The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

  • Director: Sophie Fiennes
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands
  • Language: English
  • Release date: January 16, 2009
  • Runtime: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Also known as: Manual de cine para pervertidos
  • The Pervert's Guide to Cinema is a documentary directed by Sophie Fiennes and starring Slavoj Žižek .
    The film uses psychoanalysis to tell you about 43 masterpieces by directors such as Hitchcock, David Lynch, Tarkovsky, and the Wachowskis.

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    • Release date January 16, 2009
    • Filming locations Bodega Bay, California, USA
    • Production companies Amoeba Film, Kasander Film Company, Lone Star Productions

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    • By Laurianne 2022-12-28 11:17:06

      What is the direction? A toolbox is definitely needed!

      Problems in Western culture, a tool for correction of meta-discourse. Consciousness needs civilization to fight barbarism. The essence of civilization lies in masculine texts, non-conspiratorial pictures, and intensifying the figuration is the more advanced work of philosophers. Is there any objection? From Christianity, Judaism, Marxism, Communism, heroism, nationalism, consumerism, idealism, etc., the multi-scene reversal can only be said that the editor has a high...

    • By Yasmin 2022-12-28 03:35:51

      Watch The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

      It's very beautiful, I scolded while watching: Zizek, you cunning old turtle!

      Matrix "-" Phenomenology, the Absolute of Consciousness
      My Dog Id My
      Voice Deep Sin
      Local Objects-" Demonic Possessed Immortality
      The meaning of liberation in Fight Club is similar to New Testament liberation theology
      Desires Realistic trauma movies Security
      libido needs Sexual fantasies to maintain -> energy needs Matrix
      Zizek speaks English very badly
      Alien 4...

    • By Eddie 2022-12-16 10:38:57

      Read it as a book: excerpts from Zizek

      Movies are the ultimate perverted art. They don't give you what you want. They tell you how to

      want . The most interesting thing about the cellar of the mother's house in Psycho is the special arrangement of the mother's house. The first floor, basement, is like a replica of the three levels of human subjectivity. The first floor is: "ego" Norman is a normal son there. The dead mother... is basically a superego image not the mother I go to The
      cellar is: "id"... the cistern of...

    • By Nickolas 2022-12-02 02:20:40

      need movie

      One way to solve life's problems is to become an object, or more precisely, an animal, that is, to integrate the so-called choices in life into this unified explanatory framework, so that the so-called freedom will come, and the best is like water. The brave man slays the dragon, and only becomes the dragon first. To kill the thing-in-itself, one must become the thing-in-itself, the so-called thing-in-itself. Let everything be as it is, that is, the unity of nature and man, of course, I...

    • By Ivah 2022-11-30 05:16:57

      Do not write non-movie reviews

        I habitually read movie reviews after watching a movie. After watching this movie, I found that there are only a dozen movie reviews for this movie, which is much lower than my expectations. After thinking about it, I feel that people may not know much about this Zizek and the theory he uses, which has caused many audiences to have difficulty understanding.
        This film uses a lot of Freud's theory, which has been introduced in the undergraduate psychology content in China. Many...

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    • By Kale 2023-07-19 05:50:50

      A little bit of a joke, okay! It's a psychoanalytic school after...

    • By Briana 2023-07-18 11:21:47

      t31838af4 is not boring at all, I reviewed the movies I watched in...

    • By Carmelo 2023-07-14 22:55:56

      Žižek's psychoanalytic method worked well in Lynch and Hitchcock, and in many Hollywood productions, it is suspected of building castles in the air. Many times his analysis deviates from the film itself and distorts many film language itself. The most exciting part of the whole analysis is at the end, when he calls on us to look for "truth" in the virtual image of the film, that is, a "form" of a "pre-narrative". And as a Marxist materialist, he asserts on the basis of Lukacs and Bakhtin that...

    • By Norberto 2023-07-05 06:27:57

      Sounds like a lot of fun because no one around me can talk to me like this about film theory and I'm so looking forward to someone who can use his/her knowledge reserves to make me dizzy, tinnitus, and a little star of admiration in my eyes//Popular or common //After the baptism of Yimei's accent, I thought I could understand some heavy accents, but I was...

    • By Laurie 2023-06-02 09:48:05

      Look, yes, too, pain, bitterness, too. Very hot. I really watched the movie from the perspective of psychoanalysis and metaphysics. It was very insightful and useful. If it wasn't for the poor translation of subtitles, I could have finished watching it in the...

    Movie quotes

    • Slavoj Zizek: The mystery is that even if we know that it's only staged, that it's a fiction, it still fascinates us. That's the fundamental magic of film. You witness a certain seductive scene, then you are shown that it's just a fake, stage machinery behind, but you are still fascinated by it. Illusion persists. There is something real in the illusion, more real than in the reality behind it.

    • Slavoj Zizek: And that's the paradox of cinema, the paradox of belief. We don't simply believe or do not believe. We always believe in a kind of conditional mode. I know very well it's a fake but, nonetheless, I let myself be emotionally effected. his strange status of belief accounts for the efficiency of one of the most interesting characters, not only in cinema, but also in theatre, in staging as such, the character of prologue.

    • Slavoj Zizek: The best way to imagine what Mystery Man is, is to imagine somebody who doesn't want anything from us. That's the true horror of this Mystery Man. Not any evil, demoniac intentions and so on. Just the fact that when he is in front of you, he, as it were, sees through you.

      [on Lost Highway]