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Modesto Kunde



  • After the Storm After the Storm

    Modesto 2022-12-28 03:16:38

    The view is deeper than the sea

    "Since she's divorced, she has the right to date anyone. Why should she be jealous in the future? You have to ask what the person sitting here said. I'm not jealous, right? That should be a sense of responsibility. It's not just a simple nostalgia. You know "nostalgia" What do you mean... A man only knows how to love when he has to lose it. I guess he is still crying and sleeping with the photo of his ex-wife." "Dad, what does he want, what do you mean, what does he want?" I...

  • Death in Venice Death in Venice

    Modesto 2022-11-30 18:22:50

    A metaphorisation of male homosexuality

    This film is not a metaphor for but a metaphorisation of male homosexuality. Use an inverted male gaze to represent the decline of Western civilization.

    To be precise, it should be the interpretation of Western civilization based on rationality, form, and principles since the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment. The male protagonist is an embodiment of this spirit. He is a learned professor and artist, and we know from his recollections that he...

  • Earthlings Earthlings

    Modesto 2022-11-17 08:56:02

    Why do we kill a life to satisfy our greed...

    Suddenly one day
            I don't want to eat meat, until now,
            in the future, and forever

            I have gradually become a staunch vegetarian
            I will never put animal corpses in my mouth again
            Can we deny that it is a corpse? ?
                  Every piece of meat is a wound .
            Every wound is a wound that humans have done to animals.

            I deeply regret the creatures I have hurt.
            I finally...

  • The Banker The Banker

    Modesto 2022-11-03 05:32:14

    The background of the times not shown in the movie, and the real experience of the "invisible rich"

    The film "The Banker" is adapted from real events. It tells the story of how Bernard Garrett and the rich second-generation Joe Morris, the black bottom black, and the rich second-generation Joe Morris, faced the background of serious racial discrimination in the United States. In order to fight discrimination, the story of nearly losing ten thousand family wealth.

    Yes, this is not a cool film that tells the end of good...

  • Heartstone Heartstone

    Modesto 2022-09-03 21:10:37

    Baby I haven't seen it

    Sol's last kiss, the moist corners of Christian's eyes, was it bright or dim? Should we continue thinking or just stop there?

    Reminds me of a lot of other things

    Why is there so much resistance for LGBT people to want to be together? Even though the law recognizes that the cultural atmosphere in the society is still unfriendly, the current objective way of life is not suitable for the life of LGBT people, so this state will continue for a long time before the way of life is...

  • Wakefield Wakefield

    Modesto 2022-08-17 19:07:33

    The film is adapted from Hawthorne's "Wakefield"

    I remember which old magazine or newspaper published a story, which is said to be a real story. It was said that there was a man—let's call him Wakefield—and ran away from home for many years. It's not uncommon to talk about this kind of thing in such an abstract manner, and without considering its special circumstances, it cannot be accused or denounced as nonsense or absurd. Having said that, even if this incident is not the worst, it is also the most bizarre case of husband...

  • Chasing the Dragon Chasing the Dragon

    Modesto 2022-07-26 17:41:47

    Chasing the Dragon--The Hero Who Walks the Rivers and Lakes

    When I watched it in the theater, I immediately had an idea that I was going to replay it for a second time, but I didn't say anything after I stopped the excitement, but it didn't mean I didn't want to watch it. First of all, this is a very manly movie. The movie tells how a child wants to get ahead, and then step by step through the rivers and lakes, and finally becomes the boss and becomes Lianbo Bogo, and then Andy...

  • Salyut-7 Salyut-7

    Modesto 2022-04-24 07:01:27

    real survival

    It was really shocking to watch the movie by myself, probably because it was adapted from a true story. I felt that a person would need to sacrifice a lot of time with his family for a career he loved, and even let our family I'm worried, but I love you and support you in doing what you love. Always waiting for your return.

    The endless loneliness is all around you, but the firm belief in living makes people break through layers of barriers and rush out of layers of difficulties. Humans...

  • Amor Vincit Omnia Amor Vincit Omnia

    Modesto 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    On the Erection of the Tower of Babel

    Recently, there is a big happy event for fans of "Sense 8" (Sense 8), which is finally ushering in the finale of their lifetime - the end of the special chapter.

    (Actors from all over the world, C position is South Korea's Bae Doona. The characters in the play from left to right are a policeman in the United States, a DJ in Iceland, a driver in Kenya, an actor in Mexico, a...

  • The Normal Heart The Normal Heart

    Modesto 2022-04-24 07:01:17

    very good film

    "The Normal Heart" has a comprehensive score of 85 points (out of 100) on the authoritative scoring website metacritic, "New York Magazine", "St. Louis Post-Post", "Los Angeles Times", "TV Guide", "People's Weekly", "San Jose Courier" Daily News, Contra Costa Times, Los Angeles Chronicle, Chicago Sun, and many other media gave full marks, and at the end of the year, the emperor seeds of major awards were released! Almost every comment is full of praise: "It has both the charm of poetry and the...

  • Cyborg She Cyborg She

    Modesto 2022-04-23 07:04:51

    The film's imagination of the future and the love in it

    One: The future and the people in it:
        The movie imagines the future and the love in it.
        In the future that can travel in time, the future and history are no longer bounded and influenced by each other; the love between robots and humans, and the love between future humans and historical humans, is beautiful.

