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  • Five Times Two Five Times Two

    Amber 2022-12-24 12:46:02

    5*2, C'est la vie

    When Ou Rong doesn't play high IQ with you, you will feel a little uneasy, just like when a test paper suddenly loses the perverted questions in the small notes in the corners, you will wonder why you suddenly become so kind? However, if you expect a person with a high IQ to show you a happy moon and a quiet time, it is almost impossible. "Cinq fois deux" is atypical Ou Rong, and even a little luxury version of Rohmer, a little cunning , a little condescending, light...

  • Taken 2 Taken 2

    Amber 2022-12-24 08:15:29

    There are uncles, bad people, and beautiful women, that's enough.

    This uncle is now like the black god Freeman, the gay uncle Ian and the bald uncle Stewart. He has become a god-like figure in the hearts of movie fans. I remember seeing a post on 9gag, saying that he had fought against the Nazis (Xin Dele's List), Obi-Wan's teacher (Star Wars Episode 1), Batman's master (Batman Episode 1), how dare those bad guys kidnap his daughter? Ha ha. And the famous telephone answer in the first part has also become one of the classic sentences on the Internet. As an...

  • Earthlings Earthlings

    Amber 2022-12-14 10:42:40

    the privilege of the ruling class

    Looking at it with awe, only to gain numbness.

        Yes, what we eat, wear, play with, use, and even use to save lives and kill, all thanks to these creatures staring innocently at us. In this situation, as a human individual, what can I do? My hands are tied. To escalate this trampling on animal life and psychology, isn't it the relationship between the ruling class and the ruled class? He was also locked in a cage, trained, and drained of the remaining value... When he saw the...

  • Stowaway Stowaway

    Amber 2022-12-12 21:22:07

    Fast-forward movies throughout the whole process, you taste, you taste!

    Only fast forward, the whole plot is abnormal, and each plot point is compiled for the sake of editing, which is completely illogical and not in line with common sense.

    For example, in such a rigorous matter as the space launch, one more person can hide in the gap.

    Four people, indecisive (captain), swaying mentally fragile (botanist), Virgin (young woman), black (the most unreasonable person).

    This drama is very...

  • Chhichhore Chhichhore

    Amber 2022-12-12 02:10:09

    I'm afraid this movie will be ruined by the name again.

    "Do you want to get wet, or do you want the whole room to suffer with you"

    You read that right, this is the line in the newly released Indian movie "The First Dream", and there are also all the boys who are shirtless and playing in the wet body fight, and almost didn't let me spit out old blood Come out, is the scale of Indian god films so big now?

    I just wanted to see if there is a little brother with abs, the director showed...

  • A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol

    Amber 2022-12-07 19:34:57

    With demons and angels on your shoulders

    A christmas Carol

    people seem to live in a box. Without listening and giving, they will live in their own world forever.
    You are not the only one in this world, there are other people living in it. When you are enjoying the Christmas turkey, have you thought about sharing, because sharing is joy.

    You can't guarantee that you won't expire. If you
    live too self-centered, you will lose a large part of your life.
    This part It is the best gift that God has prepared...

  • Wayward Pines Wayward Pines

    Amber 2022-12-02 08:49:44

    Limit Drill: The Paradox of Freedom and Despotism [Connotative Spoiler]

    What are the limits of autocracy?

    Complete privacy-free monitoring, complete deprivation of free will and action, brainwashing education, one-person judgment, extreme obedience and complicity. Heisong Town is like a stage play, which interprets all forms of autocracy, exaggerated and true.

    God (David), missionary (hypnotist), law enforcement (sheriff), administration (mayor) are there, and each role is well presented. God is the supreme prophet who never appears in the real...

  • Disconnect Disconnect

    Amber 2022-11-28 05:08:36

    The Internet has shortened the distance between relatives~

    In this era of rapid development of the Internet, the world has become smaller, and the distance between people seems to be shrinking infinitely. life, such as trust, care, affection, etc. A wife may not be loved by her husband for a long time, so she can only find strangers on the Internet to communicate her inner suffering; a child may not be cared for by her relatives for a long time, and can only find her "true friend" on the Internet; I can't see hope, I met someone I like on the Internet,...

