Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games

  • Director: John Frankenheimer
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: February 25, 2000
  • Sound mix: DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Deception
  • "Reindeer Games" is a feature film directed by John Frankenheimer and starring Ben Affleck , Charlize Theron , Gary Sinise , James Frain, etc. It was released in the United States on February 25, 2000.
    The film tells the story of Rudy, who had just been released from prison pretending to be a death row inmate, and was forced to participate in a planned casino robbery after interacting with his pen pal   .


    • Release date February 25, 2000
    • Filming locations Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
    • Production companies Dimension Films, Marty Katz Productions

    Box office


    $42,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


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    • By Susie 2022-02-16 08:02:23

      reindeer games

      It seems that
      there are not many people who pay attention to this film, and no one has written a comment. The

      protagonist is Ben Affleck.
      He has seen his GoodWill
      Hunting and Pearl Harbor.
      They are quite good films.
      It is said that he has also played many bad films.
      Fortunately, he has never seen the

      heroine CharlizeTheron
      was quite nice
      acted TheDevil'sAdvocate

      there GarySinise
      in ForrestGump...

    • By Pablo 2022-02-16 08:02:23

      Director's posthumous "Reindeer Game"

      Speaking of the name John Frankheimer, it may be unfamiliar to most people. I think that back then, whether it was "Battle Train" co-produced by a famous director, Arthur Payne, or "Dr. Strange Love", it was comparable to "Dr. Strange Love". Seven Days in May, the Cold War classic "Manchurian Candidate", "Thunderbolt Kamikaze" in "The Hardest Car Chase", "Second Life" in the "Super Experimental Movie", or inspirational The edition of ``Shawshank's "Alcatez's Bird Breeder" all marked that he...

    • By Chaim 2022-02-16 08:02:23

      "Reindeer Game" film review-be prepared for danger in times of peace and prevent inflation

      At Christmas, the male protagonist is wearing Santa Claus clothes, carrying two big sacks full of US dollars, and putting (at least) 10,000 US dollars in cash into each mailbox... This is the ending of the 2000 American movie "Reindeer Game" .

      According to the analysis of orthodox thinking, this movie focuses on the word "game". Prisoner A played (v. used as a verb) Prisoner B, Prisoner B thought he played Prisoner A’s girlfriend C, Prisoner B played the game without knowing that...

    • By Lindsay 2022-02-16 08:02:23

      God is good~

      The fragments of this movie are designed to be very attractive. The conspiracy is very deep. The Infernal Affairs Nick is pretending to be forceful when he comes up. When he finishes it, he finds that something is wrong. This girl is also playing It’s so deep, pretending to be innocent, and when I saw the pool, I thought this woman had only one Infernal Affairs. At first, she felt very weird. This woman has always been loyal to her, she has never seen each other, she has always loved her, she’s...

    • By Palma 2022-02-16 08:02:23

      For the big

      I just watched this film for the sake of a big book. This film is not very well-known, but the plot is actually good. Daben and Theron were also popular at the time. Why is there no splash in the film? ? ?

      I have to say, Daben was so handsome when he was young. It's not in vain that I have been addicted to ghosts for so many years. The height of 192 makes me very satisfied with this kind of height control. (That’s why it’s great to be cute. I’m not going to live if I’m not tall,...

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    • By Godfrey 2022-09-12 13:18:15

      All kinds of...

    • By Reese 2022-04-24 07:01:17

      queit a ride. enjoyed...

    • By Phyllis 2022-04-24 07:01:17

      The plot is compact,...

    • By Bianka 2022-04-24 07:01:17

      I watched it on the public account of today's headline commentary movie. The ending is quite...

    • By Chase 2022-04-24 07:01:17

      I thought it was Feilai Aventure that could occupy a magpie's nest to be a fake groom, but I didn't expect to fall into a series of "immortal dances", and one ring was more ruthless than the other. The film's final twist is brilliant and deserves an extra star. Daben, who was used to seeing vicissitudes and stubble on his face, suddenly saw that he was a little unrecognizable when he was young. Sai Huang's figure and appearance have remained unchanged for 20 years, so this movie should be...

    Evaluation action

    "Reindeer Games" is a very violent movie, one of the best action thrillers in 2000. The film’s release gives people a post-Tarantino film-era feel, with the unscrupulous plot of Tarantino’s work. The most impressive thing about the film is how it is arranged in a series of tensions. Kruger obviously had a killer instinct for this dramatic event, and within a few minutes, he attracted an audience. There will be comedy scenes in the film...
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    Movie quotes

    • Gabriel Mercer: I read your letters, convict. Don't play no reindeer games with me.

    • Rudy Duncan: Naw-uh, fuck that. Nick doesn't do anything until Nick gets something for Nick. I want some hot chocolate. You want to hear about some Indian casino, I want to see some goddamn hot chocolate! And a piece of pecan fucking pie!

    • Rudy Duncan: You're sending me into an Indian casino dressed as a COWBOY, thought this through entirely?

      Pug: It was either that or a ballerina.