Really bad lately

Cora 2022-04-19 09:01:46

I've watched 3 movies lately and they're all shit. I have a problem. I'm uncomfortable after watching the beginning and not watching the end. The scandal plan is more sad than the sad story. I watched it for several days and watched it several times. I watched it with disgust It's a big challenge in life. Some people can see some philosophies in
any movie. I really can't stand the male lead. You really don't deserve the female lead. According to your logic, everyone deserves it. Don't belittle yourself, so why are you here? Shout out to your ex on the plane that she doesn't deserve you! This movie is not a 10/5 thing at all. The beauty point is that she likes you and you are her 10. She doesn't like you and you are a complete 10. In her eyes, it's nothing but blood in the end. I know He will go to learn to fly the whole movie and he only thinks that the light at the end of the flight is beautiful and everything else is shit!

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She's Out of My League quotes

  • Molly: OK so, you're gonna tell me exactly what's going on?

    Stainer: In ten minutes Kirk is leaving on a plane for Branson with a horrible, horrible girl.

    Molly: Marnie?

    Stainer: Yes! Let's go.

    Molly: If Kirk's getting back together with Marnie I'm not going!

    Stainer: In fourth grade I peed my pants. On several occasions. Everybody started calling me Stainer. Do you know how I made it through those dark days?

    Molly: Plastic underwear?

    Stainer: In part. But also Kirk. You see he told me to own that name. call myself Stainer so that nobody could hurt me with it.

    Molly: What's your point?

    Stainer: Kirk is the best guy that I know. But he's like... he's like a spider. You know, he's more afraid of you than you are of him. And he also has long legs and... Look, if you want him, you gotta go get him.

  • Molly: Underwear would be fine... if I were wearing any.