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  • Modern Love Modern Love

    Winfield 2022-12-29 18:21:55

    Elite stories are still about love

    The first four episodes were watched last year with the ex. He lacked interest and reluctantly watched a few episodes with me. At the end of the first episode, the concierge said to the heroine "I was never looking at the man. I was looking at your eyes." I couldn't help crying immediately. He was taken aback by the side and couldn't understand why I was so excited.

    I didn't explain it to him, I just got emotional. I understand the incompatibility between us and his reluctance. I know...

  • Warcraft Warcraft

    Winfield 2022-12-24 13:49:14

    Feelings are a glass of wine that drinks less and less (not Warcraft's "Warcraft")

    World of Warcraft, the feelings of going away

    entered the world of Azeroth for the first time. Standing in front of the Northshire Abbey, a canned silver guard greeted all the players who came and went: Hello, our warriors...

    Learn primary Riding, owning a pony, galloping in the Elwynn Forest, causing a large group of murlocs to chase after him, and the guards of Stormwind patrolling the avenues walked with a click, holding high the dazzling...

  • The Beauty Inside The Beauty Inside

    Winfield 2022-12-18 19:07:52

    Facing the soul and the skin, which is your inner choice?

    The theme of the film is very innovative. The rare Korean film is not a love movie about a car accident, but the content does not have too many ups and downs. Compared with this bold theme script, it is very common.

    After reading it, it caused a thought: if the same thing happens to the partner you are about to meet, do you hope that he has a unique charm, you have a very suitable soul, but you put on a different face every day, or hope that he has one that you like very much The face...

  • 102 Not Out 102 Not Out

    Winfield 2022-12-18 14:02:59

    The best interpretation of parent-child love!

    Even if there is a great god like Ami Khan, Indian films will still be underestimated, let's just understand it as a cultural difference!

    Needless to say, this is a great little story, three actors in one play, the same parent-child love, one kidnapped, one gang liberated, stand out.

    I believe that my son will eventually be educated by his grandson.

    In fact, age doesn't matter, what matters is: to live for yourself and everything worthy of your love. In our real...

  • My Brilliant Friend My Brilliant Friend

    Winfield 2022-12-18 01:19:39

    "My Genius Girlfriend" Season 1 After Viewing

    One of them is a terrifying genius (Lila) and the other is a 'nice' and hardworking mortal (Lenu). They are actually each other's genius girlfriends. When Lila failed to keep going to school, I naively thought she could create miracles through self-study. After all, she worked so hard, borrowed and read so many books in the library, and she not only could read, she also Design shoes and even want to start a business with my brother, but the reality is always disappointing. Inevitably, her...

  • Batman: Hush Batman: Hush

    Winfield 2022-12-07 23:13:30

    DC has also fallen and started shooting garbage

    Unexpectedly, Warner made junk movies, fans and DC animation boutiques can comfort the injured heart, who knew that DC had also started playing junk movies. In this film, anyone who can touch Batman in the DC world will show their faces, and it's more like Batman League. Even more funny, in the limited space, there is a nonsense between Batman and Superman. As for the clown, the clown girl is even more sad, with no personality at all. The most talked about in the whole article is that...

  • Sidewalls Sidewalls

    Winfield 2022-12-07 12:18:57

    How many people are so equally lonely?

    I feel the movie is a bit boring, and I don't really understand it.
    When I saw other people's comments mentioning "Go Left, Go Right", I realized that the two films are somewhat similar. It's just that when I watched "Go Left, Go Right", what I was watching was a love affair, and when I watched "Meet You in a Sea of ​​People", what I saw was the loneliness that I felt.
    In a city, there are many high-rise buildings, and the male and female protagonists each live in a small space, and...

  • The Brass Teapot The Brass Teapot

    Winfield 2022-11-20 19:17:00

    From the Holy Grail to the Holy Jug

    At the beginning of the film, many famous paintings are turned page by page, from medieval religious paintings to Renaissance religious paintings and knight-themed works. Each painting adds an eye-catching gleaming appliance, which is the protagonist of the play-the holy pot.

    Why is there a holy pot? It may also be a funny fabrication: Didn’t Christ use a wine glass at the Passover dinner? Isn't this wine glass the holy grail in the treasure hunt legend? If there is a cup, there...

  • Stargate SG-1 Stargate SG-1

    Winfield 2022-11-17 04:55:37

    Look carefully, you will find more

    TV dramas that go beyond science fiction and endowed with profound connotations bring us the impact of values. It is derived from life but is higher than life, which fully embodies the imagination and wisdom of human beings. Undoubtedly, another layer of mystery has been put on those ancient history, and unknown secrets are hidden. It broadens our horizons, and every exploration challenges our ethics and morals. It is definitely no less than a classic science fiction movie. This will be an...

  • The Girlfriend Experience The Girlfriend Experience

    Winfield 2022-11-15 10:06:44

    pink black story

    (Text/Yang Shiyang)
        "Scale" is actually divided into physical scale and psychological scale. The former is related to the parts that directly cause physiological reactions, such as physical nudity, violence, and profanity, while the latter is more related to the subversion of the three views. For fans who are accustomed to large-scale American dramas, this special theme of "Calling a Girlfriend" has a glamorous part, but it is not too much. More importantly, it presents a deep...

