People, you all owe the witch an apology! !

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【Spoiler Warning】

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was very talented and possessed a powerful "chi" (CHI) [Although I can't tell what the "chi" in the movie is it internal power? is magic? Or is it yin and yang that reconcile the greatness of equality between men and women? I don't know...but it's pretty cool anyway...]

But in the world where men are superior to women, the more powerful a girl is, the more she is regarded as a heretic, so she was expelled, escaped into the devil's way, and turned into a witch.

As the saying goes: blackening is ten times stronger. After the girl turned into a witch, her abilities were already defying the sky. She could deform and hypnotize her. Then, she started a big game of chess...

She first resorted to Rouran Khan, and she cooperated with the inside and outside to attack the city and pull out the village, which caused the border to be in a hurry.

Then he turned into a defeated army in the Central Plains, met the emperor in person, told the emperor how powerful the foreign enemies were, and made a fool of himself, prompting the emperor to recruit troops from all over the world, and put the whole country's troops into the Silk Road. This is the story of Mulan joining the army for her father.

It is said that Mulan also has a strong "qi", but she was suppressed by patriarchy and patriarchal power since she was a child. The witch took a fancy to this, and when Mulan first participated in the war, she led her to a place where no one was there, and ended up in person.

Mulan finally woke up, took off her men's clothes, and defeated the enemy with her daughter. She was later expelled from the barracks because of her identity as a woman.

When Mulan hesitated, it was the witch who brought warmth and comfort. [Normal, the love-hate relationship between the princess and the devil, isn't Disney like this now] Unfortunately, Mulan doesn't appreciate it, saying that you are a thief, I am a soldier, and we are not the same. The witch was disheartened, and then she told the truth: Rouran Khan pretended to be defeated and led a team of secret agents to the capital.

Mulan learned of the major military situation and returned to the barracks to report the news. She was instantly understood by her colleagues, and everyone immediately returned to Beijing to escort her.

At the other end, the witch took a step forward, turned into a prime minister, and reported to the emperor: Rouran Khan wants to fight with you, and is waiting for you at the new palace construction site. When the emperor heard this, is this still good? Come, prepare a horse, and watch Lao Tzu cut to death. Then, sure enough, he was caught in an ambush and was tied to the roof to be burned to death.

Mulan and his party arrived in time. The old rules, many dragon sets block the opponent's shrimp soldiers and crab generals, and ask Mulan to go to the BOSS alone.

The witch reappears to lead the way for Mulan. In front of the emperor's old man, he bragged about Mulan's achievements, which changed the emperor's prejudice against secular women. The big sweat raised his bow in anger, and it was the witch again, who blocked the fatal arrow for Mulan, and finally died in Mulan's arms with a smile on his face.

Needless to say about the ending, Mulan killed the BOSS and went to caress her clothes clearly, hiding her merit and fame. The emperor sent people to chase him to his hometown, and he naturally gave him a great reward. But fame and fortune are all rubbish, and most importantly, women have stood up since then. Mulan has also become the pride of the children of the Central Plains.

It's a pity that everyone knows Mulan, but who knows the witch's sacrifice of life and good intentions?

This great witch, slaying and killing enemies is as easy as finding things, attacking cities and lands as easily as the palm of your hand, entering and leaving the palace as if entering and leaving the palace, she can kill the Great Khan or the emperor at any time and replace them, not to mention glory . But she doesn't value her own selfishness, but she has been humiliated and humiliated for the liberation of women in the world, and she is willing to live under others. In the end, Mulan was presented as a role model for women both at home and abroad, igniting the light of women's independence and freedom, but she passed away and quietly left the stage...

If that's not love...

People, you all owe the witch an apology! !

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Mulan quotes

  • Xian Lang: [whispers to Mulan as Hua Jun] You liar. Your deceit weakens you. It poisons your chi.

  • Commander Tung: [to Hua Mulan after she asks to be executed instead of expelled from the emperor's Imperial Army when her identity was revealed] Then from this moment forward, you are expelled from the emperor's Imperial Army and if you show your face again, your wish to be executed, will gladly be granted.