Oh! Mote! It's the same as my childhood view of the universe!

Fredrick 2022-04-20 09:01:40

Oh! Mote! It's the same as my childhood view of the universe!

First of all, when I was young and faced with boring scenes, all I could do was to let it go, like when I was in class, like when the flag was raised, and so on. I would look up at the sky, my eyes wandering, not concentrating on any point. At this time, I could see many small irregularly shaped, gray, microscopic-like microscopic creatures rising and falling in the air. At first I thought they were ghosts, and I was very excited about my discovery for a while, then when I was older, I became materialistic, and I knew they were dust! ! !

Secondly, when I was a child, I always wondered what was outside the universe. The editor of a children's popular science book said that the universe is endless, so the outside of the universe is still the universe! I scoffed at this statement and thought it was a fart, nothing is infinite, it's just bigger than you can imagine. I have always felt that the universe is a watermelon, the planet is the melon seeds in it, and the air is the flesh of the melon. We don’t know when someone will cut it open with a knife. That time will be the end of our world.

Look! How mature my ideas are! What a dialectical! How worthy of scrutiny! I believe the earth is a mote and Horton believes there is an earth in the mote! I am the same as him!

I haven't finished it yet, I keep watching. I don't know what the film is going to say.

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