  • The Innocent The Innocent

    Amber 2022-11-25 17:54:49

    The most innocence, the flaws do not hide the beauty, the invincible suspense script in my heart!

    This script is awesome! This is the suspense, this is cool, and the jigsaw puzzle? Gradually, no one can say goodbye to their past, the most innocent.

    A lot of details can be felt by an old man like me, such as door door? door door door?, doors at different times, doors at different locations, doors of different characters, different stories inside and outside the door are also a whole story . The daughter of the female police officer, the...

  • Gypsy Gypsy

    Amber 2022-11-09 08:00:04

    take a look

    Don't worry, the subtitles are slow now, it seems that some people are waiting. I came up and took a look today, and someone actually saw the eighth episode, which is really fast. Dude, are you staying up late to watch? The ones produced by Netflix's father are different, even the title is so beautiful. Eh! At first glance, this show is known to be of the slow heat type. My favorite. Ha ha! Goddess is beautiful! It's simply God's control! I can't wait to see it in one day! In the end, it's a...

  • Sharp Objects Sharp Objects

    Amber 2022-10-29 22:08:37

    "We'll all end up like our mothers"

    I think the theme of "Sharp Objects" can be illustrated by a line in which Amy Adams played her mother in another movie "Nocturnal Animals"

    "We'll all end up like our mothers"

    nocturnal animals

    Talking about the influence of the original family on oneself, the mother of the heroine, the heroine, and the third sister of the...

  • Let the Bullets Fly Let the Bullets Fly

    Amber 2022-10-24 15:45:36

    After Jiang Wen disrupted the situation

    There was a lot of cheers on the Internet, cheering for the grand arrival of "Let the Bullets Fly", it seems that the only controversy is left: Does Jiang Wen's dynasty begin here?

    For many years, the mainland Chinese film market has been stuck in the "Zhang Fengchen" pattern, and the media and the public have long been impatient. Just as the Hong Kong entertainment circle desperately called the "Fifth King" in the dreary era of the Four Heavenly Kings in the 1990s, Jiang Wen was...

  • Only Yesterday Only Yesterday

    Amber 2022-10-20 02:52:59

    metamorphosis song

    The theme of the film is "Transformation". Interspersed throughout the film are memories of the fifth grade of Taeko Elementary School. Why do you remember the memory of that time? Because at this time, Taeko was 27 years old, just at the age of starting a family; Taeko, who was in the fifth grade of elementary school, had just had her period and her body had just begun to develop. These two periods are the period of pupation into butterfly.


  • Munich Munich

    Amber 2022-10-15 18:03:25

    Any group will be utilitarian

    The lens, tone, and composition of the film are all ingenious. At first glance, it turned out to be shot by Spielberg.

    If you don't know much about the film's background and the history of the country involved, you can't talk too much about the film's metaphors and the right or wrong of all parties.

    The summary should be that Israel and Palestine have launched a number of assassination and terrorist actions against each other...

  • Ocean Waves Ocean Waves

    Amber 2022-10-13 08:15:02

    About Lisongzi's inner meaning is beyond the plot

    ①At the end of the story, "the person who slept in the bathtub" does not exactly reflect that Li Feizi was also unconsciously paying attention to Tuo. Perhaps they found Tuo that night when Feizi also got up in the hotel. Sleep in the bathtub. On the second day, I said that I was going to sleep at my mother-in-law's house. In fact, Li Feizi hoped that Tuo would not sleep in the bathtub, because Li Feizi noticed Tuo’s dark circles that morning. It's not that she is subtle and careful.

  • Amber 2023-09-04 23:22:41

    The cult is nothing more than that, you YY alone!

  • Amber 2023-08-07 22:10:54

    The end of the original series

  • Amber 2023-08-05 08:21:28

    As a blockbuster blockbuster, some points are quite funny. . .

