The Art of Negotiation, The Negotiation Handbook

Alberto 2022-04-20 09:01:37

When you look at the title screen, you know it's a good movie. When the names of Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and David Morse appear in the subtitles, people are so excited that they want to pee. These three famous actors specialize in this movie. Kind of, and Paul Giamatti was just a minor character at the time, and it would have been even better if James Cromwell was also in the film. This can be called an authentic police suspense film. In the 1990s, many excellent films of this type emerged, which had a profound impact on the formation of the style of police and bandit films by Nolan and others in later generations. It was so enjoyable to watch, and the more I watched it, the more interesting it became. It was considered to have exposed the bottom of the Chicago Police Department. By the way, I gave it a clear and loud slap in the face, which awakened many corrupt elements within the police department, and they quickly extended their hands to the public funds. Shrinking back, the outside world was disappointed in them, and the Chicago Police Department was as frustrating and hopeless as the Gotham police community. The highest level of negotiation can be summarized as: [Insight into human nature, insight into people's hearts], mutual trust between colleagues has become worthless, it is difficult to distinguish [friends and foes], and the relationship between superiors and subordinates, as well as checks and balances of power and supervision are facing disintegration and collapse. How was this script written? In today's Hollywood, with the current pan-commercial model, it is difficult to produce classic masterpieces, but in the long history of human films, there are always such good films that can bring us warmth and hope.
Digression: When it comes to the word "respect", the creators of "Ace to Ace" respect the culture, the society, the public, the fans, and the audience's feelings. And when have the vast majority of national films respected our own vast audience? Before it was released, he said [So-and-so cried for an hour while watching] (the time he counted by pinching his watch?), and before filming started, he threatened to [promise how many billions], [rhetoric] into the car, [the lion spoke up] 】It's more than bragging, it's really [even bluffing and cheating], and it's good to misbehave. Since they don't take our audience's trust in them seriously, and so disrespect our feelings and emotions, what right do I have to respect them? I have a problem with me, and I can't change it in my life, that is: I don't watch movies made by scumbags.
Yesterday was the National Day of the United States. I wish the international friends on the other side of the Pacific a happy holiday. I hope that my compatriots and overseas Chinese living abroad can contribute to the promotion of Sino-US relations, strengthen bilateral relations, expand trade exchanges, and serve The full opening of the film market in 2017 has laid a solid foundation, and more dock films can enter our field of vision and integrate into our lives. May the friendship between China and the United States last forever (you know, there is no eternal friendship, only eternal interests), and the five-star red flag and the star-spangled flag will never fall.

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  • Aurore 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Dad is still so handsome, the baby face is not covered~~~ The screenwriter is so strong! The rhythm of the lens assembly is very precise~

  • Monica 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Kevin Spacey is awesome! ! Whether it is justice, evil, perversion, or mid-life crisis, they are all at ease! ! The film of 1998, although it looks a little rough in some places, it still can't cover this classic commercial film. I really love Uncle Kevin so much! ! In the end, I have to spit on the issue of the system, which is really a mess.

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  • Lieutenant Danny Roman: You want my blood? Take my blood!

  • Lieutenant Danny Roman: Crazy is on the bus.