  • Judy Judy

    Winfield 2022-10-04 21:08:24

    The Fall of an Era's Superstar

    When we envy the profession of actors who have high salaries, infinite glory and are loved by everyone, we can't imagine how sad the fall of the superstars of an era who paid behind them. Judy, who was born as a child star and sang on stage at the age of 2, was a teenager Signed by a studio and going through a series of horrible brainwashing workouts on the one hand telling her you're just because your voice is good and you're average looking and there are a lot of people better than...

  • Bleeding Steel Bleeding Steel

    Winfield 2022-10-01 13:11:07

    We are going to start the family class, so I can only feel sorry for you, uncle

    We just bid farewell to "British Showdown" and marveled that this is Jackie Chan's best action movie in five years. As a result, "Blood of the Machine" brings us back to reality, so don't expect too much from Jackie Chan movies. The Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award is more of a tribute to his hard work than of his acting.

    During the filming of the film, he took the time to go to Hollywood to win this award that meant a lot to him. He looked smug, and underneath sat the...

  • Better Things Better Things

    Winfield 2022-09-26 10:45:03

    It's always a woman who bleeds

    It's about the aunt and the broken hearts of women.

    The English golden song Only women bleed sings a sadomasochistic story: "She always cries alone at night / He smokes and drinks and never comes home". The title of the song has been translated into "Wounded Always Women". When the main melody sounded at the end of the American drama "Better things", it changed from a sadomasochism to a heartwarming story of women falling in love and killing each other.

    The comedy "Better...

  • The Punisher The Punisher

    Winfield 2022-09-24 15:49:57

    It's cool to see

    Especially to punish those who are unfair, not to mention punishing crimes, it is not possible to determine who is good or bad if they commit crimes, and Frank killed them one by one, which made me want to learn Frank. When it comes to the professional part, the plot creates a realistic version of the superhero, and the director will of course let Frank have failed parts and beaten parts, one after another. What makes people particularly cool is that if you dare to provoke me, I will kill...

  • Mojin: The Lost Legend Mojin: The Lost Legend

    Winfield 2022-09-12 16:11:36

    Flaws do not hide beauty

    The most successful thing about this movie is that those who haven't read the original book will not have any obstacles to watch it. The story is clearly explained. Although the stalks before and after and the foreshadowing of the plot can be guessed, you can guess this direction, but The special effects are dazzling, but also a little mysterious. Personally, I doubt the rationality of the underwater coffin, but I like the design of this section the most because of its beauty. In short, this...

  • Winfield 2023-05-12 01:07:55

    Just out of love for basketball and seeing O'Neal Pence in basketball

  • Winfield 2023-05-11 16:07:37

    Pass the time to find out that the heroine looks pretty

  • Winfield 2023-05-09 18:47:46

    Deep.Red.1975.DC.BD.MiniSD-TLF/ The B!e!s!t! Horror OST Ever Made!

  • Winfield 2023-05-03 06:36:56

    I like the beginning of the film the most, the quiet shelter, in which the yellow vacuum cleaner roars. After a while, james showed up. Maybe the demands on him are too high, so there is no way to comment rationally. Moreover, there are no subtitles, the English has not reached that level, and I only understand half of it. So, a little disappointed. Better still not comment, I have a super power to kill the beloved.

  • Winfield 2023-04-27 22:48:26

    Tucao animation. If it's really what the intro says, this short film is fantastic.

  • Winfield 2023-04-10 20:17:20

    I only like the part about raising birds and the rest don't like the whole movie. It's too bloated and doesn't fit the viewing habits of modern people.

  • Winfield 2023-04-08 14:20:11

    The combination of plain documentary background music highlights the theme.

  • Winfield 2023-03-29 00:29:30

    It is still more suitable for a TV series with one episode and one short story. If it is too long, it will be procrastinated, diluting the taste of short and powerful.

  • Winfield 2023-02-26 02:49:52

    Flesh Terminator! As a film that dared to shoot robots in that era, there are not many movies. This film is well-made, the combination of humans and robots is very cool, and there are some bloody scenes. It is the best choice for disaster horror fans!

  • Winfield 2023-02-24 05:58:11

    The racing scene was good, but the book was too sloppy, and in the end, it was as if the filming was not finished. There were too many things to take for granted without explaining it. Maybe I felt that there were scenes that did not need these.

  • Winfield 2023-02-18 05:09:20

    Watch bad movies with Kieran.

  • Winfield 2023-02-02 01:13:50

    The shooting of this series is also great. Compared with the BBC's Earth series, the commentary is monotonous, and the framing, composition and story sense are weaker. . .

  • Winfield 2023-01-23 07:39:26

    I have seen some, but not all of them. Very good, the heroine looks very SEXY. I hope I can still buy this disc.

  • Winfield 2023-01-21 06:13:47

    1. The pride of the British auto industry made this film. 2. Everyone who drives a mini cooper has a dream of a snitch in their hearts. 3. Fiat is so good-natured that it is willing to let a bunch of British cars mess around in its parking lot. 4. I want to drive the Alps in my lifetime. 5. The mini was made in Austin, not a BMW.

  • Winfield 2023-01-19 15:34:03

    I didn't expect it to be a road movie