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  • Ode to My Father Ode to My Father

    Teagan 2022-12-31 13:17:59

    Peace is not easy to do and cherish

    When the male protagonist parted with his father, who was forced to stay in North Korea, his father told him: "From now on, you are the parent, and you have to take care of your family." Yin Dexiu has been taking on the responsibility of a big parent all his life. He went to West Germany to dig coal, and went to Vietnam to fight wars to save every penny for his mother, brother and sister. He supported the family. At the same time, he guarded a small shop called the House of Pollen, because...

  • Ocean Waves Ocean Waves

    Teagan 2022-12-28 00:50:00

    After reading and hearing the sound of the waves for many years, I look back on it.

    I watched this movie when I was in high school, its plot is relatively bland, but it is very close to us in life. It is this kind of bland story that actually looks like our actual youth. How many people's youth have romantic love, and how many people's youth are in harmony with their favorite, forever. How many people's youth can have various unforgettable love stories with multiple opposite sexes. Presumably most people are just ordinary, wandering in the boring study. When you meet...

  • Blind Detective Blind Detective

    Teagan 2022-12-25 22:04:52

    see also Hong Kong films

    In my impression, "Little Times" was still at the top of the screening list when "Blind Detective" was released. At that time, I had already watched "Little Times" and "Fujian Detective" one after another. Specifically, I have been tortured to the movies. Lost my confidence - the latter two films, the former is empty and has no plot, the latter is simply the logic of a mental hospital, the plot is so weird!
    I entered the theater with no expectations. Driven by this low expectation, the...

  • Silenced Silenced

    Teagan 2022-12-17 17:52:43

    What are the highlights of "The Furnace"?

    Some of the most interesting shots in "The Furnace"

    Did we have this experience when we were kids:

    "You see that kid is dirty, don't play with him, it will teach you bad."

    "People with physical disabilities are also somewhat mentally...

  • Madame Bovary Madame Bovary

    Teagan 2022-12-13 14:17:09

    Madame Bovary

    After a romantic woman who is full of romantic fantasies marries a pragmatic and incomprehensible doctor, and lives a boring life with a dick and duck, she must be derailed.

    In fact, the most important thing is that Emma doesn't have to worry about making a living. She is too busy every day, so she has to cheat + crazy shopping for excitement. It was Tess, who was busy begging for a living all day long. She couldn't finish milking, digging potatoes,...

  • Samsara Samsara

    Teagan 2022-12-13 07:18:36

    what is meditation

    I would consider some act of restraint as part of the practice. However, the lines in the film say that I have never owned it, and how to know how to give up is also reasonable, and it is often mentioned by us. I think that although the practice of becoming a Buddha has been preceded by wise men, the pursuit of desires in the human heart will not stop just because of a few words of advice from the wise men. But if you always have to experience it yourself before you can understand life, then...

  • Dekalog Dekalog

    Teagan 2022-11-23 15:01:38

    The Man in White: The Existence of "Superfluous" (E06)

    This may be a simple story, which can be summed up in one sentence: At first, the male protagonist had a crush on the female protagonist; later, the male protagonist no longer had a crush on the female protagonist, but the female protagonist began to have a crush on the male protagonist. However, this is by no means a straightforward story: some seemingly due segments are deliberately omitted, requiring the audience to complete it themselves; while seemingly irrelevant information is...

  • In This Corner of the World In This Corner of the World

    Teagan 2022-11-20 00:48:39

    The line between extremes

    (I can't write a short review..)

    This is probably the best "war movie" I've ever seen. Use one extreme to express the other naturally, the mildest = the cruelest.

    The perspective and character design are too smart. The mediocre life, resignation and rejoicing in suffering, the wartime atmosphere that should have been tense has become a distant painting painted by oil brushes, and the space for reverie and contrast has become infinite. And once you accept this setting, and then...

  • Ice Ice

    Teagan 2022-11-19 03:54:49

    Off-screen gossip

    When I was following the male protagonist on ins, I found out that the movie started around March 2016, and there is another gossip, that is, the male protagonist and the female protagonist participated in the male second partner selection. I noticed that the pictures of the two are basically after the play, there are photos of the two of them together or photos of each other alone, it feels like the development of this play! ! ! ?

    Of course, I also pay attention to the second male! ?...

  • Money Heist Money Heist

    Teagan 2022-10-28 23:15:28

    Is this a crime drama? No! This is a bloody drama!

    Why is this drama so high? Why can't I watch a few episodes? Is this a robbery? Why are there so many virgins and deaths? Tokyo rushed out early and Xiao Xianrou fell and shot the police. When the hostages took the mobile phone to record the video, Xiao Xianrou and Tokyo quarreled completely exposed the two people, then Xiao Xianrou was taught a lesson, Tokyo shot the camera again, what is this? God operation? After that, whoever listened hard to him, no matter what his plan, took the gun to...

  • A Man Called Ove A Man Called Ove

    Teagan 2022-10-18 17:54:18

    What is true happiness

    "A Man named Ovi decides to die" is a comedy directed by Hannes Helm, featuring Rove Lasgard, Baha Pass, Philip Berg, Edda Inge Wei et al. starring. The film was released in Sweden on December 25, 2015. The film tells the story of a man named Ovi who decided to commit suicide after the death of his wife Sonya, but did not succeed.
    Ovie is an old man with a weird temper. Every morning, he will regularly patrol the community. As long as someone breaks the rules, he will curse...

