The more suffering people have experienced, the more reality people change

Maia 2022-04-23 07:01:57

The last time I watched a romance film so deeply was watching "500 Days with Summer" in 2010. If 500 Days is a campus version of a love story, this is a social version of a love story. I was a student before, and now I have been in the society for 5 years. I feel that many plots of this movie are still close to social reality.
1. About chasing girls: When a girl is in a foreign land and has no friends, even a plumber repairer, as long as she has a sense of humor and dedication, she can catch up. And when a girl can be financially independent and has a certain social experience, even if she is a local rich and handsome, she must be conscientious and diligent in order to win her heart. So whether you can get a good girl paper, one is to see the girl's living situation at that time, and the other is that men must be willing to pay.
2. Watching women's choices through movies: I have a very good buddy, and when I came to Beijing, I had a girlfriend, and the two lived together for more than a year. In the end, because the girl found a better man in her work unit, she followed me. This dude is broken. I am not here to denounce anything, because everyone has the right to pursue a better life, this is the social reality. As the old saying goes, the cloud is right, and that's what it says. The heroine is married to a plumber who repairs water, and it's strange to not be moved by the pursuit of the second generation of the local rich. If it weren't for the blackmail of the old lady of the viper, the green hat who repaired the plumbing would have been worn to death. Therefore, men looking for women should not be much worse than women in terms of economic and cultural recuperation, especially in the face of women who are independent in thinking, enterprising, and unwilling to be content with the status quo. There is always a hat hanging over your head, and when you buckle your head depends on when your woman meets the ideal cheating partner.

In the end, the Oscar nomination for Best Film Critic is just short of "The Big Short" before I have time to watch it. This is the most like the best film I have ever seen in the nominations. As for who is the winner, we will see the results tomorrow morning.

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  • Arnulfo 2021-12-01 08:01:26

    To put it bluntly, it is such a story. You went to a foreign country to study alone, without a house, car, or friends, and crying by yourself in the middle of the night watching your family's messages. Suddenly going home from a holiday, there is a friend at home who has a job and a small chase after you. However, although you are tempted, you resolutely leave home again, crying in your heart, my god is still in your country, I have to go back [.

  • Bernhard 2022-03-30 09:01:04

    How can there be such a beautiful love! In fact, love can't stand a choice. Don't think of sufficient reasons. If the reasons for love are not sufficient, then there will be no more love. Love requires impulse, and marriage is even more so. Smooth narrative, fluttering emotions, and enchanting love.

Brooklyn quotes

  • Miss Fortini: Ellis, you look like a different person. How did you do it? Maybe I can pass some advice onto the next poor girl who feels that way.

    Eilis: I met somebody. An Italian fella.

    Miss Fortini: Oh, I'm not passing that on. I'd rather have them homesick than heartbroken. Does he talk about baseball all the time? Or, his mother?

    Eilis: No.

    Miss Fortini: Then keep him. There isn't another Italian man like him in New York.

  • Maurizio: So, has Tony offered to take you to Ebbets Field when the season starts?

    Eilis: [to Tony] You like baseball?

    Maurizio: He never mentioned the Dodgers? Not even once? What's the matter with you?