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If it wasn't for the bitter experience yesterday, I wouldn't have opened a movie to entertain my body and mind. At noon, the computer was broken, and the office door lock was broken in the afternoon. Even worse, I was the only one in the unit. Suddenly thinking of the movie downloaded by Xiao Er on the computer, I just opened one, "I'm not worthy of her" (she is out of my league), to relieve the following sad mood.
The first thing to explain is that this is not a movie review, just some nonsense after watching it, not even the feeling after watching it, and there are many paragraphs of plot descriptions, and there are no long paragraphs of profound truth.
Well it's a comedy! In fact, the plot of this movie is absolutely bloody, similar to the story of Cinderella and the prince, it is the story of the gray man and the princess. The protagonist Kirk is a downright mediocre man, a failed man, not handsome and in shape, never went to college, never been to Europe (the story takes place in the United States), and works for the Transportation Security Administration (this unit sounds good, I don’t know if there is a system abroad. It is estimated that it must be a “temporary worker” in China, because after graduating from high school, I asked my buddy to enter, that is, at the airport to check whether the following passengers have prohibited items), the first time On a date with the heroine, she wore a gorgeous red suit and was regarded as a waiter. She was abandoned by her ex-girlfriend, but she still remembered her ex-girlfriend. , do you think your ex-girlfriend's ears are made of stainless steel or titanium alloy), you are also bullied at home, and your ex-girlfriend is more popular than him when he lives in their house, and he is also bullied among brothers and brothers, life is not at all Joy, in a word, is "big hard work"! However, the screenwriter of the dog blood has created a near-perfect heroine Molly for the audience. She is the kind who shines when she goes there and can't cover her. She has a devilish figure and a beautiful face. The car has a flat tire, the hall has the kitchen, she is kind-hearted and knowledgeable, as quiet as a virgin, and likes to watch ice hockey (as we all know, ice hockey is very popular in the United States), she is also very good at flirting (p. The hard-pressed male protagonist who went home with the heroine once fired in his pants), his family was wealthy, and even his circle of friends was either handsome or beautiful. In short, it was "out of league".
In our opinion, it is impossible for people with such a gap to have any results. The toad eats swan meat and the tragic ending is more farce. After all, movies are movies, and comedies must be comedies. The coaxing heroine fell in love with the bitter hero, the process was bloody unimaginable, and the hero who had not gotten rid of the shadow of lovelorn saw that the beautiful heroine did not have dementia, petrification, or relapse of mental illness (these are in the movie). The men saw most of the situation of the female pig’s feet), so they left the heroine with the image of a reliable man, and the screenwriter of the dog blood gave the male pig’s feet another female pig’s feet that fell at the airport security check. The mobile phone, the bloody plot like this burst apart. They are dating (I think the screenwriter arranges these to let us understand the difference between a Five and a Ten), all kinds of excellent female pig's feet will be added to the full score of 10 points, and all kinds of male pig's feet will be deducted. 5 points seems to be lucky, according to the explanation of the male pig's foot brother Steiner, it is impossible for the difference to exceed two points (the screenwriter of the dog blood finally let Steiner smash his own love theory), another friend German ( sorry forgot his name, seems to be in german) and finally found a theory that supports Kirk and turned out to be the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast". But the truth is, it's possible, it's possible, it's necessary that they both end up getting along, like Devin said, "Don't look like you both understand feelings, but I'm the only one who's married, not because I'm only with A girl I've dated and say I don't understand, marry her because she's the right person for me, Kirk, I tell you, if you think Molly is the right girl, that's enough "~ If I heard correctly, it should be right girl. I don't think this "fit" should be called the right girl, but I don't know how to translate it better, in short, it should be the same as Mr.Right.
In the end, Molly confessed to Kirk at the airport, "You are really out of shape, you are really uncoordinated, you are not a college student, you have never been to Europe, your car is really rubbish, and I associate with you because you are very safe. , won't hurt me, I lied to my parents and worried about their reaction too, sorry, but I was going to tell you, I don't care if you're a pilot, it doesn't matter if you do a TSA job or a circus cleaning shit, because I miss u, I just wish we could be together."
In fact, the world is far less complicated than we think. Sometimes simple things are complicated by us, or because we think too much. For example, when I am in a bad mood, I often have strong self-doubt and cynicism. , This kind of mentality appears when the male pig's feet and the female pig's feet take off their clothes and are about to enter the topic. He feels that he is a 5, and the female pig's feet are a 10. Finally, he puts on his clothes and goes away~ In fact, as long as she likes you, you If you like her, you are a Ten~ Too many worries, too much cover up, there will be more pressure, and there will be more conflicts~ Simply believe in love, simple life, and simple life~ Dear, let’s All are Ten, no matter work, study, life, don’t worry too much, as long as you feel happy, you are Ten ~ Nietzsche said: I love life, not accustomed to life, but accustomed to love ~ dear, be cruel Ruthless happiness~ The male protagonist has really become a pilot in the end! !

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She's Out of My League quotes

  • Kirk: Stainer, I know you don't like her very much.

    Stainer: Nooo, no. I hate her. In fact, the day you broke up with her I marked that down on my calendar as a day of rejoicement. I'm going to celebrate it with a cake with her face on it, but instead of eating it, we smash it.

  • Patty: You look just like someone I went to high school with.

    Stainer: Oh yeah? What high school? Maybe it was me.

    Patty: No, he's in a coma.

    Stainer: Huh. Who brought the good news bear? Somebody give her some fucking honey.

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