        The future Jiro builds a robot, time travels to the past to protect Jiro from disaster, and love develops between Jiro and the robot. A girl from the future...

  • My Best Friend's Wedding My Best Friend's Wedding

    Modesto 2022-04-23 07:01:44

    Deep introduction to missing

    At the beginning of the story, I was worried for the screenwriter how this would end. I hope it won't be a sad ending. With the swing of the plot, even if the two of them are alone under the bridge at the end, even if the bridge slowly swings past the end. The shadow of the heroine, the eyes and mouth of the heroine have missed the opportunity of the moment, stubborn I still do not think this will herald the final outcome. In the end is my imagination too good or just my...

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

    Modesto 2022-04-23 07:01:08

    Innocence is an eternal theme. And children, aliens and monsters are the most pure symbols

    1. The little boy found an alien in the woods and ran home to tell his mother, but no one believed him. Aliens found him at night, gave him some Skittles, and he took the aliens home and became friends. And introduced this friend to his brother and sister. They all liked him. 2. The alien and the little boy achieved synaesthesia. When the little boy went to school, the aliens were rummaging through the refrigerator at home to find something to eat, watching TV and reading newspapers, and...

  • Arthdal Chronicles Arthdal Chronicles

    Modesto 2022-04-22 07:01:54

    The rating shouldn't be this low

    Episode 1.18 is over, the biggest feeling is that the rating should be at least 8 points or more. The acting skills of all the actors are online, the plot is not watered at all, and the logic is completely self-consistent.

    2. I haven't watched Descendants of the Sun, and I haven't been able to get Song Zhongji's appearance. The appearance of the elder brother Saya in this drama is actually obtained. In addition, Jang Dong Gun is worthy of being the male god of our era, and his acting...

  • Phobia Phobia

    Modesto 2022-04-22 07:01:54

    The second story is scary

    As the title says, the first story is spread by the atmosphere, and there are not many really scary scenes. The second story lacks novelty, but is the bloodiest and psychologically shadowed. The third one gets full marks. The plot twist is very sudden and humorous. The fourth story is scary, I seem to see the shadow of "The Shining"... Overall not bad, the first Thai horror movie I've watched. (Spoiler) I always feel that the ghost in the third story is lying to them. In fact, he confuses...

  • Modesto 2023-05-28 09:04:17

    Sister Si likes to write about this kind of cross-group harmony, like Twilight and the host. .

  • Modesto 2023-05-26 19:52:08

    The three-line narrative didn't impress me, but the tenacious heroine impressed me. Four stars for the heroine who has persistence, love and courage~ (must watch before camping +1)

  • Modesto 2023-05-23 23:51:55

    Whether you were born with a big, hard dick to fill your pussy or you were born with a small pussy to put your dick in, you are always alone. Yes, I'm a dick, a sad dick, and I have to be tough all the time in order to earn respect.

  • Modesto 2023-05-11 12:49:07

    Well, all three are so cute, I really want to take them home, what kind of boyfriend do you need if you have an ice bear?

  • Modesto 2023-05-09 17:15:34

    The base is thick enough to fry the classic cold rice casually. Suddenly a little sympathy for the dog catcher.

  • Modesto 2023-05-02 16:14:34

    Sorry, I'm a policeman. Tim Ross is such a weirdo. . Those who are eager for the gun battle scene can basically pass this film. . It's basically just a chatter about showing off personal fun. .

  • Modesto 2023-04-25 18:11:38

    All crazy, all over the top. But this is a Hong Kong movie, a Johnnie To movie.

  • Modesto 2023-03-25 07:10:46

    The best animated series ever!

  • Modesto 2023-03-23 20:56:46

    7.0 The comic-like character creation and plot design full of absurdity and dark humor neutralize the grim tone of the European thriller film based on footage and editing. In short, it has the ambition to break through the genre, but fails to do it well.

  • Modesto 2023-03-21 00:30:56

    boring. A bland, crappy movie without a single climax.

  • Modesto 2023-03-07 12:41:57

    In the first half, Mrs was at a loss for his new love, living in the shadow of his ex, unable to breathe, and in the second half, Mrs retraced the case and solved the knot, the script is very full and complete. The image of the "non-existent Rebecca" that was drawn through the mouths of others came into view, and Laurence Olivier was handsome.

  • Modesto 2023-03-01 16:55:02 Anne Hathaway in her youth. The girl is under the spell, she must obey what she does, but some orders make her feel ashamed are born cursed and cannot refuse "any request" from others, they can only obey obediently

  • Modesto 2023-02-19 04:01:07

    Very light film, not strong dramatic conflict, the remake is nothing more than a few Miao gangsters, the story of an old man and a little boy, a classic car, a tool, a picnic, a badge, a dog, and the storytelling is connected. . Vietnam war veteran, killed countless people, and finally completed his redemption by being shot

  • Modesto 2023-02-16 22:50:07

    I don't understand that Dolly is paving the way for herself to marry a rich man from beginning to end, others are just passing by = = I have to say that it is unfair to watch this movie with my current eyes, but I can't help but feel this movie too dated

  • Modesto 2023-02-14 09:56:32

    The two male lead roles are good, but the plot is not good.