stories, mainly because of curiosity, and I like to read all kinds of creative and curious stories. When I was very young, I was frightened by watching an old version of Liaozhai, and then I didn't dare to be alone for a month, but after a month I was not afraid of anything. There are two results of being scared, one is to be timid from now on, and the other is to be fearless in the future...

    I still remember listening to "Zhang Zhen Tells...

  • You You

    Roxane 2022-11-29 15:51:04

    love you? Still love yourself?

    If there is prejudice against a person, it is because of insufficient understanding. The murderer also has good intentions in his heart and also expects happiness.

    The interesting thing about the film is that it focuses on the perspective of the party on the edge of morality, which is what we often call the villain, and shows the psychological motives of the murderer through a psychological monologue. The film begins with a relaxed and ambiguous atmosphere. It makes people think that...

  • To Rome with Love To Rome with Love

    Roxane 2022-11-20 20:29:00

    very woody

    Woody Allen has always had the style, of course, he is still a weird old man in it, talkative, can't understand anything, neurotic, and obsessive-compulsive, just like his movies. The whole movie is also full of retro tones. The soundtrack of the whole movie is like a little girl wearing bright red singing happily. The people next to her don't care about her existence. From beginning to end, the movie is like Woody as an invisible man. Watch the fun on the side.

    A few small stories...

  • The Lovers on the Bridge The Lovers on the Bridge

    Roxane 2022-11-19 03:08:04

    enviable and scary

    First love? Her only love, forever lover. not understand. The first love, she kept drawing him over and over again, he played it to her, only to her one, and then something happened that I don't quite understand. Arguing is really sad. Later, he left her. She has been waiting for him. Her eye disease worsened, and she loved him so much that she couldn't forget him at all. She's on the street, maybe she's looking for him?
    Alex recounts this after reading Michele's diary. That night, Michele...

  • Bicentennial Man Bicentennial Man

    Roxane 2022-11-16 06:58:52

    Human and robot marriage is not a dream

    In the future, people and robots get married, and it can be realized. Maybe in thirty years, fifty years later, but there will be, the trend is inevitable. Andrew changed for the sake of love, and longed to become a real person, longing to have emotions and desires, to experience sexual pleasure, and to be an immortal machine without personality and emotional feelings. It also proves that life is short, but also because of There are seven emotions and six desires and meaningful. Andrew...

  • Parasyte: Part 1 Parasyte: Part 1

    Roxane 2022-11-15 02:22:10

    thank you, little right

    Thank you,

    Xiaoyou couldn't help clenching his right hand after watching the parasitic beast, as if he saw a witty boy Xiaoyou.

    Seemingly terrifying parasitic beasts, with a simple survival attitude, are struggling to find a suitable host, why not we humans? To work hard is to live a good life in a warm place to live.

    What Xiaoyou made me reflect on is: because of the fragility of the parasitic beast group and the need to rely on others, he is more concerned about...

  • The Virgin Suicides The Virgin Suicides

    Roxane 2022-11-03 01:44:57

    in the name of love

    Those parents are devils, heretics. They gave birth to five golden flowers and shredded them with their own hands. Well, this is only a few people. If it is a country-wide killing of children and teenagers, that is the greatest tragedy! The five golden flowers fight to the death, their courage is commendable, it is really a hero and a beautiful girl! Dying in silence is also a form of defiance.

    A question: This film took place in the 1970s and 1980s, in the United States at that time,...

  • After After

    Roxane 2022-10-30 11:15:10

    Elizabeth&Darcy Tessa&Hardin


    My life before him was so simple and decided.

    And now, after him, there's just…



    That love was something fictional. Only found in worn pages of a book.

    But that has all changed since I met my Elizabeth Bennet.

    In my view, Hardin is just like Darcy, arrogant. (My type! ❤️)

    Because Pride and Prejudice was seriously read because of this movie?

    "That's the power of a good book."?

    Addicted!!! 5⭐️ for...

  • Taken 2 Taken 2

    Roxane 2022-10-28 01:26:22

    A one-time trick...

    In the past reading history, I have heard of Zhuge Kongming's empty city plan in the Three Kingdoms, the specific historical events have been forgotten, but the empty city strategy can only be used once, but I have always kept it in my heart. When Sima Yi encounters the same situation again, he will definitely drive straight ahead without giving his opponent any chance to breathe.

        I am more skeptical of this statement, because the strategy of bluffing next time is endless in real...

