The Invisible Man's look and feel contains spoilers

Jess 2022-04-23 07:01:33

As a horror film, I think this film has done its job. The sound effects, atmosphere, and empty shots are all in place, and the acting skills supported by the heroine are also the biggest highlight of this play. To say the success of this play, it is that the completely original horror method can also make the audience feel creepy. Let me say a few points. The first is the plot. Although there is a reversal, it can basically be guessed. His reversal is not unexpected (if you watch a lot of suspense movies, you can see what to play at a glance), if Being able to overwhelm the whole story with an eye-opening setting might be even scarier. The second is the characters. Except for the heroine's strong emotions, basically no other characters can be seen. As a movie, it is very important to portray the character of an important character in a short period of time. But the male ticket, the policeman, the little girl, the older sister, the older brother, I don't know what language to use to describe these characters. Especially the male ticket, the character of this story title is too loose, there is no way to define whether he is selfish, smart, perverted or something, and a policeman, whether he is kind or something else, as a policeman What did he contribute to this drama , only the last one left blank? (Hahaha maybe I haven't fully understood) Each character can give the audience a variety of imagination. If I were a director, I would not let the audience speculate on the main image of each character at will. Finally, it was the turning point of the last five minutes. The heroine turned from defeat to victory, completely out of a very bright feminist image, but I felt that this ending was too hasty. A woman who had been tortured all of a sudden, suddenly put on the invisibility cloak that she had hidden and killed the male vote. Don't the smart and vicious male votes know? In just one minute, the heroine suddenly turned defeat into victory? I think this ending can be fuller, so that the ending will somewhat disappoint the audience. In short, in the days when movie theaters are so sluggish, it's good to have a movie that doesn't play.

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  • Ransom 2022-04-24 07:01:04

    Be sure to watch IMAX! Be sure to watch IMAX! Be sure to watch IMAX! High-tech + horror = modern psychological thriller. Little Moss can play such a neurotic woman, and he is n times more advanced than gone girl.

  • Kameron 2022-03-25 09:01:06

    That splattered paint on the spot

The Invisible Man quotes

  • [last lines]

    James Lanier: Hey, hey. You okay?

    Cecilia Kass: It's okay...

    James Lanier: You okay? What...

    Cecilia Kass: I'm okay. I'm okay. James, look at me. I'm okay. He killed himself. He cut his own throat. There's security camera video of it.

    [James sees Cecilia carrying the invisibility suit in her bag making a soft and rabid clicking sound]

    James Lanier: You never did want to get him to admitting anything on tape, did you?

    Cecilia Kass: Of course I did. I just didn't know he was that unstable.

    [James is staring at Cecilia]

    Cecilia Kass: You heard it, right? James? What'd it sound like to you?

    James Lanier: [hesitating] It sounded a lot like he killed himself.

    [Cecilia and James pat each other as Cecilia walks away and James look on. Cecilia leaves with Zeus and the suit. After walking away, Cecilia stops and closes her eyes, ending the movie]

  • Adrian Griffin: You think you're learning how to beat me, so I'm going to truly teach you something. If you fight me, I won't ever hurt you. I'll find someone you love and hurt them instead. Now you've only got yourself to blame for that innocent young girl's death.

    Cecilia Kass: No, please! Not Sydney. Adrian, no.