I'm Here

I'm Here

  • Director: Spike Jonze
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: January 21, 2010
  • Runtime: 31 minutes
  • Also known as: Я здесь
  • I'm Here is a short film released on January 21, 2010, written and directed by Spike Jones, starring Andrew Garfield, Sienna Tiggy Guillory and Sienna Guillory.


    • Release date January 21, 2010
    • Filming locations Arlington, Texas, USA
    • Production companies Absolut Vodka

    Movie reviews

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    • By Jose 2022-09-22 02:56:42

      As a human being, as a robot, what is "existence"?

      The robot heroine wears a wig, drives a car, listens to a band, and does everything she can to make herself "more human."

      But in the end, even the body is not his own.

      Here one cannot help but ask: what is "existence"?

      As a human, what is the meaning of your existence in this world?

      How do you define your short decades on earth?

      With death as the starting point of thinking, everything is illusory.

      As a result, we can see that humans...

    • By Clark 2022-09-14 11:06:50

      I am here

      It is not difficult to find that many people seem to be very puzzled by the reckless behavior of the heroine, why she did not pay attention and let the hero sacrifice herself so much. But I hold that it was meant to be, if they were to be together. .

      Let me ask, why did the female protagonists have nothing to do before, but it happened when they were happy, or after they met him? ?
      Perhaps these accidents better explain that this relationship was not favored before, and that...

    • By Clarissa 2022-07-15 22:04:18

      Sound is better than sound Iam here

       The old story of a well-organized man meeting another passionate woman
       but this time the main character is a robot
       so I'm still looking forward to the plot with joy

       when we first met he saw her in a red car laughing loudly
       maybe he was there Wondering why she was so happy
       The second time he saw her again and was invited by her friend to get in the car
       Her friend kept making jokes about him loudly but his tears just kept staring at her face in the...

    • By Sydnie 2022-07-15 21:59:48

      You are more than a rib to me

        Dumb and introverted men are usually obscure and unrequited for their love.
        They are more sincere than slick men.
        More rustic than handsome and stylish men.
        More practical than a man with a heart.
        Watching this short film, there is a sense of time and space disorder. In time, robots are with humans, but in space the streets and crowds are not at all modern. And it is this mixed sense of confusion. When I saw the two protagonists walking through the game...

    • By Rosalia 2022-07-15 17:12:15

      I am in your heart

      He was a librarian, sluggish, had no friends, and his trousers were too short.
      She's a beautiful baby, stylish, charming, and sticks notes everywhere.
      They met.
      They go to parties, to the forest, to live concerts. At the meeting, her left hand was broken, and he immediately took off his arm and took it up.
      Later, her right leg was also broken, and he removed his own foot. She said, I have a choice, I don't want it. He said, you know, I had a dream, you lost a leg in the...

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    • By Miles 2022-08-19 02:11:37

      Because of love, I can give...

    • By Clemmie 2022-07-15 21:46:07

      It turned out to be this... I heard that it was very sad and didn't dare to watch it. Andrew's voice is so suitable for this kind of infatuation. The soundtrack is also very good. The sleigh bells in the car are not tacky. Even the scene at the party matches the Girls' MV so...

    • By Wellington 2022-07-15 19:47:39

      Prodigal GF, the next time you cripple him, only the host will be...

    • By Giovani 2022-07-15 17:25:23

      Dedicate your humble self for you without hesitation, and only when you choose me, everything will make...

    • By Humberto 2022-07-15 16:50:07

      As expected, this director left Kaufman and the screenwriter was a **. Just like the home of the beast, you can only play with people. What the hell is this story set up FUCK! !...

    Movie plot

    The 30-minute short film "I'm Here" directed by Spike Jones, director of "Puppet Life" and "Home of the Beast", was invested by the Absolute Vodka Fund . loneliness and sadness. The story takes place in modern-day Los Angeles , where life is no different from what we know—the only difference is that the robots are mixed in with humans. The male robot is a solitary librarian who lives an orderly life without enthusiasm, joy or...
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