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Adalberto 2022-04-19 09:01:45

This is the third installment of Reaper. Although there are some innovations, it is still the same story layout and structure. Therefore, it seems that there is nothing new, and of course it will still be a little exciting and touching.

However, for those who have never watched this series, it is estimated that it will have a very big impact. I still remember the shock of watching the first one 5 years ago. It is not just a horror movie in a simple sense, nor is it a Western Horror movies with the theme of visual disgust have no horror images, but the carefully arranged accidents are creepy and shuddering.

This one naturally has the same effect, but the fact that the god of death appeared in a specific image once was disgusting, which should be regarded as a failure.

However, such a subject should never get tired of watching it. It is estimated that there will be continuous sequels launched, and there will definitely be supporters who will continue to introduce new ones. After all, there are not a few people who watch this series for the first time.

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  • Coralie 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    It's all a routine, and it's just like that when you look at it... It really hasn't changed at all ==

  • Bernita 2021-11-19 08:01:28

    Samsung’s look to the heroine is the type I like

Final Destination 3 quotes

  • Ashlynn Halperin: Shit. I forgot my iPod.

    Ashley Freund: Sucks bitch. They've got CDs.

    [Ashley gets on one of the tanning booths and checks out the CDs on the shelf]

    Ashley Freund: Ew, Celine? Britney? Dude, are we like the only cool people that come here or what?

    Ashlynn Halperin: Yeah!

  • Ashlynn Halperin: [before her death] It's way too warm in here now, huh?