Min-Hun Fung

Min-Hun Fung

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    • Maybell 2022-11-25 11:22:20

      Probably laughing and crying is the highest level of comedy

      I watched "The King of Comedy" on a whim last night, but I didn't expect that the big night would actually abuse myself. In fact, I was very sad from the beginning of the movie. As a low-level figure, Yin Tianqiu, all his struggles, helplessness and persistence gave me an inexplicable sense of...

    • Malvina 2022-11-24 13:39:48

      On the relationship between Yin Tianqiu and two women in "The King of Comedy"

      In this movie, there are two women with Yin Tianqiu, one is Liu Piaopiao and the other is Du Juaner. They are people from two different worlds. One is a dusty woman, and the other is a big-name star. Yin Tianqiu's choice of these two women can see the values ​​conveyed by the film, although it is...