  • Amber 2023-07-31 08:18:29

    Don't watch it, after watching the eight episodes, nothing is explained clearly. Not many supernatural things happened. The rhythm is slow and unreasonable, all of which are convoluted, and it is either tense and exciting suspense or to whet your appetite.

  • Amber 2023-07-30 16:44:53

    The male protagonist is a hundred years late, and the setting of the diving murderer is both a bright spot and a slot. The unique terrain of Amsterdam has contributed a lot of refreshing, and the excellent production also makes this film with an inconspicuous script stand out from the same genre. The chase scene is quite Hollywood, but it's a bit long

  • Amber 2023-07-15 00:31:12

    Although it is very lengthy and the pace is slow, the picture is rough, the action is hard-boiled, the vehicle is disassembled with bare hands, the arm is broken, the head is rubbed to reveal a white skull, the head is shot, and the broken head falls into the cesspool. Have a chance to see the director's previous tomahawk bones

  • Amber 2023-07-04 04:52:04

    This movie reminded me of the book A Brief History of Quantum Physics. One is relatively abstract, the other is vivid. Both give us new perspectives on the universe and people. If you really think about it, life will be different

  • Amber 2023-07-04 01:37:32

    Ron Howard is really good at this kind of work, and the content is very rich, not only about the personal dilemma and struggle of a genius, not only with just the right pen and ink to show great emotions, but also the shadow of the Cold War is very interesting. Believably traced. The fantasy part of the noir thriller is very well done, but when the English guy comes into the house, he looks crazy. A lot of funny details work for me

  • Amber 2023-07-01 00:39:37

    As soon as Hyun Bin came out, whoever competed with him was so handsome and radiant. It is completely understandable for Captain Li Zhenghe, who is so heroic and not too rough, to be fascinated by female compatriots of all ages in the village. It's a little uncomfortable for Son Ye-jin's bossy character to suddenly become a squeamish little woman, but Ye-jin is still very, very beautiful, and likes every scene of the interaction between the two, even if the plot is nonsense and brainless, the North will recognize it. 2 episodes are too few to be enjoyable at all, please hurry up and feed...

  • Amber 2023-06-29 05:32:41

    It's really a FOX trick.

  • Amber 2023-06-01 03:29:49

    The first channel I listened to on Apple's podcast in high school was them. I followed the podcast and they went to various cities to meet and discuss with the audience. But I was disappointed after watching it: the values ​​advocated in the documentary are similar to Marie Kondo, and the propaganda/marketing temperament is about to overflow the screen. I believe Joshua and Ryan are good people in real life, but after watching their chicken soup for nearly an hour I only feel that it is the self-movement of the middle-class white man in the United States ("The happiness we need comes from ourselves, not material things"). "Minimalism" is a way of life and an epiphany for the middle class, and it is a last resort and a survival skill for the poor. Another: The American's obsession with stuff (stuffism) in the film deserves in-depth study. Criticism of capitalism and consumer society has become a commonplace. It is interesting to explore the cultural value of stuff from the perspective of emotional memory, such as Daniel Miller and Tom Anthro of things by Ingold.

  • Amber 2023-06-01 02:41:17

    What a strangely good story!

  • Amber 2023-05-16 21:28:13

    Abandoned for two episodes, full of routines and programs, superficial, without feeling sincere. The two actors who played my parents really didn't suit me, especially my mother. The autism theme recommends the British TV series "Relatively Silent" and "Here Comes Her".

  • Amber 2023-05-13 18:54:25

    The money concept that the ratings are the most important, every shooting is chasing the ugliness of human nature. However, the criticism and reflection of the American television industry from within make people dare not underestimate this country.

  • Amber 2023-05-06 12:41:34

    The detective novels of Agatha Christies are very enjoyable to read, whether it is Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot as the protagonist. Personally, I think Mrs. Marple in the first three seasons is more attractive, with a cute and lively little old man and a meticulous little detective. The standard English accent is also irresistible.