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  • A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol

    Jasmin 2022-12-27 07:58:52

    [Disney] A Christmas Carol: Do We Need the Christmas Spirit?

    A Christmas Carol is based on Dickens' 1843 novel of the same name. The story presented by the animation is not complicated: the protagonist, Abernazer Scrooge, is a nasty guy who is mean enough to take twopence from the eyes of a dead partner, and has no friends or relatives by his side, just a lot Lots and lots of money. Christmas Eve arrives, and the lonely Scrooge encounters three Christmas ghosts representing the past, present and future. Under the guidance of the ghost,...

  • Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

    Jasmin 2022-12-22 15:20:48

    some thoughts

    Don't Fxxk With Cat

    Netflix’s original documentary tells a group of internet cat lovers who tried to "human flesh" cat abuser Luka Magnotta through frame-by-frame analysis after seeing extremely cruel cat abuse videos. They persisted in tracking this person for two years and finally determined that he is now located in Canada. Montreal, but it was too late. Luka gradually evolved from killing animals to killing humans. He imitated the movie Basic...

  • Chhichhore Chhichhore

    Jasmin 2022-12-17 23:54:53

    Win or lose is unknown, but you have to afford to lose

    A film about "Failure in Education".

    We have always been too concerned about winning or losing, thinking that not winning is losing, so we get anxious, introverted, and depressed. But is not winning a "failure"? The film gives its own thoughts and answers. The story idea is great, the plot is tight, and it's worth watching.

    PS: After watching the movie, I learned that the male lead Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide on June 14 last year. I can’t help but sigh that life is...

  • The Good Fight The Good Fight

    Jasmin 2022-11-09 06:34:03

    The law is their spear and shield, as well as their bottom line

    I, who have never watched The Good Wife, will mistake the Battle of the Bone as the love of a sage every time. I believe it is not only because the names of both are XXのX, but also because these two dramas give me the most. Impressive - strong old woman. I just happened to see a soft article on Weibo, lamenting that women like Xu Qing, who have personality, looks and character, are facing the dilemma of having no drama in China. It’s not that there are no TV dramas in China. God knows how...

  • Uncanny Uncanny

    Jasmin 2022-10-25 02:22:49

    Are you all deceived? There is another possibility.

    Very lazy, too lazy to write a movie review, but seeing that no one has written this understanding, let me briefly add it.

    A lot of people write that Adam injected David with semen, Adam is a real person or something... Barabara a bunch. For this possibility, you can also find a lot of evidence, how to adjust the difficulty of chess, inject semen and so on. All right, but this is just an awareness.

    Second, Adam is indeed a robot, David is indeed a real person, and it is true that...

  • Bugsy Bugsy

    Jasmin 2022-10-24 06:33:26

    Insufficient than above, more than below

    There is no epic bearing of "The Godfather", no sadness of "Once Upon a Time in America", no bloody roughness of "City of God", and no crispness of "Goodfellas" - to put it bluntly, this gangster film is only about Big Brother Bugsy The dark story of how one person made the legend of Las Vegas, as long as you close your eyes after reading it, the aggressive appearance of Brother Bugsy with his claws and his own way will emerge in his mind. Despite the lack of novelty, the hero and heroine's...

  • Silenced Silenced

    Jasmin 2022-10-23 11:34:49

    please don't be silent

    The only condition for evil to prevail is the silence of the good. ━━━ Edmund Burke

    movies always tell us about the case, but the extreme case has a reasonable background in which it happened. I often think that a good movie is just a calm record of narrative facts, it does not generate opinions, it does not shout high, it does not urge you to continue watching through propaganda and skills, it is often just a depth bomb that explodes in your heart and makes you all After...

  • I Can't Think Straight I Can't Think Straight

    Jasmin 2022-10-21 23:33:25

    One heart is hard to change

    This film is very beautiful, the performance is very sincere, the content is delicate, and it is very loved and educational. My lady: She is a woman who only loves women, a lesbian in her bones, currently single, kind and sincere. This is my basic principle of being a human being. It has certain qualities and connotations. Sister Lala, if you are also such a woman at this time, and you are sincere, kind and generous, then please contact me at any time, 15068335920, believe in true love, believe...

