• Director:
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Release date: August 17, 2021
  • Sound mix: Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Also known as: Строк
  • Time is a British TV drama set for release in 2021.


    • Release date August 17, 2021
    • Filming locations Shrewsbury Prison, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, UK
    • Production companies BBC Studios, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Liverpool Film Office

    Movie reviews

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    • By Johnny 2022-10-17 22:24:46

      British three-act drama interpretation of prison life official materials are for reference only

      BBC Studios Production's three-act drama, on June 6, officially released the following materials for reference (with translation, please bear with me if there is any inappropriate ability):

      Seen through the eyes of two very different men, Time is a visceral and high-stakes portrayal of life in the modern British penal system. It is a story of guilt and forgiveness, punishment and penitence and the impact that prison has on...

    • By Sammy 2022-10-17 18:47:52

      Good show, but too depressing

      I watched it for the actors, and I couldn't watch it any longer. The prison was too dark.

      Criminals who serve their sentences in the spirit of atonement, and prison guards who are conscientious on duty, cannot survive.

      We humans, there is no bottom line when it goes bad, is the world worth it?

      I always thought that these two could join forces to subdue the prison boss, but the progress bar told me it was...

    • By Dayana 2022-10-17 16:22:54

      Help, how can British actors act so well?

      The roles played by Mr. Sean Bean are usually high in force. This time, he played a very respected and polite English teacher. He seems to be an elementary school teacher. In the drama, he also teaches prisoners to read. He is a person who is very proud of his profession, and he is bullied and never fights back, just because he thinks the teacher shouldn't fight, he is really good at acting, and he doesn't feel any shadow of him in Game of Thrones at all.

    • By Annette 2022-10-17 15:18:23

      Translates to: Prison time? Or would it be better to live like a year?

      The worst irrelevant title in history, why not generate a new word: prison time. It can express the theme more appropriately. No, it can be called living like a year. I have finished expressing it, but I still have to make up the number of words. Please allow me to adapt a song (living underground) to pay tribute to this drama, the sky in the distance is always so blue, but I am wasting a good time here, life is like a long road in the dark night, whoever walks I never say...

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    • By Brenda 2023-09-01 19:24:05

      [3.0] The prison guard Hudu is eager to break the law with his own body. This line is very well written, and it brings out the unresolvable contradiction between human feelings and legal principles that may exist at present, even if this special situation is not universal. The line of drunk driving teachers is relatively unattractive. The experience of prison violence has spent too much space, but prison education is sloppy presentation in a few...

    • By Virginia 2023-08-27 10:10:45

      Short version of oz prison guard is so difficult PS What is the name of this drama? Time doesn't mean going to...

    • By Jaylen 2023-08-13 07:49:26

      The display of prison life is very rich, and the revelation of sin and redemption is very...

    • By Queenie 2023-07-27 02:12:25

      It's not a prison-themed film in the general sense, and it may fall short of many people's expectations, but I like it very much, and real life won't be a cool...

    • By Leonard 2023-06-05 17:59:14

      British dramas can be disappointing at times, but Jimmy McGovern hasn't so far. Take a look at his previous work "Broken", which is also tortured to...

    Movie plot

    Manslaughter of an innocent teacher Mark Cobden (Sean Bean) receives a four-year prison sentence out of guilt and remorse; conscientious prison guard Eric McNally (Stephen Graham) works under a high-pressure prison system and does his best to Protect the prisoners under his watch. However, when a dangerous criminal in prison threatens Eric with the safety of the one he loves, he is faced with a dilemma. Time is the most straightforward...
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