Laurie Paul Calvert

Laurie Paul Calvert

  • Born: 1990-5-9
  • Height: 6' (1.83 m)
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    • Calista 2022-08-06 15:11:01

      Undeniable classic series

      20150126 intends to look at it for the second week, because it was really enjoyable when I watched it at that time!
      Looking back at the first season from the fourth season, I really feel that Matt has gained a lot (or is he stronger?) The
      first episode of Sean and Beverly came to the United States...

    • Zoie 2022-08-06 16:58:34

      matt's mature work

      As a new fan of Matt, and I don't like chasing dramas and other dramas, I first saw all the comments from all parties before starting to watch this drama. Many people whispered that time is to kill pigs, but it is not always true. Guang Cong Yan Matt still has no dead ends, but has a different...

    Episodes quotes

    • [repeated line]

      Andrew Lesley: Monsieur LeBlanc!

    • Sanford Shamiro: You called up your stalker?

      Matt LeBlanc: Right.

      Sanford Shamiro: The one we got the restraining order for.

      Matt LeBlanc: Yeah...

      Sanford Shamiro: Did you have sexual relations with her?

      Matt LeBlanc: Mm, does anal...?

      Sanford Shamiro: Yeah, it counts.