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Curtis 2022-04-21 09:01:57

The last time I was surprised was when I watched the former destination. The rhythm of the movie was slow at the beginning. The first shot was said to be a nebula representing aliens from outer space, but I think the meaning of the first shot is The aliens build their own earthling appearance step by step and according to the original soundtrack album sequence the first title is called creation and when the eye picture appears, the heroine starts to learn the language, which can be used as a further improvement.

The motorcycle man should be the boss in the aliens, or the person who supervises the heroine, so he will help the heroine find a body. When the heroine kills someone, he will help her deal with the aftermath. He's going to take her back

According to the director's explanation, she felt the kindness of human beings when she was wrestling. She sat in the car and observed further through her eyes. Human beings have joy and interaction. It will not be like her and the alien boss. At night, from the way of shooting, her vision becomes more and more dim, which can also be understood as the tone is getting warmer and warmer. The composer also said that even the paradoxical soundtrack has become emotional at this time.

From turning a blind eye to picking up a stone and killing a man who lost his strength in order to save people to letting go of a lonely freak Knowing that it is impossible for me to become an earthling after all

In the end, it also destroys the evil of human beings, but is it some kind of victory because the alien boss who has been trying to hunt her down can never control her again

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Under the Skin quotes

  • Female: You're not from here? Where are you from?

    Camper: I'm from Czech Republic.

    Female: Why are you in Scotland?

    Camper: I just... wanted to get away from it all.

    Female: Yeah? Why here?

    Camper: Because it's... It's nowhere.

  • Female: So, why do you shop at night, then?

    The Deformed Man: People wind me up.

    Female: How?

    The Deformed Man: They're ignorant.

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