Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings

  • Director: John Krokidas
  • Writer: Austin Bunn,John Krokidas
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: September 19, 2013
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Sevdiklerini Öldür
  • "Kill Your Darlings" is a feature film directed by John Krocidas and starring Daniel Jacob Radcliffe , Dane DeHaan and Jack Huston . It was released in the United States on October 18, 2013.
    Based on real people and real events, the film tells the story of a group of young people who started the "New Horizons" cultural movement and were involved in a murder case. They went on their separate journeys with heavy hearts   .


    • Release date September 19, 2013
    • Filming locations Columbia University, New York City, New York, USA
    • Production companies Killer Films, Benaroya Pictures, Outpost Studios

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    • By Guido 2022-12-29 23:50:18

      An unethical movie review

      In fact, I watched this movie for Dan Niu, and ended up in two pits - Dai Hanhan and Beat Generation.

      Regarding Hanhan, I wrote the following two paragraphs two days after watching the movie.

      "Although I want to try my best to watch ordinary movies, it's fine, but these two days there will always be those bright eyes in my mind.

      "A pair of eyes that reminds me of the clear blue sky and sea I saw on the opposite side of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge that...

    • By Gregorio 2022-12-29 22:50:32

      Rules are meant to be broken

      "Some things, once you fall in love, they will stay with you forever, even if you want to let it go, it will only be in vain, eventually they will come back to you and become a part of you, otherwise they will destroy you. "The

      movie opens with Lucian's monologue, the diva's singing makes it all unreal, especially death, until the temperature of the fingers cools down and the lightened 21-gram soul is forever sunk in with a part of Lucian." the bottom of the lake.

      In fact,...

    • By Mortimer 2022-12-28 17:26:39

      Maybe everyone's adolescence is a beat generation


      Lucien's casting is amazing, blond hair and brittle eyes between blue and green, and Dane plays the pale, slightly sickly pretty teen, swaggering from the inside out and totally worth everyone for him bend. From his first appearance in the film, Lucien jumped on the library table to read out the works of Henry Miller in front of the crowd, a man eager to break all dogma and rules. But Lucien wasn't very brave or special. He believes that he knows the emptiness of life and...

    • By Maureen 2022-12-28 07:23:22

      "Kill Ru Ai" opened the crux of the little green devil's face control

      When I watched "Kill your Darling", it was in March 2014. At that time, it was purely for the actor Dane DeHaan's Yan Yi, and I wanted to see how this "little green devil", who was favored by Prada, made Lucien Carr This grumpy little goblin played it vividly.
      The Chinese translation of "Kill Your Darling" is "Kill Your Darling", which comes from the famous poem of American poet Allen Ginsberg. The film is adapted from real people and tells about the "little revolution" that the...

    • By Vanessa 2022-12-27 07:07:12

      Plan On a Boat

      Today, I was listening to Kill Your Darlings while writing the experimental record, and found that Allen used the same tune when he was discussing Yeats with Lucien in the dormitory for the first time and when he read a poem to Lucien in the boat.

      If the scene of reading the poem is Allen's ignorant and bold first confession to Lucien. Then the background music seems to imply that, in fact, when Allen was looking for the tune of Brahms, against the...

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    • By Laila 2023-03-09 01:13:20

      Previously, my knowledge was shallow, I only thought that the women of the Lu character were the leaders of the bitch, but after reading this, I realized that the men of the Lu character are the pioneers of the scum. "Femme fatale", "Anyone can attack", "I am also very attentive, I really love everyone, how much they love me, and how much I return their love", "I am a scum, I can't stop down". Dane's new enchanting scumbag! I'm almost one frame at a...

    • By Libby 2023-02-27 23:46:14

      A thoroughly complicated relationship between a man and a man comes with vendetta. Literature is just a romantic circle of lace and subtitles, but it's not. Every scene of the round glasses reminds that the new school that Harry came to has A man stronger than Malfoy, Potter's wand couldn't handle it at all. Little Green Goblin kills every movie,...

    • By Zackery 2023-02-27 10:12:56

      I don't wanna lose you...

    • By Curtis 2023-02-21 04:06:35

      Childhood has been ruined long ago, moral integrity has long been abandoned, the beat generation is really...

    • By Abagail 2023-02-16 09:51:20

      Who doesn't love these shining [Beat] people, so who doesn't love [Beat]...

    Movie plot

    In 1944 at Columbia University, a young student Alan Ginsberg ( played by Daniel Jacob Radcliffe ) changed his life trajectory because of a man named Lucian Carr ( played by Dane DeHaan ) . Through Karl he met William S. Barros and Jack Kerouac. They started a cultural movement called "New Vision" because of Carl and formed an intimate four-person world. And outside of this world, middle-aged man David Camerou is looking at him with...
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    Behind the scenes gags

    In 2008, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe auditioned for the role of Aaron Ginsberg. However, the filming was delayed, so he had to leave to shoot the last two films in the Harry Potter series.
    After Daniel Jacob Radcliffe left, Chris Evans, Jesse Eisenberg, and Ben Weishaw were all considered for the role of Ginsburg. However, when filming started in 2012, Radcliffe still got the role.
    Dane DeHaan said that when filming the scene of suicide in...
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    Positive reviews

    The film truly restores the spiritual outlook of the American academic circle in the 1940s   . (Reviewed by "Information Times") It goes beyond the usual limitations of movies and tells the stories of some well-known figures with widespread influence. (Comment by Jordan Hoffman) Director John Krocidas cleverly combined the storyline with the shooting technique. ("New York Times" review) The film includes many elements such as sex,...
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    Movie quotes

    • Lucien Carr: I was a kid, and you dragged me into your perverted mess.

      David Kammerer: How can you say that? You know that's not true. I will never give up on us.

      Lucien Carr: You're pathetic.

    • David Kammerer: You said I was everything to you. You are everything to me. Everything to me, do you hear me? Please, Lu. Please?

    • Lucien Carr: First thought, best thought.