Rebecca Pan

Rebecca Pan

  • Born: 1931-12-29
  • Birthplace: Shanghai, China
  • Height:
  • Profession: actor
  • Nationality: China
  • Representative Works: Days of Being Wild, Look for a Star, Chinese Odyssey
  • Rebecca Pan (formerly known as Pan Wanqing) [1]  , was born in Shanghai in 1931, and was originally from Wuxi, Jiangsu. She settled in Hong Kong in 1949. She was a famous singer and actor in Hong Kong in the 1960s. Rebecca Pan started in a nightclub in the 1960s and was the first singer in Hong Kong to sign the British EMI contract. [2]  In addition to being a singer, Rebecca Pan is more familiar with her actor status. She has superb acting skills and has filmed movies such as " Chinese Odyssey ", " Days of Being Wild ", " Look for a Star " and so on.

    Character Evaluation

    Rebecca Pan is an artist with the charm of old Shanghai in his bones. She is not a big name, and in the few movies she has appeared in, she did her best with the tact of old Shanghai   ; Rebecca Pan likes to chat with young people and prefers people to call her "Sister Pan". You will be surprised. Due to her memory and expressiveness, she is sometimes stubborn like a child, and sometimes considerate like a mother next door   . review on )
    Rebecca Pan's elegant, fashionable, and noble appearance, and charming voice make people emotional and moving. It is truly a unity of singers and never forgets. Young is the idol of millions of people, and old age is the symbol of noble ladies. Rebecca Pan is also the most perfect image of a Shanghai lady in the minds of many directors. She spoke a nice soft language from Wu Nong, elegant and unpretentious, smiling and frowning, doing the rush of old Shanghai   .
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