  • Antichrist Antichrist

    Jasmin 2022-10-21 21:30:02


    The film, which mixes violence, humanity and erotica, was a huge hit at the Cannes Film Festival. Charlotte Gainsbourg's wonderful performance in it conquered the jury and challenged the limits of her own acting. This bold and topical work has gone through a lot of ups and downs from planning to completion. "Anti-Christian" was originally planned to start filming in 2005, but when executive producer Peter Jensen inadvertently revealed the ending of the film's planning, Lars von Trier was...

  • MI-5 MI-5

    Jasmin 2022-10-16 18:16:51

    pure chat

    I'm a layman. I only knew there was a BBC version of "24" like Spooks when I saw Rupert Penry-Jones, a blond woman with a bare butt in Virutal Sexuality. God is pitiful to see that I am a little bitchy, I don’t want to buy a DVD, and the download is not smooth, so I have to look for videos all over the world, but it turns out that English subtitles are rare, I can only listen to the British accent...NND

    Spooks (MI5) The biggest advantage is probably the casting. There are a lot of...

  • The Undoing The Undoing

    Jasmin 2022-10-14 16:47:13

    Love is not a passion to conquer people, nor is it an influence to "touch" others

    "Doing nothing" is over.

    We stayed nervous for six weeks, guessing who was the murderer for six weeks.

    Almost all the audience watching the barrage are detectives. The heroine's father, girlfriend, son, and victim's husband are all suspected, but few people think that husband Jonathan is the murderer.

    No wonder after the finale, some netizens commented that the barrage is almost a large-scale...

  • Euphoria Euphoria

    Jasmin 2022-10-13 01:47:12

    Some thoughts on LEXI

    I hope that in the second season of "Excited", we must take more shots of our lexi's story (´-ω-`) When I watched the episode of cassie for the second time, I paid more attention to my lexi. Cassie's father nurtured her dream of becoming an ice skater when she was a child, so maybe Lexi also had or always had an extraordinary dream? Facing an irresponsible father with a history of drug addiction, a eccentric and alcoholic mother who loves her daughters, Cassie grew up to be...

  • Salyut-7 Salyut-7

    Jasmin 2022-10-07 01:57:49

    "Space Rescue": Tribute to Heroes!

    Heroes have the ambition of Lingyun, the momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers, the amount of Kyushu in the stomach, and the mind of covering the four seas!

    This is a Russian film based on a true historical story. The film has a good reputation, but there have been many space exploration films in recent years. This low-cost film is indeed not very...

  • The Oxford Murders The Oxford Murders

    Jasmin 2022-10-05 12:58:07

    The hand that turns the clouds over the rain

    About "Oxford Mystery" (also translated: Deep Mystery) The Oxford Murders (Oxford Crimes) 2008 The

    story background is set in 1993, but in Oxford, a place with hundreds of years of academic and historical precipitation, the influence of the age seems to be Not obvious. But in this era, it is obvious that the genetic identification technology is not mature, and the public places are not as good as the current video surveillance. So at this time, it is still necessary to rely on pure...

  • Marrowbone Marrowbone

    Jasmin 2022-10-03 20:52:22

    Some inexplicable sadness

    For a while, I like domestic horror movies, because there are many slots, and the ending of the characters is simple and rude. It is either a happy life or a stubborn death, which makes people forget it. "Secrets of Ma Rou’s Home" is difficult to give people this kind of "pleasure." As far as the film itself is concerned, there are also problems with the first half of the rhythm and the broken storyline. I even think that the film’s lack of understanding of the feelings of Jack and Ellie has...