  • 100 Things 100 Things

    Roxane 2022-10-27 18:11:47

    "One Hundred Things"

    Fried chicken loves the line at the beginning of the movie "In the days of the great grandfathers, they only had 57 things. In the days of the grandfathers and grandmothers, they had 200 things Wow, 10,000 things" (there are a few deletions like the title),

  • The Thin Man The Thin Man

    Roxane 2022-10-10 23:29:06

    Dashiel Hammett and his "Skinny" series

    Dashiel Hammett's novel was reprinted last year, and I bought a Kindle collection, including The Maltese Falcon, The Glass Key, The Thin Man, The Continental Detective Agency, The Bloody Harvest, The Curse of the Danes, and The Lady of the Night" and "The Screwdriver" are eight, among which "The Lady of the Night" also includes three short stories from the Sam Spade series.

    How famous is Hammett in the world of detective fiction? He is the founder of American hard-guy novels and the...

  • Leviathan Leviathan
  • The 12th Man The 12th Man

    Roxane 2022-09-27 07:11:53

    Is an opportunity and an introduction

    It also belongs to the themes of World War II. I found that almost the countries participating in World War II have filmed their own "main theme" movie works. In recent years, the World War II movies I have seen and recommended by four stars include Russian "Hunting T34" and "Female Sniper", and American "The Greyhound", "The Battle of Midway", "Letters from Iwo Jima", "The Flag of the Fathers", "Dunkirk", "Blood Battle at Hacksaw Ridge", "1917", "Unknown Soldier" in Finland,...

  • Gaslight Gaslight

    Roxane 2022-09-16 09:11:42

    Fortunately, the heroine met the person who rescued her

    From the very beginning to the marriage, it turned out to be an elaborate scam that the male protagonist had planned for a long time. His ultimate goal was also to obtain the precious gems left by the female protagonist's aunt.

    He found the weakness of the heroine, and did what he liked. He won the favor of the heroine and made the heroine fall in love with him. Slowly, the helpless heroine can only treat him as the closest person. All rely on the male...

  • Samurai Champloo Samurai Champloo

    Roxane 2022-09-11 04:51:22

    Let's go again~

    I haven't had the urge to complain after watching anime for a long time. After watching "Chaos Warriors", those factors in my heart about the throbbing of youth are just about to move again.
      When watching "Hun", following the rhythm of hip-hop, Van Gogh's colorful painting style was controlled by the director's tension and wandered together. The music sets off not only the two people fighting is a beautiful move, not only the plot that makes people unable to restrain laughter, but also...

  • Roxane 2023-09-26 01:16:03

    Yes, ( ̄ ▽  ̄) Frying, frying, swimming, frying, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, frying frying ... it's simply simple and rude ... and reflect the ability of the U.S. military ... , but, completely illogical bombing...

  • Roxane 2023-09-22 14:20:26

    2001 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film

  • Roxane 2023-09-18 14:34:26

    Five episodes in a row look good.

  • Roxane 2023-09-15 04:06:06

    How can the picture quality be so poor, it is simply a woodblock print of activity! The sound is also terrible, like a strange sound when it is only played at 0.1x speed. Is there a better version of this movie?

  • Roxane 2023-09-12 17:24:58

    It sucks. . . But I really like the male protagonist how to break

  • Roxane 2023-08-22 10:44:19

    The film ended in defeat, because such a coup d'état was also the director's suspicion and could not be reached subjectively. In fact, we can draw conclusions from the images of the documentary and the constant flashbacks of the clips, but the significance of the film is not only that. The film hopes to use such cases to let more young people pursue the truth and strengthen their own ideas

  • Roxane 2023-08-16 18:02:25

    The plot is a bit inexplicable, so confusing, I'm sorry for the so-called status of the novel, it feels incomparable with the other two, maybe it was written too early and filmed too late? dislike.

  • Roxane 2023-07-31 14:24:13

    There's not much new in the front, and the ending is good. It turns out Yao Ming is also an alien...

  • Roxane 2023-07-14 17:21:56

    Hurricane Rescue: Rambo's Home

  • Roxane 2023-07-11 12:53:52

    two and a half stars

  • Roxane 2023-07-09 23:06:44

    It's too superficial, and the female criminals can dig a little more carefully, and the mother-daughter emotional foreshadowing is not enough. The ending is so dramatic.

  • Roxane 2023-07-05 13:59:53

    2015.04.22 I watched the black screen for an hour and a half, can you bear it?

  • Roxane 2023-06-30 13:27:24

    I can't watch it anymore. The old woman is too ugly and neurotic. It's better to watch less movies produced by small film companies.

  • Roxane 2023-06-28 16:05:54

    Just follow the show

  • Roxane 2023-06-21 08:03:50

    This film shows you how women and children's human bombs are made~