One Strange Rock

One Strange Rock

  • Director: Christopher Riley
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English, Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Tibetan, Portuguese, French, Thai, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese, Mongolian, Kazakh
  • Release date: March 26, 2018
  • Runtime: 47 minutes
  • Also known as: Невідома планета Земля
  • "One Strange Rock" is a popular science documentary directed by Graham Booth and Nat Sharman, starring Willard Christopher Smith Jr. The film was released in the United States on March 26, 2018. 
    Volvo Cars and Youku jointly launched "One Strange Rock" which was officially launched on October 24th, in order to awaken and inspire the feelings of maintaining ecological balance, respecting the natural environment and building the future of the earth, which is in line with the sustainable development advocated by Volvo Cars. consistent with the concept of environmental protection. 


    • Release date March 26, 2018
    • Production companies Protozoa Pictures, Overbrook Entertainment, Nutopia

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    • By Alexis 2022-12-23 11:58:31

      The Chinese version of the seventh issue of personal growth knowledge points

      This issue's topic: terraforming

      Keywords: sandstone plants

      Increased knowledge: "Without some kind of magical creature, these rocks, and the entire land mass, would have been lost forever.

      This amazing creature is made of algae and fungi and often grows in extremely harsh environments

      The vitality of lichens is amazing. They are found in every corner of the world.

      8% of the earth's surface is covered with lichens. What's even more amazing is that this...

    • By Linwood 2022-12-21 18:08:26

      There are many mysterious places on this planet that you don't know about

      On this earth, people's worldviews are mostly determined by their past life experiences. Most of what you hear, see, hear and think is carried out in a small area, but when the space expands and time flows, you will find that there are still many unimaginable scenes on this earth.

      "Lighted Planet" has Zhuyu from the production team ahead, which should be a guarantee for the quality of the content. After the opening, I was slightly shocked by the relevant content. The voiceovers of...

    • By Leone 2022-12-17 16:31:18

      How many secrets are hidden in the exquisite human brain?

      The "Lighted Planet" program team has traveled to 6 continents, 45 countries, and filmed 195 locations. It took 3 years of production cycle to polish and produce a documentary. It goes deep into the earth's caves and oceans in search of the origin of life. The first life was born on the earth in 4.6 billion years. Through step-by-step evolution and reproduction, there are more and more creatures and species on the earth. From the tiny, simple bacteria to the sea squirts that make up a...

    • By Britney 2022-12-15 08:16:19

      If I were lucky enough to look down at Earth from space...

      "Lighted Planet" has the most comprehensive perspective, using full 4k shooting technology to harvest up to 389 gigabytes of shooting material, not only with more than 195 shooting locations on the earth, but also a large number of the earth from the perspective of the space station. The 8 astronauts recounted their experience in the space station for more than 1,000 days, and could clearly feel their emotion and shock. If I could have a chance to look down on the earth, maybe I would...

    • By Casper 2022-12-14 05:31:21

      The Philosophical Significance of Life Presented by the Documentary to Live or Die

      To live or to die, that is the question. On the earth, we are faced with the reproduction, continuation and death of life, and a new beginning. This cycle of life process, in this process, we see more awe of life.

      6 continents, 45 countries, 195 places, from underground caves to space stations, from Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, Iceland's Vatnajökull Glacier, New Mexico's Tequila Cave, China's Yellow River Xiaolangdi and other regions, each location has its own The secret places...

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    • By Theo 2023-04-10 11:19:03

      Aside from the BBC...I found that American documentaries are also very good...and their style is...

    • By Leta 2023-04-01 03:37:31

      A good documentary still has to hire celebrities and place advertisements. I beg you, but you can't do it...

    • By Ford 2023-03-24 22:20:13

      The narrative is grand, the photography is beautiful, and the soundtrack is awesome. But the middle match is too shy, where can I watch the original version? Plus it's better if it's not hard and...

    • By Tressie 2023-02-28 12:24:20

      The picture is beautiful, the macro atmosphere, but the content is a bit...

    • By Ward 2023-02-19 07:47:44

      Gravity and Radiation in Episode 6 are...

    Movie plot

    Earth is not a bleak planet in the universe, it is a unique great star. Seeing the earth from the top perspective is shocking. It spans 2 billion years of history and travels through tens of millions of light-years of space to redefine the earth for a new generation of human beings. documentary film. Willard Christopher Smith Jr takes the audience on an epic journey around the world and into space. The film will show the landscape...
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