• Director: Judd Apatow
  • Countries of origin: United States, Japan
  • Language: English, Mandarin
  • Release date: July 17, 2015
  • Runtime: 2h 5min
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital, SDDS, Datasat
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Дівчина без комплексів
  • "Trainwreck" is a comedy produced by Universal Pictures, directed by Judd Apatow and starring Amy Schumer , Bill Hader and Brie Larson . The film was released in the United States on July 17, 2015.
    The film is based on Amy Schumer's own real experience. It tells the story of a girl who has been dating different men but never fell in love. Suddenly one day meets the true son who may end her single life   .


    • Release date July 17, 2015
    • Filming locations Plattduetsche Home - 1150 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, New York City, New York, USA
    • Production companies Universal Pictures, Apatow Productions, Dentsu

    Box office


    $35,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Foster 2021-11-30 08:01:30

      Modern Views on Love Life of Older Leftover Women

      Understand a lot of truths, but have a bad life. This sentence is ambiguous. If you understand a lot of truth, you may not be able to follow it. If you understand a lot of truth, you may not be able to guarantee that the truth is useful.

      I watched this film at station B. At the beginning of the film, my father said, if you can only play with the same doll for the rest of your life, will you get bored with it? Will you like it more when you see a new doll? what would you do....

    • By Eleanora 2021-11-30 08:01:30

      You better not understand the heroes and heroines in the play

      This is not a counterattack by the turtle at all. It is the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

      Watched with the girl. Later, I asked, I couldn't understand why the heroine had to do all kinds of deaths, and I couldn't understand why the heroine should cherish the heroine. I said, you better not understand the heroes and heroines in the play. The vast majority of this film is a naked reality, a story that happens every day in New York. Except for the recombination of the...

    • By Jedidiah 2021-11-30 08:01:30

      Why is it so funny

      Why this film is funny:
      1. Sex is always the best story. For example, when choosing topics in magazines, discuss whether eating garlic will cause men’s semen to taste different; for example, when men and women have sex, they are asked to say some pornographic jokes.
      2. Repeated use of scenes or plots: In the opening 3 minutes, Amy goes to bed with several men and sends them away. In this clip, countless men stand at the door and say goodbye to Amy. One shot is fine, but...

    • By Osbaldo 2021-11-30 08:01:30

      Fragmentation and Fragmentation of Manhattan Girls

      I have never seen Shumer's show, but the petty bourgeoisie generally praised it.

      This girl's appearance is exactly the same as her boss's comment on her.

      Not ugly, not gorgeous, not beautiful, not showy.

      Therefore, for this girl who can bring down so many men, in addition to a smart tongue, he has to have a "smart tongue".

      The figure is still good, but I still can't help but look sideways at this woman who has been leaking short skirts for...

    • By Jean 2021-11-30 08:01:30

      Actually I came to see LeBron

      No matter you have reached the peak of your life, or are at the bottom of your life, there will be debris in your life, such as endless cocktail parties, social interactions, and games that are day and night. There is no essential difference between them, they are useless but necesary! Amy, who is ugly and can't even arouse others' goodwill, is full of fear of marriage, her private life is chaotic, and her outlet is sexual lies, in other words, the cynicism that adults say. However,...

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    • By Spencer 2022-04-23 07:01:58

      Do not spare no effort to black monogamy and black true love, but encounter true love and choose monogamy. All kinds of vicious tongues and black people are just to appear cool, comedy with...

    • By Baylee 2022-04-22 07:01:21

      The female pig is too ugly, and the plot is garbage. King James...

    • By Brandi 2022-04-22 07:01:21

      It's not a pejorative term that the movie is made awkwardly, which means it's sincere, but not smart enough, and light enough, but not annoying, which is important for genre...

    • By Andreanne 2022-04-22 07:01:21

      Tilda Swinton's look scared me to death. I didn't even know it was her unless I looked at the cast list. LBJ's acting skills are amazing. The scenes with him are so funny. In fact, the first hour and a half of this film was very good, but The ending of this movie will never be...

    • By Maggie 2022-04-22 07:01:21

      It's like a "Happiness Line Behind the Dark Clouds" that uses too much force, but Judd Apatow, who uses two points of skill, has been messing around for a long time, and suddenly everyone is happy when he hugs it out. Amy Schumer is unscrupulous and miserable, too much like Louis CK, but the male protagonist produced by the Bad Boy Gang is a warmer than the...

    Evaluation action

    A funny, sweet and even tear-jerking film, but the best scenes seem to be filled with swear words. I believe that if Schumer and Apato continue to work together, they will be able to create more masterpieces. "The Wreck of Life" is more than just fun and simple. This is a film full of wisdom and philosophy of life, written by Amy Schumer. The film is as arrogant, funny and occasionally vulgar as she is, but this kind of roughness fits...
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    Movie quotes

    • Aaron: Do you follow sports?

      Amy: Oh, my God. Sports? I love them.

      Aaron: Who are your favorite teams?

      Amy: The, uh... I like smaller teams, like the... not the big leagues. I like the... like, um... Long Island Mediums. The... the Acorn Pine Cones.

      Aaron: Haven't heard of them.

      Amy: The Fire Island Penguins. I like the Cincinnati Thunder-Wizards.

      Aaron: You can stop.

      Amy: The Orlando... Blooms?

      Aaron: You can stop. You don't follow sports.

      Amy: I'm sorry, I don't. I don't know anything about sports.

    • LeBron James: Can you validate my parking, please?

    • Aaron: You were really, really good!

      Amy: As it turns out, I am in terrible physical shape.

      Aaron: Yeah, I saw that.

      Amy: Could you see that?

      Aaron: Yeah.

      Amy: I am sweating more than I am proud of.