• Director: Steve Hudson
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom, United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: May 4, 2008
  • Runtime: 7 hours 49 minutes
  • Sound mix: Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78 : 1
  • Also known as: Return to Cranford
  • "Cranford Season 1" is a film and television work directed by Simon Curtis and released in 2007.


    • Release date May 4, 2008
    • Filming locations West Wycombe Park, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
    • Production companies British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), WGBH, Chestermead

    Movie reviews

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    • By Isabell 2022-09-28 01:11:12

      Ingenious structure, full story

      Very refined! I can't help thinking how cleverly Mrs. Gaskell has conceived! You can take the three main characters Miss Matty's sister, Miss Matty, the priest's daughter as three nodes, as the three aspects of Goddess Hecate, representing the decline, dark times and revival of Cranford town, especially the beginning of Dr. Harrison When I saw the priest's daughter, the beam of light on the priest's daughter's face, as well as the burning pain on her face, and the May Day...

    • By Major 2022-09-27 13:55:42

      live, live happily, find the right person

      In a small village with smoke and smoke, in the noisy city, the quiet and leisurely countryside has become what people want. In this drama, you will see the most authentic British rural life from the 19th to the 20th century. , an excellent masterpiece of human nature. The protagonists in the play, the four "old ladies", are like the four sisters of Ma Qi in...

    • By Jade 2022-09-25 02:42:21

      Cranford of the Old Ladies

      Well... this drama is about the various stories that happened in Cranford, a remote and closed town in the English countryside in the early 19th century. I thought it was just an ordinary and bland daily drama, but it turned out that people died in every episode! The plot is still very twists and turns and unexpected. In addition to making people a little sad, I still can't stop when I see it... You can see the old drama bones of the corrupt country everywhere! The acting is really...

    • By Arne 2022-09-20 15:38:56

      Battle of the Lady

      On the evening of September 21, 2008, the 60th Emmy Awards ceremony was grandly held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The mini-series "Cranford" adapted from the BBC's classic classics introduced by PBS in the United States appeared on the list of award nominations announced on July 17. It was a surprise, which brought the Emmy Awards, which dominated American dramas. An elegant and warm classic British style. Although it was unexpected, in the end "Cranford" lost to the City of Angels,...

    • By Bria 2022-09-17 23:38:34

      Such a warm drama, every episode kills someone, and it's a very, very kind person

      I haven't read the original book, so I don't know if it's the author or the screenwriter, whether it's a pervert or a dark heart. Such a warm drama, such a worldly drama, doesn't need suspense or fights, but you have to be sentenced in every episode. Personal death penalty, the people who leave are very, very good people, very important people, people who are related to the happiness of the characters in the play, do you want to tell everyone that it is impermanent? Can't wait to watch the...

    User comments

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    • By Teagan 2022-09-20 10:58:53

      nice! Anyone who loves Austin will love this...

    • By Rowena 2022-09-17 21:42:56

      See the freshness and timelessness of a 19th-century English town through lace and pastoral flair. With the advent of industrialization, the quiet life of the small town will gradually disappear, which is no way. It's still the best way to adapt a famous novel, without impetuous sex, blood and violence, and loyal to the original work and the characteristics of the...

    • By Xzavier 2022-09-17 20:22:58

      The story of the old widow and the old...

    • By Orin 2022-09-17 19:25:28

      kimberley nixon is a...

    • By Bennie 2022-09-17 16:52:57

      With a deep fascination with English country stories, except for the underdeveloped so somewhat appalling medical technology, and the harsh concept of class, everything else is beautiful. The clip of eating oranges is very fun, I tried it on purpose, just like drinking orange...