Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

  • Director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Writer: Quentin Tarantino,Roger Avary
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: September 2, 1992
  • Runtime: 1h 39min
  • Sound mix: Dolby Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Những Kẻ Phản Bội
  • "Reservoir Dog" is a crime film released by Live Entertainment, directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Harvey Keitel and Timothy Simon Smith , and premiered in France on September 2, 1992. 
    The film mainly tells the story of six Robbers who don't know each other and find the police undercover; provocateur after being caught in a police ambush during the robbery of a jewelry store .


    • Release date September 2, 1992
    • Filming locations 5860 North Figueroa Street, Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Production companies Live Entertainment, Dog Eat Dog Productions Inc.

    Box office


    $1,200,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Claud 2022-04-24 07:01:01

      Reservoir Dogs

      Some of the pictures are too bloody to watch at triple speed. Everyone has a nickname, there are a lot of people, I am a little face blind, and the whole play is a lot of dialogue, and there are a lot of character names in the dialogue, I can't get around it, and I feel a little messy. After watching the movie, I only remember fuck. I watched it with my relatives at the beginning of the movie. I was really at a loss for words, and my face was full of embarrassment. Who knew the beginning of...

    • By Mallory 2022-04-24 07:01:01

      Reservoir Dogs

      Beauty can be expressed in various ways. There is the beauty of hibiscus from clear water, and there is the beauty that is suffocating and suffocating. It's clear that the film presents a suffocating dark beauty. Beauty is not limited to the skin, beauty is in the inside. To be honest, I didn't appreciate the beauty at first. But with the deduction of the plot and the brainstorming thinking, I gradually accepted this alternative beauty. It can be said that I admire the rigor of this kind of...

    • By Wellington 2022-04-23 07:01:01

      The flow of relationships, the loosening of concepts

      Quentin's film language is to serve the "relationship" in the situation, in order to accurately, quickly and strongly pull out the tension between relationships in the situation, and to express contradictions, contradictions of characters, or some abstract concepts in this tension. The contradictions, such as loyalty, freedom, love and so on. This kind of contradiction may make people reflect, but it doesn't stop there, he is not responsible for the results of your...

    • By Ahmad 2022-04-23 07:01:01

      get out that door

      Quentin's debut, the film is only one and a half hours long. Compared with many of his subsequent films, it is particularly short and powerful. The nonlinear narrative style and the overlap of time make each frame of footage contain a lot of information. It is the first time I watched it. This film, many of the details may not have time to notice, but Quentin's film itself is an emotional expression, every time I watch his film, I feel that his film is very musical, like a...

    • By Jerry 2022-04-23 07:01:01

      One hundred thousand why dogs?

      not bad. Questions?️: 1. Qiao knows cop, why does he still come looking for him, is he not worried about him going to leak this place? Be sure to call and tell everyone at the first time, change the location and trade. 2. Blue didn't do anything. Why did you add this person to highlight other people's images? 3. The big brother who looks very much like Jackie Chan, why is it so easy to trust others, the feeling becomes very simple, everything is easy to reveal to the cop,...

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    • By Elenor 2022-09-15 20:44:36

      Quentin's debut show you're fuckin baretta. The bloody scene is the most loving, cutting an ear is as harmless as cutting an appendix, and Roth is still lying in the tomato-like blood plasma like a woman, laughing, crying and screaming. , I'm going to die. The same neurotic yin and yang in the pianist, he was so handsome when he suddenly sat up and beat Madsen into a honeycomb. Keitel's face when he knew the truth was really...

    • By Zander 2022-09-05 10:30:48

      Quentin deserves to be a genius, such a low-cost secret room dialogue can create such a high-level thriller movie. Every episode of the story was unexpected, and the use of interspersed narrative was so clever that I rewatched it three times before I absorbed it. What is rare is that Quentin can find a large group of veterans such as Tim and Steve to accompany him in this play. From the table foul language culture at the beginning, to dancing and killing, the black techniques are vividly...

    • By Gabe 2022-09-02 19:08:11

      Pain, pain is not clear, but Quentin's language is really strange, and the most important thing is that he found his own...

    • By Jana 2022-04-24 07:01:01

      When I saw Tim Roth of lie to me when he was young, he used to walk like that. QT's film is from Pulp Fiction, and this one has many similarities. Nice music, typical gangsters, wordy and unnutritious conversations, flashbacks that have to be read to find out the ins and outs, and countless fucks. PS. Blonde's eyes are so...

    • By Kadin 2022-04-24 07:01:01

      "You shit you pants dive in and swim" is so beautiful, I went back and watched the shootout in the warehouse a few...

    Movie plot

    "Good guy" Eddie ( Chris Penn ) is the son of gang boss Joe Cabot ( Lawrence Tierney) . In order to go to the jewelry store to rob a group of diamonds, Eddie summoned six who did not know each other Of people carry out this operation and let them use color as the code name. They are Mr. Paik ( Harvey Keitel ornaments) , Mr. Orange ( Tim Rowe Si ornaments) , Kim ( Michael Madsen ornaments) , Mr. Pink ( Steve Jacobs Sammy ornaments) ,...
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    Behind the scenes

    Quentin Tarantino had hoped that James Wood could play a role in the movie. Wood's agent declined the invitation, not even mentioning Wood. Later, Wood was furious and replaced with a new agent.
    Mr. Fan is the character Quentin originally wrote for himself.
    The word "fuck" is used 252 times in the film.
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    Piercing lens

    Error found: All the scenes in the car were obviously shot on a trailer.
    Coherence: The size of Mr. Lan's cigar in the opening restaurant scene.
    Coherence: When talking to Mr. Bai, Mr. Fan put cigarettes into his mouth twice.
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    Evaluation action

    The release of "Falling Dog" marks the official debut of the talented director Quentin Tarantino on the world movie stage. (Phoenix Online Review) It truly and objectively embodies Quentin Tarantino’s unique movie style, complex gangster characters, strong violent aesthetics, witty and humorous dialogue, a soundtrack with characteristics of the times, and a unique narrative. Methods are an indispensable element of Quentin's film. (Sina...
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    Movie quotes

    • Nice Guy Eddie: The chick got tired of him beatin' her so one night she walks in the guys bedroom and super glues his dick to his belly. Ambulance came and had to cut the prick loose.

      Mr. White: Was he all pissed off?

      Nice Guy Eddie: How would you feel if every time you had to take a piss you had to do a fuckin' hand stand?

    • Mr. Pink: What was the name of the chick who played Christie Love?

      Nice Guy Eddie: Pam Grier.

      Mr. Orange: No it wasn't Pam Grier. Pam Grier was the other one. Pam Grier did the film. Christie Love was like Pam Grier TV Show without Pam Grier.

      Mr. Pink: So who was Christie Love?

      Mr. Orange: How the fuck should I know?

      Mr. Pink: Great. Now I'm totally fucking tortured.

    • Mr. Pink: Mr. Blonde! What happened to you? We figured you were dead. Hey! You okay? Did you see what happened to Blue? We didn't know what happened to you and Blue, that's what we were wondering about.

      [Blonde doesn't answer]

      Mr. Pink: Come on! Look, Brown's dead and Orange got it in the belly...

      Mr. White: ENOUGH! Enough! You better start talking asshole! Because we got shit we need to talk about! We're already freaked out. We need you acting freaky like we need a fuckin' bag on our hip!

      Mr. Blonde: Okay, let's talk.