Just how it ends, varies from person to person

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Personally, I think Huang Yiyu's 1 and 3 are much better than David R. Ellis' 2. He emphasizes the rendering of the atmosphere rather than the pursuit of visual stimulation, while David R. Ellis prefers bloody scenes and the high-decibel screams of the protagonists. . In 2009, "Death Comes 4" will be released soon, and David R. Ellis will pick up the baton, which is still worth looking forward to. The point is that the movie theme is attractive. Since ancient times, the mysterious veil of life and death has been shrouded in the deepest part of the human mind. Various events that cannot be explained by science have always been the creative source for human beings to give full play to their subjective imagination. The propositions about life and death are a bit confusing. Although the god of death is too stingy, why should he be so deliberate about chasing after him? Turning to think, in every carefully arranged death situation, the god of death actually relies on the hands of people, and finally pushes people to death. The people in the Death God's plan, without exception, indirectly assist the Death God to complete every single task.

This is probably what the Chinese say, there is a certain order in everything. I remember seeing a painting in an ancient Greek exhibition: people, turning gears, huge machines, and bloody weapons. I can't remember the name of the painting. I just remember that the interpreter said it was wisdom. The ancient Greeks had a transparent view of fate, people, life, and death. Machines represent destiny, man is the cog in it, life is the beginning of illusion, and death is the end. The reason why the gear can rotate for a long time is that the source of this power is the person himself. Life and death are just a game, and life is the code of the game. War is the boredom of the gods living on the Olympic Mountains, and peace is a pause between games. The movie just uses an exaggerated method to tell us that everyone is doomed to die, but how it ends varies from person to person.

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    In one breath, after reading the four parts, I deleted them directly, there is nothing new!

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    My own DVD, but I really have no interest in watching it in the CHOOSE THEIR FATE interactive mode.

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  • Ashlynn Halperin: Oh my god, Ashley! You're so totally winning!

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