The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

  • Director: Ken Scott
  • Writer: Romain Puértolas,Luc Bossi,Ken Scott
  • Countries of origin: France, India, Belgium, Singapore, United States
  • Language: English, Tamil
  • Release date: June 20, 2019
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Неймовірні пригоди факіра
  • "The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir" is directed by Ken Scott , co-starring Dhanush , Bérénice Bejo , and Erin Moriarty .
    Based on the best-selling French novel, the film tells a colorful fantasy global adventure story.
    On October 16, 2019, the adventure comedy "The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir" was announced to be released nationwide on November 29. 


    • Release date June 20, 2019
    • Production companies Brio Films, Scope Pictures, Little Red Car Films

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    • By Rhett 2022-09-18 10:51:10

      Sugar-coated clichés

      " The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir " ( The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir ), like "Citizen Kane", tells the story of the poor becoming rich overnight, but Ken Scott obviously has no intention of leading the audience to explore the hero's trauma.

      Watching this film is like having a dream—good people will be rewarded, and lovers will eventually be married—but it's just a dream. In terms of...

    • By Nestor 2022-09-10 19:25:18

      Listen to Adventure King's Fantastic Journey

      I saw this film half a year ago, and it was translated as "The Ascetic in the Closet", which I personally think is more suitable than Adventure King. At that time, I was attracted by the film, not because of his reasonable plot and how thrilling the picture. Of course, the Indian color music is an important factor to move the audience, but the film that attracts me the most is a few concepts or ideological points of view. The poor and the rich Xiao Jia lived in the environment of his mother,...

    • By Manley 2022-09-08 07:51:44

      I just got 100,000 euros and all my beautiful girlfriends were robbed, and the buskers turned into teachers

      Everyone, the movie I’m going to introduce today is called "The King of Adventures in the Closet". Looking at this name, you can probably guess a story line of "Sit in the Closet and Travel". That's right, this story is an adventure story told by a teacher to three Sao Nian who will be imprisoned in the juvenile prison. The protagonist of the story is actually the teacher himself, a little boy raised by an Indian single mother named Aja. Little Ajia is very dissatisfied with, disagrees with,...

    • By Adalberto 2022-09-02 06:30:25

      Talk about a girl first, then read a fairy tale

      Obviously, the plot of this film is a bit too imaginative, it only tells the journey, only the story, it is not real enough, it is too dreamy. But I'm here to write good reviews.

      In Indian movies, many stories come from slums, and this one is no exception. It can be seen from Aja's monologue as a child. Obviously, the male protagonist feels good about himself and has a kind of glory in it. From Aja to the penitentiary to tell a story to three delinquent teenagers, the story goes...

    • By Reagan 2022-08-20 20:51:29

      "People are on the road 1" with ample budget

      At a certain film festival, a foreigner asked the Chinese media, "Can't you Chinese find a handsome guy to make a movie about a Chinese and a blond beauty, and change the image of Chinese men in the world?" On this topic, compare lbb's "The Megalodon", although the plot shows the Chinese people's technology, technology, strength, how good the heroine is, etc., but in the overall feeling, we still lift the foreigners to a very high level Looking up! However, in this movie, although the male...

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    • By Moshe 2022-09-22 06:23:33

      There are all kinds of whimsy and whimsy: writing in the cabin comes from the adventure of a teenager in prison; falling in love at first sight is actually a love for two people; can become a teacher after growing up without learning and skills; all 100,000 euros are used to realize the ideal of refugees. . . . . . Just watch the...

    • By Dave 2022-09-19 18:09:58

      The Indian version of "People are on the road". I have to say that the male protagonist is too lucky. He can win the female protagonist by playing role-playing, and you can run into female stars by simply getting into the box. The hot air balloon can still fall on the boat when the fuel runs out. The mother's ashes are still there after a five-day trip to Europe. in the shop! It can only be said that the protagonist's aura is too heavy. If it is placed on other people, it is estimated that he...

    • By Ulices 2022-09-19 06:29:22

      Indian little brother's big adventure: a passport, a plane ticket and 1,000 counterfeit banknotes, Aja not only came to Paris, but also went to London, Barcelona and Rome by accident. The long-standing European civilization, the charming European style, the poor also have the world right. The little brother's dream is very specific: if he loves design, he will live in IKEA, if he believes in love, he will meet Mary, and wealth will come true between Nellie's words. Everything is the best...

    • By Aurelia 2022-09-14 00:53:07

      Legendary experience. This means of forcibly flirting with girls is also a service. Inexplicably like the female...

    • By Gabe 2022-08-19 20:10:14

      2018/6/22 (Fri) 23:00 Kaohsiung in89

    Movie plot

    Ajah, a young Indian street bunker who made a living by defrauding tourists' money, has been trying hard to save money to take his mother to Paris. Unfortunately, his mother died before that day. So, Aja, who had only 100 euros on his body, took his mother's ashes and embarked on a poor tour of Paris. In order to save the accommodation fee, Aja hid in the wardrobe of IKEA, and was transported to the United Kingdom by accident, and then...
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