Give children more opportunities to choose their lives

Terrill 2022-04-19 09:01:45

In fact, I once had a very similar experience with "Coach Carter". After graduating from graduate school, I went to a private college to be a teacher. We all know that the grades of students in private colleges are definitely not very good, and their consciousness is very poor. At that time, our school was also very bad and the treatment was not high. In 2013, it was only about 4,000 yuan for a month, and it was in Guangdong. Therefore, the teacher is also a foreign worker in class, and does not prepare lessons carefully. I remember when we first entered the school, no one taught us how to teach, we just figured it out on our own. In the beginning, I was more serious about preparing for classes, but later I felt that class was very boring, especially on Friday afternoons when many students skipped classes and couldn't control them. Now that I think about the situation at that time, life is really hopeless. Later, he chose to leave and went to another school with a slightly higher grade, a private three-school school. At the time, work was still a little exciting. I feel that the quality of the students in the school has improved significantly, and the emotional intelligence of the students is higher than the original. So for a long time, my interest in work was still quite high. But I was working as a counselor at the time, so it was a lot of pressure. Especially at that time, one of my students had some problems and was expelled from the school when he was a freshman. At that time, I felt that working there also felt that my future was bleak. Finally, I entered the system through the entrance examination. What is life like now? income is relatively stable. The income is higher than the original two units. Then the social status may be relatively high. However, the mental pressure is very high, especially in the unit, I have to think for a long time to say a word, for fear of offending people. Although I don't regret my choice, I feel that I have been running away. When I really faced those underachievers, when I really faced those difficulties, I was looking for more development opportunities myself, rather than thinking about changing students. So back to today's movie. Coach Carter is really good. He taught us how to deal with underachievers. In the face of life, maybe for you you can choose. However, they have few options. Their family, their birth, they can't choose. So, they can't choose their own life, but life chooses them. Coach Carter did not give up on them, but took them to learn and improve together, giving them more choices in their lives.

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