  • It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

    Teagan 2022-10-02 17:45:23

    The third part of the white subtitle group~~~~~~ Miscarriage! ! - -B

    I saw this film on the vc movie homepage a few days ago, comedy, 7.5 points! ! I won it immediately without saying a word. Search for only English subtitles. There seemed to be a voice in the midst of the darkness, and the dazzling searchlight instantly pointed the way out of the darkness of his fingers. The all-anticipated new work (the actual number may differ by plus or minus 99.99%) is about to be born?
    Let’s take a look at the film length and subtitles. It takes more than 160 minutes...

  • The Attorney The Attorney

    Teagan 2022-10-01 15:37:49

    Personal sacrifice is not in vain

    First of all, I felt that the plot was a little slow. At first, I felt that there were a lot of irrelevant scenes, but I responded to them one by one later, and the foreshadowing was well done. Let’s talk about the hotel’s escaping bills first, and he was trembling when escaping, and the money left over from the escape actually went to redeem the book, which was quite a bit like Kong Yiji (?), but Song was more lucky than Kong. Once I read the Seven Years Overlord Meal, my career will be...

  • The East The East

    Teagan 2022-09-26 23:55:00

    Discuss the meaning of the end

    Direct spoiler to the end, be careful.

    My understanding is that the heroine was employed by the private security company Bruder after the FBI resigned, and then was sent to the East by the security company to work as an undercover agent, but at the end it seemed that she was actually the FBI. After she got the list of Bruder’s undercover agents, she directly contacted those undercover agents to obtain information, and then directly solved those environmental pollution problems through...

  • The Morning Show The Morning Show

    Teagan 2022-09-23 20:35:38

    The essence of causing harm to women is that the male in power arbitrarily stretches out the tentacles of power, and arbitrarily plunders the basis for the existence of disadvantaged women. You still defend him.

    The cruel thing about this kind of thing is that the behavior of those in power looting the survival basis of disadvantaged women is so casual, but they want to stretch out their desire for power. In the face of the quickness of the strong, the life and death of the weak are worthless. They don't care. They also said, "Look, you got the benefits, I'll give it to you." Liu Qiangdong said to Jingyao, you can become Wendi Deng.

    After episode 8 fully showed...

  • Teagan 2023-05-11 18:46:43

    Elegance and wit infiltrated into the marrow

  • Teagan 2023-04-21 03:25:29

    The entertainment is qualified, the plot is old-fashioned, the structure is outdated, and you basically know what will happen next.

  • Teagan 2023-04-09 20:34:11

    Much better than expected

  • Teagan 2023-04-08 12:54:25

    I smiled when I saw her cosplay "Skin-cut Love".

  • Teagan 2023-04-05 12:40:02

    In short, this is a movie with Lu Dabo as its selling point. Those who want to watch sci-fi movies can detour. Shooting alien species with the hot spot of aliens is as shameful as filming Westward Journey 3 with the hot spots of Dahua Westward Journey!

  • Teagan 2023-04-02 12:39:26

    How can it be so beautiful! The young and the young are only 13 years old and have a bloody face!

  • Teagan 2023-03-18 15:17:16

    Only by taking up arms can justice be served!

  • Teagan 2023-03-18 05:36:27

    From a magic drama to a normal good-looking drama. My favorite is the first episode. Although this programmer is very annoying, but many of us have his shadow - longing for respect, longing for love, but choosing to use power to get it, because only in this way will we not bear the risk of being rejected and frustrated. The desire for unlimited power is followed by fear.

  • Teagan 2023-03-09 02:15:49

    The last sign language sex is too warm

  • Teagan 2023-01-26 15:10:40

    After finishing the first season of Babylon Berlin, I feel that the eradication of pornography in Berlin in Weimar era is comparable to a joke, the end of the world is brilliant, and the last carnival.

  • Teagan 2023-01-21 01:31:21

    This is a film adaptation of a true story, not a missionary film, and I believe that those who want to make this film must very much hope that we can also have the same great faith in God as the protagonist of the film, Ang Gus. Sometimes our confidence becomes very small because of the environment and people, but Angus said that God is in charge of everything. Since God wants him to grow potatoes, what if he can't see the seedlings grow, he firmly believes in God. will give him.

  • Teagan 2023-01-05 05:16:44

    A friend recommended that this film is very romantic. After watching it, it can only be regarded as an action movie + love component. What I cannot understand is when the male protagonist fell in love with the female protagonist because of the book? Secondly, although the special effects before and now are a bit different after all, but that year was great. . The lines in the play are still memorable

  • Teagan 2022-12-29 16:53:40

    Pervert is a bit old

  • Teagan 2022-10-22 00:30:42

    Four and a half stars. The most daring film about the situation on the peninsula I have seen so far. The high-level coup in North Korea, the secret agents covering the three fat men to escape the North, the political forces wrestling between North Korea, South Korea, China, the United States and Japan, the interception of nuclear explosions in the East China Sea, and the brotherhood between North Korea and South Korea that has been unfathomable for many years since JSA. The dual perspectives, Guo Daoyuan's multi-party political wrestling part, and the emotional drama of the two protagonists have something to do with it, but from the foreshadowing to the end of the two rival dramas are far less profound than the common warning area.

  • Teagan 2022-10-15 18:11:41

    Just to see the male protagonist showing meat Yummy