Who will love take care of?

Sincere 2022-04-21 09:01:47

Love is selfish.
The perfect heroine in the hero's heart will involuntarily become a hateful "bacteria" when the hero is about to marry another woman, polluting and blocking all the beautiful continuations that he can't get as much as possible...
Face yourself 9 Years of love, say it without reservation before the other party gets married, this may be a kind of responsibility for oneself, a kind of active struggle, this kind of plot arrangement is a bit dramatic and ideal, but I believe there are many in real life. Such a lover! Saying it is a kind of adventure, either confessing that success will eventually win your own happiness; or giving yourself a sad but worthwhile answer, letting go of your hand and silently blessing the happiness of the other party and others.
This process is destined to cause harm to some related parties, either hurting others or hurting themselves, but it is best that every related party can understand him on the other side with empathy, and then let everyone find a tolerant one. There is no harm, or a balance that smoothes the harm.
The heroine's wife is worthy of being loved, because she knows how to cherish and tolerate love, and only such a person who is not selfish in front of love can truly get the care of love!
The ending of the movie is very warm, bravely say love, bless every couple with lovers!

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  • Vicenta 2021-11-15 08:01:27

    Who doesn't feel bad about meeting such a cute little girl! She is young, delicate, beautiful, and innocent. She believes that her lover is always right. In order to love him, she apologizes and admits her mistakes again and again, even if those mistakes were not committed by her... So, Julia Roberts Lost. The scheming loss to Chunzhen is a bit twitchy, but it's really touching.

  • Kelli 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    The Roberts comedy I watched on TV, the same theme, what was Anne Hathaway's one day filming? Men and women still don't exist. Friendship turns into love, then turns into friendship, and the silly girl is still together. Add one star to this GAY honey span

My Best Friend's Wedding quotes

  • Julianne Potter: Now remember, it is the duty of the best man to dance with the maid of honor.

    Michael O'Neill: Dance? You can't dance. When did you learn how to dance?

    Julianne Potter: I've got moves you've never seen.

  • George Downes: Go on. This is so moving. Kindred spirits, eh?

    Julianne Potter: No, he's nothing like me. He's like you, actually, only straight.