Under the Skin

Cindy 2022-04-20 09:01:40

That's right, I came only for the naked body of Goddess Scarlett Johansson.
I picked the middle of the night and prepared to enjoy the seductive performance of the goddess. I didn’t expect that the whole process was like watching a suspenseful horror movie. Keep looking at it with new eyes. The goddess's winter clothes were tightly wrapped from beginning to end, and she did not reveal a single trace, except when she was naked. In other words, she doesn't seem to be tempting at all. As a result, due to the needs of the plot, she doesn't look erotic when she takes off her clothes. This level is really high. It can only be said that the goddess's vision for choosing the script is first-class. Yes, how did she know that this film would not turn into a bad film, she was so confident.
To tell the truth before, I didn't think she was a strong acting school. Although she has performed in various types of films that are well-received and popular, and there are not a few of them, but as a senior beauty, her face and figure always make people a little bit. Acting is ignored. Until this one, with short black hair, his appearance was completely different from the previous hot route, he didn't need to say anything, his expression was cold, he kept driving silently, and only asked for directions, and the person being asked usually spoke a strange language, Obviously it's the feeling of being in the UK, no matter how good the British English is, you can't understand it at all.
She is playing an alien creature who is studying the earthlings and curiously studying the earthlings at the same time. Can I say that she acts too well? After watching the spoiler, I can no longer regard her as an earthling. . The camera slowly swept across everyone walking on the street, children, old people, young adults, yes, it was just these few areas, thousands of people, each of them was a story, and the skin was actually more like a story. In literature or religion, man is just a stinky skin, yes, it stinks very much after death. So you think perfume is so pointless, and any makeup, clothing, everything, but it's amazing to think about how much thought we put into this skin. So at the end of the film, it was a philosophical question. Under the skin, what is a person and what is he pursuing. Let’s go a little further, what’s under the skin of life? Everyone tries to present a picture of themselves living well in front of others. If only you can see WeChat or space, you will still be so active. photo? Maybe everything is just an appearance. What you see is what others see, and so is what others see. But outside the appearance, you really can't see anything. Those are the parts that you don't want to be seen, so they are all hidden, like You look at other people's instagrams and admire how beautiful other people's lives are. In fact, you know what other people's lives are like.
When she saw the kiss, her heart sank. Can only the human skin feel the love in a kiss? It seems that humans can no longer separate the soul from the body. Do you love my face or mine? Heart, no one asks this kind of thing now.
The film itself is not good-looking or even quite ugly. Going the way of an experimental film, it may scare the audience away at the beginning. Anyway, I have been holding back and not giving up, because I don’t believe that the goddess will dedicate her full nudity to an inexplicably bad movie. Thanks for watching countless boring movies before, endurance is all exercised. The most classic is that after killing people on the beach in the dark and windy night, leaving behind the poor wow wow suffering child in the dark, the helplessness, the fear, the fright, the cry to death can't be expressed, the human baby is simply the weakest in the world creatures, none of them.

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Under the Skin quotes

  • Female: You're not from here? Where are you from?

    Camper: I'm from Czech Republic.

    Female: Why are you in Scotland?

    Camper: I just... wanted to get away from it all.

    Female: Yeah? Why here?

    Camper: Because it's... It's nowhere.

  • Female: So, why do you shop at night, then?

    The Deformed Man: People wind me up.

    Female: How?

    The Deformed Man: They're ignorant.

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