The Return

The Return

  • Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev
  • Writer: Vladimir Moiseenko,Aleksandr Novototskiy-Vlasov
  • Countries of origin: Russia
  • Language: Russian
  • Release date: June 25, 2003
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Qaytish
  • "The Return" was filmed and directed by Russian director Andrei Zviagintsev in 2003. The film won the 2004 Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film Nomination, the 2003 Russian Film Critics Association's Best Screenplay, Best Newcomer and Best Film Awards, 2003 Venice International Film Festival Best Debut, Golden Lion Award, etc.


    • Release date June 25, 2003
    • Filming locations Ladoga Lake, Russia
    • Production companies Ren Film

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    • By Roslyn 2022-10-02 13:16:55

      Answers in Secondhand Time

      There is such a passage in the book "Second-hand Time".

      second hand time
    • By Amara 2022-10-01 03:41:30


      "Return" is about the relationship between father and son. One day, a father who has not returned home for twelve years suddenly appeared in front of the two children. The two brothers had only a photo of their father when they were very young and traveled with him to a remote island. His father used his simple and clear way of doing things with clear rewards and punishments, which won Andre's admiration and obedience, but also met Ivan's disgust and resistance. The center repeatedly described...

    • By Alec 2022-09-30 03:39:27

      cruel beauty

      The feeling of the film is shocking and brutal, and Andrei Sarkinsev's shots are very similar to Tarkovsky's shots, the passing time and the dreamlike shots.

      The director was very reluctant to explain the story, but gave a very simple summary: from mother to father.

      For twelve years, there was no father. The two sons lived with their mother. The mother was more like a safe haven, taking care of the two fledgling chicks. The youngest son did not dare to jump off the high platform....

    • By Lyla 2022-09-27 19:22:13

      Sad to watch, but good movie

      There is no explanation for the 12 years that my father disappeared, only that he has eaten enough fish, so he stopped eating fish. A metaphor for Soviet politics. This kind of film is like the winter when the train passes through Siberia (I have never taken it, imagined), it is long but makes you feel nervous all the time, I thought about fast-forwarding, but finally I didn't want to miss the details, and I finished it. Although I keep praying that the father in the film is a cool father who...

    • By Meredith 2022-09-26 20:31:01

      "Return" - life is like a boat

      In the sound effects and picture processing, there is a shadow of Tarkovsky.
      The background music in the first and second half is brilliant, a fusion of modern synth sounds and classics.
      It feels a lot like An Zhe's "Landscape in the Fog". They are all looking for something on the road, exploring the meaning of the symbol "father" on the road.
      The more society evolves, the more confusing the symbols of father and mother become.
      The entire movie has a diffused shade of blue....

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    • By Amely 2022-09-27 03:13:41

      Wow, since the death of my father, the film has gone up a notch immediately, the photography is...

    • By Louisa 2022-09-18 19:27:38

      boy, father,...

    • By Damian 2022-09-05 04:17:44

      The lens is beautiful, the family is very...

    • By Holden 2022-08-19 11:41:53

      Highly abstract movie. Call it a father-son relationship or a political metaphor, but that's not what the movie is all about. What the director pursues is a modern myth of universal significance, so the film deliberately moves the stage from the town to the isolated island, examines the primitive love by stripping away the interpersonal relationship of modern society, and completes this myth through death. But the director clearly made the mistake of breaking away from Russian culture, and the...

    • By Makayla 2022-08-03 22:13:00

      Love and...

    Movie quotes

    • [first lines]

      [on-screen caption: Sunday]

      [boy falls in the water, then floats up]

      Zavodila: Jump as we agreed! Who climbs down the ladder is a cowardly wanker.

      [swims to the shore]

      Boy on Tower: Go on, Vityok. You're next.

    • [last lines]

      Ivan: Look...

      [shows a photo to Andrey]

      Andrey: Hide it.

      [Ivan puts the photo back]

      Ivan: Andrey, my feet are wet.

      Andrey: Take your shoes off.