The connection between people can be so beautiful

Tressie 2022-04-21 09:02:00

How to watch the aurora and count the stars in Iceland while watching a huge 42-inch TV in India's slums.

In the Super Sensation Eight, we can realize that each person seems to have eight different personalities and avatars. Maybe this is the difference between American dramas and small fresh Korean dramas and domestic dramas. They always do other things when they are in love. American dramas talk about love while doing things, so they feel that the subject matter is very limited. Fortunately, the types of domestic dramas are more abundant. Basically, love is the main line and everything else is the sub-line.

But this kind of life is not real after all. We always have to do things seriously. There are so many things happening every day. It is impossible to be like a TV series. It can be a few months or a few years in a flash. After all, we are still Take every minute of every day.

Every time I watch a sci-fi movie, it’s like I’m living in a fantasy world. Sometimes the best thing about these European and American dramas is that they make you feel that these things may actually exist and happen. For example, there are indeed people who have the same soul, and the horizontal editing method adopted by the director makes people feel extremely real. As the Indian girl said, Mumbai on one side, sun and clear sky. It was a magical experience while being drenched in chicken soup in Berlin. The boy in Nairobi might never have been on a plane if it wasn't for Riley, and if it wasn't for Shan, he wouldn't have been as far away as Seoul. In the same way, how could Shan, who is still imprisoned, be in the beautiful Iceland with Riley, smoking a cigarette and watching the sunset on a quiet and peaceful evening?

There is also true love between the same sex in the play, about transgender lesbians. More and more understand and understand.

Sometimes I feel that the more I see, the more I understand. Although I will be critical, I will be more tolerant, and I will not judge a thing, a person, or a thing casually. "Because I understand, so be compassionate" This sentence always makes me feel inexplicable fit. Everyone is an independent existence and is always one. It seems that there is a clone technique, and the skill of being able to move instantly makes people addicted.

Sometimes people are really wonderful beings. I have to admire the human brain is a very smart and amazing thing, it can create so many things that we can't explain ourselves. So, is there an unexplainable connection between certain things? If you really want to explain it, then ask God.

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Extended Reading
  • Melba 2021-11-30 08:01:28

    The first and last episodes are more exciting, and there is nothing in the middle part. The stories of several people are basically boring and slow. According to the situation of the entire first season, even if the number of episodes doubles in the second season, there will not be much progress. The characters are very fresh and the story structure is great, but the plot is too bad. I like the story of two gay couples, Pei Douna and the German guy. I feel that all the plots of Icelandic girls are superfluous.

  • Reanna 2022-04-01 09:01:04

    Why do I feel so bad? The first feeling is that the editor and director got out of the psychedelic state after taking drugs?