I admire the director very much. Just one main actor, and the music, have saved the story.

Korey 2022-04-19 09:01:49

The plot will not be reviewed, see other posts.
Li Ao said: The highest state of stealing food is not stealing. is YY.
The in-depth film is to let everyone hint at YY.
The shooting scenery is beautiful, the rhythm is slow, the supporting characters that appear seem to be very ordinary, the whole film is like a documentary, and the estimated cost is also small.
The most important thing is that there are not too many dialogues that can be remembered. It is all up to the audience to string together the whole story. Under the guidance of the director, there should be no standard answer. It is estimated that many people will not like it too much, watching a movie is so exhausting.
Scarlett is very charming here, especially she is a bit natural. Most of the time, she can't see any emotion in her eyes. As the plot develops, some people become conscious at the back of the film.
Especially in the end, after the black body took off the skin, it seemed very puzzled and sad (we do not understand the emotions of black people, just like they do not understand the feelings of human beings), and gave up the struggle and held their second The individual body accepts the fate of death.

Sexuality is also the instinct of the biological designer for the species, in order to reproduce the species. Some netizens mentioned that the men that Scarlet experienced were all for sex, and they broke free and resisted. I don’t think so. It needs to be viewed in opposition.

This film is better classified as a literary film. Science fiction is a pretense, and no one has watched it if they do not recognize it. Science fiction is also a perspective, looking at humans from a perspective without human emotions.

I admire the director very much. Just one main actor, and the music, have saved the story.

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  • Sedrick 2021-11-29 08:01:21

    Seeing that the goddess wears a mink and looks like a bear, I feel relieved to provoke it (but still a good-looking bear TT

  • Colton 2022-03-29 09:01:02

    The premise that "a subject without emotion and desire generates emotion and desire" is a ridiculous fallacy in itself, an empirical error that does not break away from the narrow vision of human beings, and even human beings do not really recognize it.

Under the Skin quotes

  • Female: You're not from here? Where are you from?

    Camper: I'm from Czech Republic.

    Female: Why are you in Scotland?

    Camper: I just... wanted to get away from it all.

    Female: Yeah? Why here?

    Camper: Because it's... It's nowhere.

  • Female: So, why do you shop at night, then?

    The Deformed Man: People wind me up.

    Female: How?

    The Deformed Man: They're ignorant.