  • Jasmin 2023-09-17 14:52:49

    One of Hitchcock's most unique films. 1. Andrew is a variation of Mrs. Danvers for [Butterfly Dream], and the homosexual tendencies are about to come out. 2. The femme fatale seduces gay men, and finally breaks with the male savior, and is also punished by the ultimate endorsement of the male power image [Charles Laughton], a cruel but decisive female portrayal. 3. The multinational casts are outstanding, and Parker struggles to perform against the impure gentleman. 4. Louis Jordan's long and captivating appearance.

  • Jasmin 2023-09-17 00:28:11

    Thanks to the TLF subtitle group MaPoubelle for the subtitles!

  • Jasmin 2023-09-16 08:48:30

    I still love Snow White from Grimm's Fairy Tales

  • Jasmin 2023-09-14 13:55:18

    The story is beautiful and a little false, but who can say that he has never had a fantasy about such beauty. Thank the world and fairy tales, enough to soothe pain and sorrow.

  • Jasmin 2023-09-07 11:31:05

    Blue marbles, broken earth. Translated into blue marbles feel more appropriate. The Jewish nation thus became the most united nation on earth. Be wary of nationalism at all times.

  • Jasmin 2023-09-04 03:48:54

    Only after you have been in love can you know the weight; only after you have been drunk can you know how strong the wine is.

  • Jasmin 2023-08-26 11:27:45

    Bacall feels that the whole film is soy sauce, Edward Robinson plays well, Bogart swallows water

  • Jasmin 2023-07-29 09:12:13

    I just love Jennifer! ! !

  • Jasmin 2023-07-20 16:26:00

    The first Rossellini. Screenplay by Fellini. Reducing the political symbolism theme of "Communists are not afraid of fascism and stubbornly resists" is delicate and multi-level, which really refreshed my understanding. Does the evil of war deny the power of religion? Has an enemy stronger than fascism turned against the nobility of his blood and the meaning of war? The war has questioned politics, religion, and people. The group of children at the end is regarded as propensity. PS: The Mandarin dubbed version is too scum!

  • Jasmin 2023-07-17 10:41:32

    [If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you read it in the order of the beginning→the final! 】Two stars for body + two stars for emotions. The plot has been streamlined, and the paragraph that Kaoru's fake death Kenshin is sluggish is deleted (so Kaoru is even more dispensable). It can be said that the supporting characters seem to make up the numbers in terms of the plot and the drama. Only Kenshin and Yukidai are okay. But Jianxin's behavior in the first half is also quite fascinating, even like a facial paralysis (beauty is still beautiful). The rhythm of the whole film is very loose, and the cut is sloppy. Every time I was about to ignite, I would intervene in a slow motion, especially in the end vs. Xuedaiyuan hit the climax and suddenly inserted a piece of Kaoru's beauty in slow motion (not beautiful), which directly stunned me. The quality of the play is still online, so cool. In addition, the flashback has spoiled the most important scenes of the remembrance chapter... I don't know what the film crew thinks. Saito's big trick is finally used to beat people. Cangzi is a joke. Add drama to Soujirou inexplicably. Zuo Zhisuke was wasteful and noisy. Kaoru is no different if there is a pure vase with her. Xiaocao is so handsome! ! The "さよなら" in front of the tomb expressed my discomfort.

  • Jasmin 2023-07-15 17:12:34

    Very beautiful, the plot lines are deep enough, and the performance is more stable than the first season. Although the fat hairline recedes and the circle-legged lover is scumbag, Qiu Hua's appearance and acting skills are still outstanding

  • Jasmin 2023-07-13 08:57:36

    Lara is so gentle and beautiful

  • Jasmin 2023-07-13 04:05:39

    By the way, it showed off the welfare system of Lower Northern Europe, the gospel of autistic patients

  • Jasmin 2023-07-09 17:29:40

    It's getting more and more boring.

  • Jasmin 2023-07-06 23:29:13

    Who cut it for nothing? The actor's good acting skills, Cecilia's shocking and decent plot are just flawed in the plot, and the main reason why a idiot like me with tears in the dust didn't cry is that the editing is really good. the bad music